Preparing For Wisdom Teeth Surgery | My Thoughts

Preparing For Wisdom Teeth Surgery | My Thoughts

I have had this surgery now and am recovering beautifully! Come read my update post here.

Hey guys ❤ I hope you’re doing well 🙂 I don’t usually aim to share two posts in one day, but that’s just how today has gone. The one I posted earlier is about how I’ve been thinking about my responses to my family lately. While talking to my mom a few moments ago, she was encouraging me to write a post on how I’m feeling about the surgery tomorrow … so that’s what I’m doing right now.

I’m more worried now than I was when I found out that the surgery is scheduled for tomorrow. I figured this would happen, and it makes sense, but I wish my anxiety hadn’t grown. I’ve been reading the Bible and listening to uplifting songs these past couple of days, and that has definitely given me peace, but my fears have been giving me trouble.

I honestly don’t like writing a post that isn’t uplifting or inspiring even to me, but it’s where I am right now. If I suppress these feelings, I’ll only make it worse for myself. I’ve mentioned it before, and I’ll mention it again – when I’m going through something, I find it extremely hard to express the darker side of my emotions. I’ll share how I’m feeling when I’m doing better afterward, or the hope in the midst of the storm, but I have to consciously make myself write about the actual feelings I’m experiencing.

I’m thinking about: the IV, pre-op, how I’ll feel after the surgery, what I’ll be able to eat over the next few weeks, if the medication will ease my pain, what might possibly go wrong.

I’ve never had an IV before, and I wish I’d never have to. I don’t hate getting vaccines or novocain shots, but my hands, wrists and arms are so sensitive, and I fear having any discomfort in those areas. However, I know that the oral surgeon who will be doing it and the nurses that work there are very used to doing wisdom teeth surgery – meaning they’re used to helping people my age to go through with it.

A year or two ago, when I was first looking into getting braces (I have crowding and an overbite), the dentists and orthodontists I talked to said I would need my wisdom teeth out at some point, preferably before getting braces. My wisdom teeth were headed straight for the rest of my teeth instead of growing in the right direction, and it has only been since late March of this year that this movement started affecting me.

My jaw is very tight in the mornings. I cry out any time I yawn. The last few mornings at breakfast, I’ve had to slowly feed myself spoonfuls of cereal because my mouth won’t comfortably open wide enough. Various times, I’ve been unable to clench my teeth without severe pain on the right side of my jaw. It has definitely become an issue, which is why it’s easier for me to face this upcoming surgery.

I am experiencing many mixed emotions, because while I’d rather it not be tomorrow, I also want to get it over with. In fact, I’m certain that worrying about what is to come will be MUCH worse than everything that will happen!

I keep reminding myself that the Lord is already there. He knows how I’ll feel tomorrow morning, the thoughts that will be running through my head in the waiting room, how well pre-op will go, and how groggy I’ll feel once the surgery is over. He knows that I’ll have a soft diet for a while, that I’ll be glad I went ahead and went through with it, and that I will be extremely thankful to know that He was by my side through it all. It’s hard for me to focus on that with all of these frightening images racing through my head, but I know and trust that He is greater than all of that.

Following my mom’s suggestion (which I’m thankful for!), I’m planning on documenting how tomorrow goes. It will be a testimony to me for the future, and I’m planning to write a post all about how beautifully it went – because I know the horrific thoughts that keep coming to me are nothing but my crazy mind.

My worst fears over anything I’ve ever faced HAVE NEVER COME TRUE.

I seem to forget that truth, no matter how many times a situation turns out much better than I could ever hope for!

So, over the next nineteen hours or so, I’ll keep giving myself little pep talks and handing all of my fears to my Lord and Savior. It’s not easy – it’s an act of surrender that never ends. But it is well worth the effort, for the peace that comes with that is unlike anything else I’ve ever known. ❤

This is quite possibly the first post I’ve ever written and posted that did not have intense revising. Looking back over the post now, I can see how far I’ve come from how I was feeling even a while ago! I expect these anxieties to come in waves though, lol, so I’ll just keep holding on to faith and peace. It blesses me to see that even right here, the Lord is helping me 🙂

So, aside from the IV, I’ve been stressing about my diet over the next few days/upcoming week haha, so I’d love to know:

If you’ve had oral surgery, what was comfortable for YOU to eat while recovering?

Some of my ideas are: chicken noodle soup, yogurt, fruit juice, apple sauce, soft tacos, turkey sandwiches, soft cereal, etc.

