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Note: I wrote this post the day after I had my first ever surgery. I was thinking about how the Lord had brought me through all of it, which overflowed into the writing of this post. ❤ If you’d like, you can read about my recovery here!

Hey there! I hope you’re having a beautiful Sunday. ❤ This past week, I have been recovering from my first ever surgery. While that has been a lot to adjust to, I’ve also been extremely mindful of the fact that the Lord is the One Who has brought me here. That’s what I’d like to talk about today. Are you ready? Let’s both grab a beautiful cup of coffee and sit down for a lovely chat. ❤

From the moment I knew I’d be having surgery, stress and anxiety flooded my thoughts in waves. I could easily go from enjoying my life to realizing my peace was soon to be shattered. I let it have power over me from May 4th through the 8th, and only felt truly on top of my emotions once or twice. I just kept dwelling on the aspects of the surgery that frightened me most, instead of continually holding on to the hope I know is true.

I finally felt like I was in control of how I was feeling in the moments before the nurse called me back on Tuesday morning … and that wasn’t even my doing. I can clearly remember how peaceful I was while looking out that second-story window.

I went from battling intense nerves to finding peace – and I know Who gave that to me.

Through various situations in my life, I look back and see how He came just when I needed Him. There have definitely been other times where I thought He should have shown up … but those were actually situations where He was at work and I didn’t even know it. His involvement in our life isn’t just about what we can see!

He knows what we need. He knows what we’re able to handle. He knows what we can face when empowered by His strength.

Being able to walk confidently with the Lord requires consistent faith and the daily act of surrender. It’s not something that easily comes, and we often don’t realize until we’re personally going through something just how tough it can be. However, through all of this I believe that knowing the Lord is on my side is enough to face it all. Especially having just gone through something I thought I’d never be able to do – and was able to through His strength and peace! – I have just seen once again how powerful He is. ❤

Thank you so much for reading! I would love to know in the comments below:

What is something the Lord
has brought YOU through?

Happy Sunday!

— Maggie

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