Activities That Make Me Happy

Activities That Make Me Happy

Hi there! I hope you’re doing well. ❤ Happy Monday to you! I’m really excited about getting to share some of the post ideas I have this week because I’m currently participating in an awesome posting contest!

Starling is hosting what she has called HARPs (Happy And Random Posts Contest), which encourages the three teams of bloggers (I’m on Team Ladybug!) to write fun and uplifting posts. You can check out the first round of this contest here. For now, let’s see what I have to share with you today! I hope I can make my team proud, haha

Activites That Make Me Happy

This post is inspired by my love for relaxing activities! One of my favorite ways to de-stress, wind down after a long day, and even begin my day is by doing something fun and quiet. Among my favorite activities to do right now are …

Read. I have so many awesome second-hand books on my shelf at the moment that are demanding my attention! Finding a really good book and enjoying reading it makes me so joyful. Right now, I’m finishing reading one that discusses the Proverbs 31 woman (such a good read! I may review it sometime soon). Once I’ve finished that one, I’d love to start reading a heartwarming biography by Former First Lady Nancy Reagan. ❤

Color. I have absolutely adored coloring since I was a little kid! When adult coloring books became the trend, just in time for me to enjoy them (haha), I easily found a great many that made me pleased to look through. The ones I’ve gotten for myself all contain beautiful art and delightful intricate designs! I’ve been slowly been working on coloring all of my favorite pages, and that has been so peaceful and fun. My favorite book right now is my The Psalms in Color one, which incorporates Bible verses with coloring – two things that I absolutely love! I’m very glad I found this one while thrifting because I was actually considering buying this exact one online for more than double the price I paid. 😀

Listen to music. This one is no secret, and it’s also one that I’ve enjoyed doing my whole life! My taste in songs has obviously changed and transformed over the years, but I find that I’ll happily go back to bands and albums that I’ve loved listening to for years. Right now, I’m loving Jordan Feliz’s newest album, Future, as well as most songs by the artist Leeland, haha!

Related Post: My Favorite Songs From ‘Future’

Write a story. Yes, it is quite possible that I’m back to writing a story! 😉 I won’t share too much yet, but I will say that I’m already on the second chapter, research is going really well, and I am already beyond elated to be giving these awesome book characters their own story. Should I share some snippets from it soon?

Brainstorm blog posts. I don’t usually write blog posts or browse WordPress while having downtime, since blogging easily starts to feel like work lol, but I do have fun thinking of posts I’d like to write in the upcoming weeks! I’m especially thrilled when several ideas come to me at once, and that’s when I’m always quick to write them down – I very quickly forget blogging inspiration. Just this morning, I was reading a blog post by a new friend of mine (thanks, Zielle!), and her blog tips really helped me to come up with some new ideas! I’m so thankful! (The image above is of the cute cacti notepad I usually write down my ideas on.)

Thank you so much for reading! I loved sharing my favorite pastimes with you. ❤ Let me know in the comments below:

What are YOUR favorite relaxing activities?

I hope you have a beautiful week!

— Maggie

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57 thoughts on “Activities That Make Me Happy

  1. Some great relaxing activities there! 😊👍
    I also love music to relax to and enjoy nothing more than relaxing in a hot bath with a book, especially in the cold weather! 😀
    Have a lovely week.
    Hayley 💜

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  2. Great activities! I like all of those, I just got an iPod that was in storage and put some music on it…hehe. 😀
    I like to sketch, paint, read, write, play outside, clean-(depending on what it is, something small…haha,)-organize too, again, not huge things, and do stuff on my computer. 😀

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    1. Thanks, Ariana! 😀 Ooh that’s awesome – I have an iPod, as well, and it’s great to listen to music on! Those are all awesome pastimes. I enjoy cleaning things as well actually, haha, as long as it’s not too big a job! 😉

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  3. That contest is such a great idea! Lovely post, Maggie! I love reading too, but it usually takes a while for me to start a book (I’m too lazy, haha). And yeaaaah, you should definitely share some bits from your story!! That would be so exciting! ❤

    Liked by 3 people

    1. It really is! I can’t wait to see what the other participants will come up with. 🙂 Aw thank you! Haha, I’m often the same way – it takes a really good book to grab my attention! 🙂 I will! I’m working on a post for it now ❤ Thank you for your support!

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  4. What a fun contest! I’ll definitely have to go check it out!
    I love reading in my spare time! I also like coloring but haven’t done much of that lately.

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  5. I have a little fake cactus on my desk because you actually were the one who got me to like cactus’ AND pineapples haha 🙂 The power of suggestion is real!

    Writing another story?? That’s so awesome! I sometimes think of the one you shared before with me so if you want to share snippets or need a test reader I’m in!

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      1. I hear you! Just last night, I was writing a scene in which I was describing a green house. I spent the next hour (?) just researching greenhouses. Plants, designs, what wood is the best. And that was for only four paragraphs or so. Historical fiction definitely requires more research, and it can be tedious sometimes. But wow, you learn a lot 🙂

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      2. Haha that’s awesome! I’ve researched a ton for a single scene before, which is really good for the writing because then all of it is fresh in your mind. That’s what I’m hoping to do with my current story! If I learn a little bit as I go, then everything will be pretty accurate.

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  6. Oh, THE SAME activities make me happy as well! 😀 I love reading books and there are thousands of books I’d like to read ❤ The problem is I've got very little free time and have plenty of duties so far. Fortunately, next week I'll have 2 weeks free of school so I'll have more time to read something, yayy! I can't live without music – I listen to it every single day, every single moment ❤ I even learn while listening to music, it makes I'm more focused! Colouring is a very good activity too, I like it very much! 🙂 I really enjoyed reading this post, Maggie! Have a wonderful afternoon!

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    1. That’s awesome, Ann! I love reading, as well 🙂 ❤ Same here – I end up doing other things with my time instead of reading! I would definitely listen to music ALL the time if I could:) I’m so happy you did, Ann! I wish the same to you!


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