Thank you so much for reading! I’d love to hear from you in the comments below ❤

— Maggie

63 thoughts on “Preparing For Wisdom Teeth Surgery | My Thoughts

  1. I am getting mine taken out thursday! I;m also worried about everything you mentioned but we just have to remember how often these surgeries occur. I read to avoid hot foods, but i am thinkin soup is fine if its lukewarm. goodluck! let me know how it goes

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    1. Aww I hope that goes well for you! ❤ Yes, that’s very true 🙂 Oral surgeons are very used to performing this procedure. Yeah I’ll be staying away from very hot/cold and sticking to warm and cool foods. I will!

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    1. Thank you so much, Hope!!! ❤ Aww I’m glad that went well for you 🙂 That’s good to know! Yeah, I’ll probably need a good distraction, haha ❤ Thanks for commenting!

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  2. I had gotten a tooth pulled out because I had got an abscess in my gum underneath it. When recovering all I ate was yogurt and apple sauce lol , liquid food. Although in my surgery, I didnt need an IV, they just numb my mouth with a needle , I was still scared a little bit and nervous but I got through it and had faith in the dentists. But about your surgery, put them fears away and pray about it. You’ll be fine , the dentist dont spend years in school for nothing lol

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    1. I’m definitely thinking my diet will be mainly liquids for the next several days! I just had the numbing shot a few years ago for a couple minor extractions, an IV wasn’t needed, but I wasn’t a fan of that either, lol. I am praying about it! Haha very true xx

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  3. Hello Maggie! I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed over Spring Break in March. It was not as bad as I thought, but I don’t want to underplay it. I’ve never been good with needles and I had never had an IV before. But I focused on breathing and next thing I know I’m in recovery. I personally didn’t have any side effects to the medication that put me under. I was just tired for about 20 minutes. Once the medication wore off I was in a bit of pain, but after a few hours I could take pain medication. I was very swollen, and couldn’t open my mouth all the way for about 6 days, but I have a small mouth. Normally you would be swollen for up to 4-5 days. One major tip: make sure they give you a syringe to flush out the holes. It sounds gross, but my friend wasn’t given one when she had hers done and she got dry socket, which is very painful.
    As for what to eat, it depends on the person. I ate a lot of yogurt and applesauce! After day 3 or 4 I would say you can start slowly adding in more solid foods. It may just take a while to get used to!
    I am not a doctor by any means, but I hope this helps in some way! I will be praying for a smooth procedure and a quick recovery!
    ❤ Mandie

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    1. Hi Mandie! ❤ That’s so good to know that it was over quickly for you, I’m sure the same will be the same way for me. I’ve been having jaw/gum pain for over a month now, so some post-surgery discomfort shouldn’t rattle me too much. I’ll definitely make sure they give me that after surgery, that’s good to know! Thank you so much for sharing your story, it truly helped me ❤ Thanks again!

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  4. You’ve got this, Maggie! I got my wisdom teeth out a little over a year ago, and while I was nervous, it went great. I definitely recommend wearing comfortable clothes because once you get home all you’ll want to do is lay in bed for awhile.
    Also, I definitely recommend using gauze for the entire day, during the night, and even for some of the next day. I am definitely not a fan of having gauze in my mouth but it keeps food from falling in where the teeth were taken out. Me and my sister both got it done together and she took her gauze out at night on the same day that we had surgery, and she ended up getting food in one of the holes and it was a very painful recovery for her. I actually didn’t feel any pain recovering ( just tired and drowsiness from the medicine ) but my sister was in a lot of pain and we ended up having to take her back to the doctor.
    It’s also good to take the pain relievers that you get as soon as possible. You have to eat something before you can take it, and the longer you wait, the more sore your mouth starts to get.

    Sorry, that got longer than I thought it would. 😉 I have been praying for you and I’m sure it will go great. ❤️ My recovery was super easy and it will be over before you know it. ❤️❤️

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    1. Thank you, Maddy! I’m so glad to hear it went well for you 🙂 ❤ I’m thankful for all your tips! I’m definitely going to use them. No worries! I love longer comments, haha 🙂 Thank you so much for your support ❤

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  5. Awww, dear, my thoughts are with you! I deeply empathize and sympathize with you, I know what you are going through. I had my wisdom teeth removed, the four of them at the Same. Time. Plus an inclusive tooth.
    A month later I had two teeth removed and a month after that two others.
    I didn’t eat right for more than three month and at the beginning the pain was unbearable. I really though I could do this but it does get better, I promise.
    Food like, I pretty much stuck with soft condiments: pasta, cheese soufflé, ice cream, soft cheese, hot chocolate, yogurts… anything that melt into my mouth and did not require heavy chewing.

