Healing Begins Here

Healing Begins Here

Hi there! I hope your week is going well so far. ❤ Happy Monday to you!

This is a post that I have been wanting to write and share for well over a week now. I’ve started drafts, deleted drafts, brainstormed the basic idea – have you ever had that happen before? Sometimes, it takes days (or even weeks!) of working on a post before it becomes what you originally wanted it to be. 🙂 That is my situation with this post. It has transformed itself into a more personal post, rather than the motivational piece I had initially written. I’m happy to be sharing it with you now!

I have mentioned before that these past couple of months have held a lot of meaning for me and my family. We’ve been through highlights and low points, experienced easy days and harder days … sometimes, a single day contained a bit of everything. Since Isabella was born (and she turns two months old today – that’s just crazy!), I have been learning and experiencing a lot – and not just with my family, although there’s been much of that, as well!

I have also started down the path of conquering all of my past troubles and fears, one aspect at a time … with my Heavenly Father by my side.

I am at a good place now where I can face the traits about myself that I absolutely abhor. Among these things are un-forgiveness, impatience, fear, and indecision, and through circumstances I’m suddenly finding myself in daily, the Lord is leading me through my healing journey, one step at a time.

I could not be more thankful, because I can see that I’m making progress, which I have thought at times wasn’t possible. Daily, the Lord is reminding me that all things are possible through Him!

Since I started Dreaming of Guatemala last winter, this outlet has provided me with so many blessings. I love having a place to inspire others and share motivation from my life, but I don’t want anyone to ever think that because most of my posts are upbeat, it means that my life is easier than anyone else’s. We all have off days, myself included, and there are definitely things that I do or have happen that are less than glorious! This is why I share more vulnerable posts at times, because I want others to know that we all go through things. Even if I don’t write about the downsides of my life as much, they’re still there. May we all grow through what we go through!

There’s no shame in talking about what we face. It may be hard or embarrassing at times, but I know how much it inspires me to know that others are facing and conquering the same things I’m going through! If you’re struggling with something, whether it’s a trait I mentioned myself having or not, please know that there is hope. There will be bad days, but that does not in any way mean that we have a bad life. Making progress and taking steps in the right direction takes time, but the beautiful outcome is completely worth it!!!

I hope and pray that you are doing well! If you’d like, let me know in the comments below:

What is something YOU’RE overcoming?

We can do this!!! 🙂 Have a blessed week!

— Maggie

45 thoughts on “Healing Begins Here

  1. Great post, Maggie! What you said is all true. Our heavenly Father is with us and sees our struggles. You are also right that just because things may not be going well for us, that we have a bad life. When thinking like that, it is important to count our blessings!! God is with us, will never leave us, and cares about us, but doesn’t promise that everything will go for us the way we want it to. God uses trials and tests to make us grow! We need to trust Him and have faith that He is in control of all things. 😃
    Thanks so much for sharing!

    BTW, how are your brother and sister doing? Are they feeling any better?

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    1. Thank you so much, Brad!! 🙂 Yes, that is very true. Definitely! We shouldn’t ever lose sight of the good in our lives. We definitely grow through what we go through!! You’re welcome!

      They’re doing pretty good. Thank you for asking! Elizabeth is feeling much better, but Samuel has a bad barking cough. He still needs some prayer

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  2. Great post Maggie, I’m glad that all is well with you. Very timely post. I’ve learnt that having Jesus Christ does not mean we won’t have problems or issues. However, having Him in our lives means that we have the power to persevere and overcome them. Through His grace we get the wisdom, strength and courage to push ahead. May He continue His work in and through you. Thank you for sharing.

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    1. Thank you Cherylene ❤ I hope you’re doing well, too! Yes, we still go through things when we’re living for Him, but the difference is that He helps us through those times. ❤ Most definitely! Thank you, Cherylene, and you’re very welcome.


  3. Great post, Maggie! I’m so glad that you are experiencing progress and healing; sometimes it seems so far away, but the more we work & listen, the more clear the Lord’s blessings become! And you’re right, hard times do not equal a terrible life; there will always be trials and in the moment they may be hard to accept and overcome, but in the long run they help shape our character and our sense of self! Thank you for sharing this with us, I hope you have an amazing Monday! xo

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    1. Thank you so much, Brittney!! ❤ Amen to that! 🙂 Being open to learning through the difficulties we face makes all the difference! You're welcome, and I hope you're having a beautiful week!

