The Shift Of My Focus

You don’t pray enough.

You don’t read the Bible enough.

You don’t write about God on your blog enough.

You’re not nice enough.

These are the lies that dull my countenance and sadden my heart.

Throughout each day that I strive to live in accordance with the will of the Lord, I feel condemned. I believe more and more that I am failing the Lord, my family, and myself, for I make mistakes and am certainly not perfect.

I make the most of the time I am given to spend with the Lord and tell others about Him, but it is never enough.

To the accuser, it will never be enough.

There Is Now No Condemnation

It is on my heart this morning to share these thoughts with you because the Lord has opened my eyes to the fact that these statements are not from Him. These are lies, and He is perfectly holy – what I thought were my better judgement and His wrath coming down upon me for my mistakes is just what the opposition wants me to believe.

I know that the Lord convicts me when I do wrong, so that I may return to doing right – but there is no condemnation on His part. For He has forgiven me and shown me mercy long before I even stepped close to that wrongdoing.

“Therefore, [there is] now no condemnation (no adjudging guilty of wrong) for those who are in Christ Jesus, who live [and] walk not after the dictates of the flesh, but after the dictates of the Spirit.” – Romans 8:1

When I read this verse this morning while studying His Word, tears immediately came to my eyes.

He does not see my mistakes. He sees a hurting soul who must learn the art of forgiveness, and must also learn to see that when I dwell in the state of not showing myself mercy, it is detrimental to everything I stand for and desire to pursue.

This is my spiritual shift of focus: It pleases Him when I draw near to Him. When I desire to do right and do the most that I can in those moments, I know that it brings Him joy. Discarding these lies and looking to His great love for my peace is where I shall be. ❤

My Blog’s Shift Of Focus

When I continued to blog into the new year, I was planning on writing posts similar to what I covered in 2017. I enjoyed them, as lifestyle topics are fun to write … but as I fell into the wonderful routine of writing one post a day in 2018, I saw the focus of what I cover quickly begin to change.

Dreaming of Guatemala, at least for the moment, has transformed into more of a personal blog, rather than Christian lifestyle.

It is easier for me to write about what’s on my heart now, rather than what’s on the blog calendar that I used to plan out for myself.

I’d rather write about how the Lord is working in my life than continue with a blog series I’ve enjoyed doing for a long time.

At first, I worried that suddenly writing so much about one thing would be too much of a shift for my audience. I feared that my readers would want more of a variety. However, not only is my blog a place for me to express myself and the way I am right now … it’s also where I desire to shine His light.

This is my shift of blogging focus: Because He has given me so much to share with you, my readers, this month, I don’t want to hold those posts back for the sake of what you’re used to seeing from Dreaming of Guatemala. This doesn’t mean that I won’t write lifestyle posts anymore … but at the moment, I just can’t stop talking about my Lord and Savior.:) ❤

Thank you soo much for reading! This post ended up being deeper than what I usually share, and that just shows how I’m feeling at the moment. Have a blessed day!

— Maggie

39 replies on “The Shift Of My Focus”

Good job, Maggie. When I first started the blog, the primary mission statement was to bring glory to God. I found myself having so much to share that I began blogging twice a week. On the second weekly post, I found myself struggling to write. What I realized then, (praise the Lord) is that I was trying to move away from the mission statement. Everything became so much easier, when I stayed exactly doing what the Lord wants. Even if it is blogging about everyday life, my worldview has to be biblical.

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I struggled with this concept when I first started my blog almost two months ago: whether I wanted to do a solely Christian-dedicated blog or more of a blog from my own life and the things I’ve learned. As you’ve seen, I’ve been going with the latter perspective–which is why your focus shift stood out to me and made me want to celebrate with you in the excitement for your growth 🙂 I honestly think God’s goodness stands out more and speaks to more people when we share our own life experiences through the eyes of a Christian, as opposed to just posting Bible verses or short quotes (not that there is anything wrong with that of course). I wish you the best in this new year, new focus, and every new day Maggie!

