The Confidence Of A Child

The Confidence Of A Child

Hey there! Happy Wednesday to you. ❤ Bright and early Monday morning this week, I went and sat down on the living room couch to see Elizabeth. She had just woken up and was already smiling while rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. At one year old, she will be two this June.

I had my phone in my hand, so I decided to show her and my mom a picture I got of Isabella a week or two ago. That made Elizabeth smile even more, so I decided to turn on the selfie cam so she could see her own cute little face.

That is how the featured image of this post came into being.

It is an absolute blessing to me to watch Elizabeth light up at her own reflection. The moment her face pops up on the screen, she’s grinning and cheering about seeing a ‘baby.’ It’s one of the only words she’ll say at the moment, and she uses it often – both when she sees Isabella, and when she sees herself.

The next photo is another great testimony of how she views her person.

After recognizing the cuteness of her own face, she starts clapping.

Elizabeth sees herself as something to be happy about. She isn’t quick to get the hair out of her eyes, or self-consciously cover any imperfections she sees – she’s just joyful to see herself! Seeing her chubby, smiling face makes her grin even more, easily giving herself a round of applause.

When I compare her sweet reactions to how I look at myself in the selfie cam, I am ashamed. My face doesn’t light up like hers does – all I see about myself are the things I wish I could fix. The acne, the silly facial expression, the bags under my eyes – I don’t feel pretty, so I don’t look that happy. The happiness I feel toward myself is limited to how self-confident I am at any given time – instead of being tied to who I am.

When Elizabeth is in a good mood (and she is most of the time!), she genuinely enjoys seeing her reflection. It makes me happy to see her so happy, and having these pictures to one day show her what a cute baby she saw herself as will be a blessing to her in the future. In this present moment, however, she has taught me a valuable lesson – one that I hope you can learn from, as well!

Our self-confidence should be deeply rooted in who we are – not dependent upon how we look.

It’s easy to quickly go over our outward appearance and become camera-shy when how we look doesn’t meet our standards. We definitely want to look our best – especially in photos! However, I am now seeing just how beautiful it is to be happy with who we are as a person and not how we first appear to other people. While it’s an admirable thing to make a good impression, if we are confident in who we are on the inside, then we will be absolutely beautiful no matter what!

As an example from my own life, I am much more delighted to see someone happy and laughing than to come across the picture-perfect photoshoot someone had done. While beautiful photography and gorgeous makeup are usually more pleasing to the eyes, I’d rather see someone experiencing joy.

So, while I love the photos I’ve gotten of Elizabeth over the course of her life so far, I prefer to have her laughing than to look back at pretty pictures. ❤

Let me know in the comments below:

Has Elizabeth inspired YOU
as much as she has inspired me?

I hope you’re having a beautiful week!

— Maggie

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