    Bye bye bread and anything of the kind. To be honest I couldn’t even bite into a banana for weeks. You just have to hang in there. You mentioned braces?
    I have lingual braces (placed behind the teeth) and the first 5 months were a nightmare. We are at month number 8 and the results are staggering. I am so happy, it’s worth the non-daily random pains.
    Hang in there! 😊❤️💋

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    1. I’m glad to hear that your braces are doing well! Sorry about all the dental work you went through first, though. ❤ I’ll most likely have to get some more teeth out before getting braces since the crowding is so bad, and I hope that goes well. Thank you for sharing your experience! I will! ❤

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  6. Maggie, I have been praying for you, and I will continue to pray for you. I know how worried one can get after a surgery, and I also know that our God is mighty, and can handle anything and everything. When my mother was operated on, she had to eat soups, smoothies, applesauce, puddings, and jello for the first few weeks. It wasn’t the same surgery you will go through, but I imagine it must be similar. Just trust in God. That’s really all we can do. 🙂 You can do it! Don’t worry! Consider yourself hugged. 🙂 -Jo

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  7. You can do it! I’ve never had any kind of surgery, but I have been in the hospital before and have gotten an IV, so I understand why you’re worried.
    Usually, the more you think of a problem, the bigger it seems – so try to think less of your fears! I’m sure everything will be alright! Good luck and take care! 🙂

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  8. Aw Maggie, I’m sorry! I’m praying for you! Hope the surgery goes well. 😀 Also I never told you *glares at self* but CONGRATULATIONS ON 2000 FOLLOWERS!!! That is so so amazing!
    I had an IV twice, (in one day at the same time) in my arm. They had to do it twice though because the first time the vein blew :/ Thankfully I couldn’t feel it when it blew, the nurse just said oops this one blew, we’ll have to do it again. ( or something along those lines 😉 ) So it wasn’t bad I just had a bruise on my arm the next day.

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    1. Thank you so much for the prayers, Liz!!! ❤ And aww thank you! I was very excited to reach that number 🙂 Oh I’m glad you didn’t feel that! A bruise wouldn’t be too bad xx Thanks for sharing your story!

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  9. I’ll be praying for you, Maggie! ❤

    I had to ask a friend for the exact quote and author of the poem (because my brain tends to paraphrase things I've read beyond recognition and forget who wrote what 😅) and here it is:

    "He giveth more grace when the burdens grow greater,
    He sendeth more strength when the labors increase;
    To added affliction He addeth His mercy;
    To multiplied trials, His multiplied peace."

    Here is a link to the whole poem by Annie Johnson Flint: It is a very encouraging and uplifting read; I hope it helps bring you peace! ❤

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  10. Make lots of pudding (if you like pudding)! I ate yogurt, applesauce, lots of smoothies. Really anything that’s soft and doesn’t have chunks- that way you won’t have to rinse the holes in your mouth as roughly. Good luck xoxo

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  11. Hey Maggie!!! You’re gonna be fine, don’t worry! All our prayers will be with you, so we’re sharing your pain right ?😊 I wish you the best! ❤️
    I never had an oral surgery, but I had braces once! And it was worst in the initial days, but I got used to it later. I used to eat soft food and I was on a liquid diet for a few days because my teeth used to hurt horribly!

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  12. Hi Maggie! I know exactly how you’re feeling! When I had my wisdom teeth removed I was so so nervous. Later I realized it was nothing to be scared of! I do have such a phobia of needles though so I tried to remind myself that it was just anxiety and the pain from the first poke lasts less than a few seconds then the worst part is over. I used to work in an oral surgeon’s office as an assistant and seeing it all actually helped me realize that the surgeons really know that they’re doing! Any complications I’d ever feared of before were not even on my radar anymore. I am sure that you will be fine. ❤ I remember eating a lot of canned soup. My favorite was Annie's organic lentil vegetable soup. I also ate a lot of applesauce and ice cream 😀 Good luck! Although I know you won't need it!!

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    1. It’s nice to know I’m not alone! I think surgery for most people is at least somewhat troubling lol, especially with how many have medical fears. Yes! That’s what happened for me yesterday when I had the IV 🙂 The pain was over in just a few seconds. I’m so glad you overcame that! Through my own experiences, I’ve realized that they are professionals, and once I get over my initial fear, everything goes really well. Ooh that sounds good! I had soup yesterday for dinner, and it felt good to eat. Apple sauce is amazing, too! Thank you so much! ❤

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  13. I had a skin tag between my eye and nose when I was 11, and it had to be burned off with a laser by my eye doctor. The procedure involved a needle to help numb the area first and my fear really made everything worse because I kept telling myself once it’s over, it’s over. When I’ve gone through pain, I’ve done what you are doing, I think of Christ. I also think of Him being on the cross and telling myself, “If He can do that, you can do this.” Maybe it sounds silly, but it really gave me comfort.

