Meet My Baby Sister!

Meet My Baby Sister!

Hey there, guys! Happy Sunday to all of you. ❤ I cannot tell you how crazy of a day yesterday was! It was the day we’ve all been anticipating for the last several months, and even though it didn’t in any way go the way I thought it would (life always has a way of surprising and delighting me, haha!), it was still wonderful just the way it was.

It was yesterday afternoon that we all got to go over to the hospital and meet our youngest sibling, and this morning, I’m truly wondering if everything that happened was a dream. I woke up and couldn’t wrap my head around the little person I met yesterday!

I would have definitely preferred to go earlier in the day to see them, haha, but the reason we couldn’t was because she and my mom had not yet been transferred to a real room. They were still being closely watched after my mom’s c-section, especially with the pre-eclampsia stuff (which did not affect either of them, praise the Lord!). However, at exactly 2 PM, they were moved to a room where visitors could visit freely, and that was when Joshua (14), Samuel (6), and I got to meet …


Yes, that is my sweet youngest sister’s name! It was the first one we loved when brainstorming names for her, and in the process of trying other names out, it was ultimately the one we returned to.


Just like everyone says when they see us, we all look alike, haha! ❤

Health Update: My mom is doing extremely well physically after having the surgery. We could not have prayed or asked for a better beginning to her recovery! I know that the Lord’s hand is in this, and I am so grateful, because she felt really rough after the c-section with my baby sister (Elizabeth) in June 2016. Isabella is happy and healthy and really likes sleeping, haha. It gives me such peace to know that they’re both doing well. ❤

Here’s another picture, this one of me, Isabella, and Samuel:

I know that we all love her very much, but I can’t tell you just how much Samuel does! While we were at the hospital, he couldn’t stop cooing over her, and it’s so sweet seeing how much he already cares for her. She and Elizabeth are going to be 100% doted on their whole lives, haha! ❤

This last picture is the one that will go down in history as the first selfie I ever took with my smallest sibling:

GUYS! I love her so much ❤ ❤ ❤

Happy Sunday to you!
Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers 🙂

— Maggie

127 thoughts on “Meet My Baby Sister!

  1. so adorable !!!! Congratulations !! Love the name 🙂
    Even I recently wrote a poem for my sister who turned 21!! Please do check it out !! Would mean a lot to me 🙂

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