Growing Up So Fast

Growing Up So Fast

Hi there! ❤ I hope you’re having a beautiful week. 🙂 Today’s post is dedicated to the sweetest toddler sister I know! I don’t end up talking about her much on my blog, but oh my gosh, she adds so much light and happiness to my life. I’m talking about my adorable little sister Elizabeth, who will be turning two this coming June.

A few days ago while we were all outside, Elizabeth saw that I was photographing the only color our front yard possesses (which are these gorgeous pink bushes, haha), and decided to come join me in admiring their beauty. I had to stop myself from focusing too much on the flowers and instead took some pictures of the little sister I’ve been hoping to have since I was a young child.

On Halloween of 2015, I found out that my mom would be having another baby, and that following February, me and my family found out it was a girl! Before that, I had been sadly convincing myself that I was destined to have only brothers, because I couldn’t see myself being a teenager with siblings that much younger. However, the Lord had a different plan!

Throughout the lives of His children, the Lord draws us close through times of waiting. Teaching us the art of patience and letting our trust rest in Him is something that takes a lifetime! However, it is 100% worth it to look back and see His hand at work in my life, and even though it made me so sad to spend my childhood without a sister, I am more than joyful to have two little girly blessings in my life now.

Back in June of 2017, when I found out my mom was pregnant with her last baby, I had the most mixed response. My mom had just gone through a miscarriage a few months prior, in that March and April, and I feared that we would go through a similar loss that summer. I started out by strongly fearing things would go wrong, and I desperately wanted there to be no issue with her health. Because of this, I made the knowledge of her pregnancy sour for myself, and I deeply regret that now. However, I believe that I am not doomed to live with this self-condemnation.

With the Lord’s help, I am healing from how I felt that summer … and it is getting increasingly better as I fall more in love with Isabella, who turned two months old two days ago. ❤ It has been a struggle for me, for sure, but I know that His plan will prevail even in this. There’s no way I couldn’t love little Isabella now, although I will say that the pregnancy complications shook up our family more than once.

Knowing that the Lord was with us and by our side through it all makes the memories much easier to bear.

I am absolutely loving watching Elizabeth grow up. Times flies by most days, to the point where it feels like just yesterday she was learning to walk … however, that was nearly a year ago! She loves exploring outside, and she is the silliest toddler – the hilarious faces and sounds she makes cracks me up every time. As long as she’s not too mobile, she’s my favorite model for photoshoots – hence the pretty pictures I got of her a few days ago! She is slowly starting to say more and more words (from ‘woof woof’ for dog and ‘shoes’ when she wants to go outside), but for the most part, she has her own language still, lol. Watching her dance along to the shows she likes watching is always fun, and I am truly enjoying being home to watch her and Isabella grow up.

Thank you so much for reading! As you can tell by this post, I absolutely adore my sisters – I am very thankful the Lord blessed us with one another.

Let me know in the comments below why you love your sisters or your closest friends (who can be just as close as sisters!)! ❤

Have a blessed day!

— Maggie

69 thoughts on “Growing Up So Fast

  1. She’s precious! I love my little sister!! She’s only 4 years younger but I’ve always felt very maternal towards her. We fought a lot because I tried to make her behave well and she was a difficult kid hahahaha. Now that I’m 26 and she’s 22 we’re great friends. I love the woman she’s become. No more of the annoying child. I have my best friends too. We’ve been together for a long time, through thick and thin and I love them like sisters. It’s wonderful going through life together and watching each other grow up. One of them is having a baby in the Summer, first one to become a mother. I’ll apparently be the first to get married as we’ve just got engaged. They’re going to be my bridesmaids. My sister is actually Rui’s made of honor, both bride and groom have one here. His brother is my best man, we have one of each too. I love him like a brother 😊❤️

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    1. Siblings are hard to get along with when they’re younger haha, but they definitely make fantastic friends when they’re older! 🙂 ❤ Aww that sounds great! I know you’ll have a beautiful wedding ❤

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  2. Such a sweet, powerful lesson Maggie ❤ It's good to remind yourself that, in the Word, God has lovingly reminded us 365 times "Do not be afraid", but I also think it's good to be honest about how you feel with Him. God wouldn't expect you to be care-free and joyful about your mamma losing her sweet baby, but in His goodness, He can bring you closer to Him even through that ❤

    P.s. Your sister is uh-dor-a-ble!! ^-^ As an older sister of one boy, I can definitely relate to wanting sisters–but sadly no such luck on this end xD Thank you for the cute yet inspirational update Maggie!!


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    1. Thank you, Jordan! 🙂 ❤ That is certainly a beautiful reminder. Yes, He works in mysterious ways, and I believe that even in this sad situation, He is working in my heart. ❤

      Aw thank you!! We all can’t get over how adorable she is. 😀 We’re so blessed! It was my pleasure, Jordan! xx

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      1. You’re very welcome sweetie! I hate to use the “It was God’s will” when tragedies are involved, because honestly I don’t think He wants the devastating things to happen–but in His goodness he can always make something good out of the sadness. He doesn’t want anyone to kill someone, for instance, but He can bring us closer to Him through that in ways we never could on our own ❤

        I never get to see little ones, so I'm absolutely smitten with her haha! Such a cutie! 🙂

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      2. He is able to beautifully use the saddest circumstances of our lives for our good and His glory!! While He certainly doesn’t wish that upon us, we live in a fallen world, and with Him by our side, we can conquer it all. ❤

        She’s an absolute sweetheart!! You’ll just have to meet her one day, I know she’d love you 🙂


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