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I’m so happy that you went with the route that you knew would work best for you! ❤ It takes experimentation sometimes, and it can also be based on how we're feeling about life, as well. That is very true, but I'd never thought about it that way! It's easier to apply Christian principles to our lives when we see someone else trusting the Lord in a situation similar to what we're going through. 🙂 ❤ It's nice to share Bible verses and quotes like you mentioned, but it isn't possible to reach as many people just by sharing those. They do go along nicely with posts that express what we're going through, though!
Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts! It was lovely hearing from you. Thank you, I wish the same to you!


Thank you Maggie! 😊 I am too–I’ve at times questioned how much of a difference my one little blog can make, but had I never started it, I would never know!

I think it honestly builds up our creditibility more when we show our average human side lol, and then show how we trust in God, rather than vice versa. Kinda like Paul you know? He became like those he was trying to convert; in the same way, we have to relate to teenagers, moms, wives, etc. before we try bringing them to Christ ❤

You are very welcome, I love talking to you!! Have a wonderful day 😊

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You’re welcome! ❤ and yes, very true 🙂

Yes, definitely! It has a beautiful way of showing how great God is when He is at work in our lives. ❤ I agree, being relateable by letting others see where we're coming from is an important witness 🙂

I love talking to you, too! You have a great day as well 🙂 xx

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Maggie, He always loves you whether you’re writing about Guatemala, Mrs. Doubtfire or His unfailing love. When we live in his love he’s in everything we do. (except sometimes when I’m tired or hungry and get grumpy, haha) Did I mention how loved you are? You’re so loved! ❤️

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It is absolutely fine to write more personal posts than lifestyle. Honestly, I feel lifestyle, especially Christian, posts COULD be personal depending on how we connect it to our life. Whenever you are speaking from your heart, I think it’s a personal post, regardless of the title the world dictates.

Truthfully, I was drawn to your blog, especially in your beginning posts, because of these more in-depth and personal posts. I feel like sometimes you appear more distant in some posts, and maybe that’s because of what you are going through in life, or because your voice and your truth is not being heard as clearly. I read in too much sometimes too, so it could just be me 😉 . I feel like something that felt lost in your blog is returning, not in a quiet manner, but clear, loud, and full of glory for God.

Praise Jesus you see you do not have to believe these lies, none of us do, and you sharing these truths God reveals to you, reminds all of us what He wants us to know. One day I believe you will be in Guatemala, but right now, these kinds of posts are a form of mission work ❤ you are sharing the love of Christ. You are a shining light.

Don't ever doubt yourself girl. ❤ You have my support, you have my friendship and my prayers. Always here for you, my sister in Christ.

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Thank you ❤ That is definitely true. Blog posts, whatever they may be about, can be defined as personal the more of ourselves we express in them. 🙂

I'm so happy you enjoy them. They're certainly my favorite kind to write! Yes, the posts where I'm talking about a topic that I love without really discussing my thoughts on it makes it feel much more like a lifestyle post than having any personality with it, haha. While I love writing those posts, I think I'll work toward sharing more about how I feel about what I'm writing rather than just stating facts!

Aww that is so beautiful to hear, girlie ❤ I am so in love with blogging this way!

Yes! He has set me free. ❤ It is a blessing to have a place to share what He has given me (:

Thank you so much!

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I really needed to read this post right now, haha. 🙂 Condemnation is something I’ve struggled with a lot recently. Thank you for sharing! ❤

I had the same thing happen on my blog. I started out alternating between book reviews and notes from my Bible studies, and then when I started sharing poetry and photography, I didn't do as much of those two anymore.

Keep on talking about our wonderful Savior if that is what you feel led to do; it's a joy to read! ❤

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It was my pleasure, Grace! ❤ It blesses me to know it could help you. 🙂 Same here, but I felt such a freedom after sharing this post. xx

Sometimes, it feels great to return to a type of post we haven't done in a while! I know I'm enjoying that on my blog.

Aww thank you!!

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