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  4. Great post, Maggie!! Something I have been trying to overcome is crushing…I have troubles on easily liking boys, I think that has to do with me also having some trouble trusting God with my future. I know he has EVERYTHING in His hands and I need not worry…but I do :/ So that has been something I have been trying to work on, I think I am getting a bit better. But I need more prayer 😛
    Have a lovely week!! ❤ ❤

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    1. Thank you Gracie! I’ve struggled with impatience with guys as well, haha, but I know the Lord is working on both of our love stories!! 🙂 That’s wonderful to hear. I’ll be praying! Thanks, same to you!


  5. I’ve been battling body image for a while now, and hearing this has brightened my day considerably 🙂 Thanks for posting and sharing, Maggie!
    Happy 2 Month Birthday Isabella!! 😀 ❤
    Lydia ❤

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  6. Something I’ve been wanting to do is pull more honesty from my heart and into talking with God and others. It’s really hard to explain, but that’s one thing I really want to work on 🙂

    Thanks for sharing, Maggie!!! I can’t believe Isabella is reaching 2m!!

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  7. I am overcoming fear and stage fright of speaking in front of others. I love your site and inspiration! I am definitely following. Please explore my inspirational and health blog quita-healthyworld.com, comment and follow. Thanks!

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  8. I really liked this post and I found it both inspiring and motivational. I am currently overcoming some insecurities and fears whilst working on self-acceptance and self-respect. Thank you so much for sharing that you, just like all of us, also go through less positive stages of your life x

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  9. It’s amazing how the Lord allows each of us different obstacles to overcome and He transforms us into something beautiful as he helps us through them. I struggle to rest in the Lord. I always want to fix everything myself. I am trying to pray and work while trusting Him with the outcome. Worry less, pray more. Glad to have found your blog! 😊

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  10. This is a honest, inspiring and encouraging post !! Sometimes people get so caught up in trying to maintain this image of perfection with their life that they eventually start living a lie. It’s OKAY to talk about your problems. It’s okay that you even have problems! We all do. One thing for sure & two things are certain.. people will respect you more when you are honest with them about what you’ve been through. (not talking about you in particular, just typing lol) Thanks for sharing this post !! It even sheds light on humbleness. 🙂
    You always share posts people can learn from! Love that about you!

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    1. Thank you so much, Jessica!! ❤ YES, that is very true, and a sad reality for many of us. I agree – it’s when we talk through things and open up about our issues that we can heal, and help others, too! I definitely feel a closer connection to someone when I know the reasons why they are the way they are, because then you can relate more, and they seem more genuine and real 🙂 ❤ Haha no worries! And it was my pleasure! I truly appreciate it ❤

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  11. Amen! I loved reading this post Maggie as it is a topic that is very relevant in my own life. Myself, I have been struggling with overcoming the fear of failure in various areas of my life. This is a topic that I wanted to talk about with all my readers and it literally took me weeks to write the post but I finally did. (So yes I also feel you on deleting, re-writing and take weeks to write posts, lol) I’m happy with how it has come along though and am planning on publishing it in about a week. Thank you for always keeping your posts real. Hope you have a lovely night! Grace xx

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    1. Aw thank you, Grace! I’m happy you enjoyed it. ❤ Glad to hear you wrote the post! I’m sure it helped you to write – many types of posts can be therapeutic to share. (: I’m looking forward to reading it! You’re welcome, I enjoy it. Thanks and I wish the same to you!

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  12. You probably know I’m overcoming depression. I’ve been in treatment for a long time and I’m finally seeing progress. I have no problems talking about it on the blog, it’s actually quite therapeutical. Putting it out there has given me so much confidence. I used to be so ashamed of it and now I’m not. At all. So many people suffer from mental illness, I’m actually pretty normal, just another person going through it. I get so much support here too, which really helps. Don’t be afraid to vent and share your feelings. You can be both positive and vulnerable, no shame in that. ❤️❤️❤️

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