    When I had my wisdom teeth out when I was about 18 or 19, I didn’t have the IV, I was given medicine to take the day of, and then I took medicine when I got to the dentist. I was fully awake during everything, but couldn’t feel anything. I could feel some tugging and sounds, but that was it. My face was little swollen afterward. I went into work the next day and my coworkers were asking me, “Who punched you in the face?” Haha!

    Soft foods were about two weeks, mac n cheese, cottage cheese, (pudding, I don’t like pudding), mashed potatoes, jello, applesauce, you get creative. There’s tons of stuff you could mash up or blend. Don’t eat everything in that order though 😉 They will also give you a pamphlet I’m sure to help.

    Straws can’t be used for a few weeks.

    The discomfort may give you a headache, it gave me headaches. But I mainly used headache medicine. I only used the meds they gave me, which was the heavy stuff once., the second day. The first day you will pretty much sleep most likely.

    A lot of people say an IV is more of a prick, and not bad. You may have a little soreness, but most of the soreness will just be in your mouth.

    I think you sharing this post is a great idea, props to mom! I think sharing your thoughts will also be wonderful not only for you to look back on, but for others as well. 🙂 You’re really going to help a lot of people, Maggie!

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    1. Even small procedures like that are troublesome when we don’t know what to expect. Having something done at least once definitely makes it easier to face again if the need arises! It does comfort me immensely to know what He went through for us, and through His strength, I can face anything that comes my way. It takes total surrender. ❤

      Soft/liquid foods have definitely been my best friends these past 24-hours haha, I've been so thankful to be able to eat all of them comfortably! It gets repetitive to have the same foods over and over, but hey, I'm grateful to have anything to eat.

      Discomfort has mainly been in my gums and jaw, and has yet to give me a headache. Staying on top of taking pain meds has helped a bunch!

      The IV went much better than I had been anticipating. I don't have any soreness in my arm, although I haven't specifically applied pressure to the area. I think it may be slightly bruised.

      Thank you for sharing your experiences! They definitely helped me 🙂 It was a blessing to me to be able to talk about this with others. Yes! ❤

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      1. Oh I’m so glad to hear the IV went over smoothly for you!! I’ve been praying and thinking of you. I’m so glad you’re able to eat comfortably, that’s awesome!!! Yay for no headaches!!

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  14. Praying for you and for a speeding recovery! I ate a lot of applesauce, jello and chicken broth. The noodles gave me trouble in the beginning because they would get stuck in the stitches but after a few days it was okay. Thinking of you and sending you all the hugs! ❤ ❤

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  15. I haven’t had oral surgery but I’ve had 4 major surgeries now so all I will say is that YOU CAN DO THIS. It’s normal to be worried – I’d question whether you were human if you didn’t have some kind of apprehension about it all. The IV will be fine and it will go well; these guys know their stuff and they’ll take good care of you. Resting and recovering afterwards will mean you have to be extra kind to yourself and patient, so don’t take on anything extra with stress than you absolutely need to.

    After my surgeries my food/diet has been incredibly limited but it may be an idea to ask the nurses about what they suggest. I found bland and soft foods to be great, and lollies (depending on whether cold things are okay), jelly, ice cream, mashed potato. Wishing you all the very, very best lovely  ♥
    Caz xx

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    1. Thank you, Caz! ❤ The IV went really well, and once it was over with, I was able to calm down immensely. I have been taking it very easy these past 24 hours, and I'll be continuing to these next few days! Thank you for your support ❤

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  16. I’m guessing by now you’ve already had the surgery, so hopefully you’re managing well. I had my wisdom teeth out four years ago. I had never been put to sleep or had any teeth pulled or surgeries or anything like that, so I was very nervous as well. My surgery and recovery was practically a breeze though, and I was worried for nothing. After I got home from the surgery, I put on some music and was dancing in my room. lol My pain wasn’t bad afterwards, so I didn’t even take the prescription painkiller they gave me. I just took some OTC ibuprofen throughout the day for about three days and was fine. The hardest thing for me was only being able to eat soft foods because I love to eat whatever I’m hungry for, and I kept craving hard shell tacos. lol I think I mostly ate soup, yogurt, and mashed potatoes. It was super annoying when food would get down in your sockets though and you had to rinse it out. I was so happy when they healed up and I didn’t have to do that anymore. 😛

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    1. Hey Britney! Yes I did have the surgery, and I’ve been doing well – as long as I stay medicated, haha. I’m so glad recovery went well for you! I haven’t taken any of the narcotics they prescribed me, since the OTC Tylenol and the ibuprofen they gave me are working. 🙂 ughh yes cravings make life harder, haha! I keep wanting crackers and chips, but my diet has to be very bland at the moment. So far, I’ve only had to slightly swish water around a few times when food sat there haha, but I’ll need to start rinsing them today! I’ll be happy to be healed up soon 🙂

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