‘Doors Away’ – A Short Story

The hedge that separated them had always made her curious.

Grinning in a silly manner, she once again stood idly upon her doormat and glanced, as best she could, over the barrier. The most frustrating thing was that the leaves were angled down toward her, creating a wall for her neighbor to easily hide behind. Being the short woman that she was, his advantage over her in height made it easy for him to see her.

Since the day she moved in, she’d been wanting to catch another peek at the mysterious man she’d only seen twice. She loved intrigue, and he was certainly intriguing.

When she heard his door slide open, she nearly jumped out of her skin. To continue on her merry way, or to run inside her house to stay?

She couldn’t deny herself the opportunity.

Straightening the beautiful navy blue dress sprinkled with white dots that she wore, she stood on the very tips of her toes. The funny thing was, he did the exact same thing – on the opposite side.

Both erupting into cheerful laughter, they openly admitted to spying and proceeded down their porch steps to properly introduce themselves.

This was only the beginning.

83 replies on “‘Doors Away’ – A Short Story”

Its lovely… Though I was disappointed that it ended so quickly… But never the less, I loved how you ended it… Makes the readers imagine their own little epilogue…

Is it totally fictional or based on a true story???

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