Her First Week Home

Her First Week Home

Hi there ❤ I hope you’re doing well! The last couple of posts I’ve shared here on Dreaming of Guatemala have been centered on my family and what we’ve been up to, since we have just welcomed the littlest member of our family home! Sweet Isabella is absolutely loved by all of us, and I am truly looking forward to watching her grow up with the rest of my little siblings.

I haven’t mentioned the age differences between the five of us in many places on my blog, so I thought I’d do it again right here: I’m 17 (turning eighteen in April!), Joshua is 14, Samuel is 6, Elizabeth is nineteen months (turning 2 in June!), and Isabella is one week old.

Sometimes, the age gaps cause problems because we’re all at varying stages developmentally, haha, but as a whole, I absolutely love it! Being the leader of the clan is so much fun:)

As you can see by the title, little Isabella has been home for a week now! We love getting to spend time holding her and squealing over her adorable facial expressions. ❤


it’s so cute when she’s awake and glances around the room, haha.

During her first week home, we got different things done.

  • I drove Isabella, my mom, and Samuel to a quick doctor’s appointment early in the week so the doctor could make sure Isabella’s jaundice wasn’t getting worse (thankfully, it isn’t!). After that, I bought some pretty room decor from Target. (I’ll be sharing a desk tour as an upcoming post soon!)
  • I went grocery shopping at Walmart by myself mid-week! It was my first time driving somewhere by myself, and while I was anxious about that, everything went really well.
  • My mom had a postpartum appointment at her doctor on Friday, so I drove her and Isabella there. It was a short appointment, and it went really well, too. We stopped by a few thrift stores on the way home and got some toys for Samuel and Elizabeth. 🙂
  • I’ve been taking Elizabeth outside more recently because she really enjoys getting to explore the yard. As long as it isn’t really cold or rainy, I do it as much as I can.
love how this pic turned out!
  • I’ve been blog-reading on and off, and I just finished responding to comments today. I want to get a better schedule in place so I can keep up with the blogs I enjoy reading! ❤
  • Yesterday morning, my dad took us kids to Trader Joe’s (we hadn’t been in months!) while my mom stayed home with Isabella. (Car rides aren’t comfortable for her enough yet.) We got Smashburger for lunch (it was our first time going there, SO good!), and later in the afternoon, we also went to a park together, but the wind was too cold, so we couldn’t stay long.
  • I did redo my whole desk!! I can’t wait to share it here 🙂

That sums up our week! I hope you enjoyed reading. ❤ I’d love to stay active in the blogging community, but just know that if I suddenly disappear for a few days, it’s because I’m obsessing over how much I love this little one.

Happy Sunday!
Have a beautiful week 🙂

— Maggie

73 thoughts on “Her First Week Home

  1. Last week I was having comment issues, and I’ve been wondering where your posts have been in my Reader, apparently, I was not following you. 😦 This is was not planned, and I’m glad I caught it. Way to go on your driving! I remember the first time I drove to Walmart by myself. I picked up a cake we were going to surprise my grandma with. 🙂

    Prayers for your mom’s healing. 🙂

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      1. Girl, no worries 🙂 not your problem. I wasn’t sure if my comments were affected or not in going to spam for you, but I also know you were the one nice enough to help me understand where spam was last summer haha. 🙂 So, I know you said you tend to check regularly. I had over 11 bloggers let me know of the problem. I’ve never had an issue with losing bloggers I follow before though 😦

        It’s exciting to help out the family. 🙂

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  2. Thanks for updating me on how you guys are doing. I love how organized you are. You’re awesome Maggie. I love the pictures and I love how you shared about your family. It has helped me to get to know you a little more and I love it. Have a great day tomorrow. God bless.

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  3. Lovely post, Maggie! Your baby sister looks so adorable!💖 You drove so many times, congratulations!😁👍👍👍 Would love to see the home decor you bought💗💗

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  4. How cute! And you sound like such a wonderful daughter and sister – I’m sure your mom is incredibly thankful to have you around for the help and your siblings are so lucky! I am a triplet and while I LOVE my siblings, I always wished that I had at least one younger than me haha

    Liked by 1 person

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