Praising Him In The Simplest Of Ways

I have been able to see so much more beauty in my life recently. The tiniest of blessings make me grin, to where anything from a beautifully-colored coloring page to a new song singing praises to His name has given me great reason to sing along.

There are days when the bigger blessings in my life are of great importance to me, but on the days when not much is going on, the positivity I have to hold onto is the love the Lord constantly shows me, especially in the smallest of ways.

Using a gift card I got for Christmas, I bought myself a new adult coloring book. This one is nautical-themed throughout, so there are images of oceans, seascapes, sea creatures, lighthouses, etc. I absolutely love it! I have taken to coloring in its pages in the evenings with my lovely Crayola fine-tipped markers, and that has beenΒ suchΒ a nice switch from the videos I usually spend time viewing before going to bed. While I don’t feel like I shouldn’t be watching those videos, which are usually either relaxing or funny, it ends up feeling like a waste of time to me in the end. I enjoy being productive, but I’ve been struggling for a long while to find an evening routine that works for me.

At the moment, I’m enjoying coloring. First, I find some uplifting Christian songs I’ve been loving, then I get out my coloring supplies and settle in for a little coloring session. I’ve done this the past two nights, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. At the end of them, I have been inspired by the songs I listened to and have a bit of artwork to display, as well. You can see the mandala I’ve been working on today below. (:

As I mentioned, this activity is enjoyable, peaceful, and enables me to praise Him for something so simple in my life.

However, I have also been finding great joy in what I have been reading in His Word.

I have loved flipping through the masterfully-written pages of the Bible since I was about eight years old, but it has only been in the past five or six years that every verse I read holds great meaning for me. I find myself in both familiar chapters, stories I ended up forgetting about, as well as parables I haven’t read for the longest time. I’m encouraged by the stories that teach me, through the lives and accounts of those who knew Him so many years ago, that He is a great God, One Who loves His people and cares for them in absolutely countless ways. From providing children for women who were barren, to leading His people to victory in battles and guiding them through other horrifying circumstances, there is no end to the ways He reveals to the readers of His Word how awesome, loving, merciful, patient, kind, caring, majestic, and truly beautiful He is!

The book I have been enjoying reading the most recently has been II Corinthians, believe it or not. I usually find myself in the same books most of the time, but I haven’t turned much to this book until now, and I can’t stop reading it. All of the verses I underlined over the past couple of years keep jumping out of the page at me (not literally, of course, as you may guess haha), which is why it is currently staying open at these pages on my nightstand.

Let me know in the comments below where you have been reading in the Bible, as well as any other little blessings in your life that you are praising Him for!

I hope you’re having a beautiful week! ❀

— Maggie

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I love drawing in the evenings. It is such a great way to calm yourself before bed. Currently I’m reading Proverbs. God just keeps speaking every morning to me through the passages.

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Coloring seems like a really good way to unwind πŸ™‚ Your artwork is coming together very nicely and is beautiful!
Yeah! The pastor at our church has been going over the two books of Corinthians and it seems like there’s a lot to get out of that book!
Lydia ❀

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I love how you are essentially worshiping God at the end of your day… creating and listening to worship music. And I love how your passion for God’s Word grows more and more! What an inspiration you are! We should all find a worship routine as you have!

Currently, I’m reading through the Old Testament. I just finished 1 Kings…today. Ahab is the last Israeli king mentioned there… sad stuff. But God also gives us hope by recording that King Jehosophat in Judah loved and served Him. Thankful that God always places some of His children in key places to do God’s work even when things appear their darkest. Love this post, Maggie! ❀ and hugs to you!

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It is an absolutely beautiful way to end my day, Lynn! I love doing it πŸ™‚ ❀ Aw yes, I can't get enough of His Word!

Aw that's wonderful! I have yet to read through the Old Testament, and even though I'm familiar with many of the stories, there are still lots of biblical figures I know little to none about. That's a beautiful story! I'm thankful for that, too πŸ™‚

Thank you so much for reading, Lynn! I love your new profile picture, by the way! ❀ xxx Have a blessed day!

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I love coloring. I think it’s a relaxing hobby because I can just focus on what I want to do and enjoy it. Also, as to where I am in the Bible; right now I am doing a little self-study on Timothy in the New Testament starting in Acts.

I don’t know there is just something about Timothy thay grabs ahold me. I’ve just decided to read on his life and his missions with Paul and on his own.

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Yes! I enjoy coloring for that reason, as well (: I’m happy you’re enjoying reading about Timothy. That’s really cool that you feel drawn to reading about him. I hope you enjoy that!


I love your coloring! I have some coloring books I found and when I use them I’ve always enjoyed the quiet time. I actually have gotten some Dollar Tree, so check out the store (maybe the book aisle? I don’t know if they still sell them.) Walmart has really nice cheap ones too, they aren’t big books but those are only about $5 or so.

I understand wanting to be productive. I think watching videos are great, and I love having them as a background noise while I do something, haha, but yeah seriously, when I am JUST watching something I tend to feel odd. Like, I should be crocheting, cleaning, writing, working on something. Currently, I’ve been working on going through my old posts and editing them to the style I use now. Smaller headers and pictures. (I finally made it to June of last year, so progress is being made!)

In recent years, I’ve really loved SO MANY New Testament books. Not that the Old Testament can have amazing lessons or stories, I just find a lot of amazing teachings in the New Testament books. Corinthians, Romans, 1&2 Peter, Hebrews are also some of my favorites.

You are more than welcome to join me, every Saturday I have a Bible Summary post on Inside Cup. Last week, I finished the book of Ruth so I will be starting to summarize 1 Samuel this coming Saturday. No obligation πŸ™‚ just wanted to invite you. So happy for you, Maggie! Keep finding the blessings! God bless you and be with you!

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Thank you! ❀ I love browsing the selection so many stores have now. πŸ™‚ I've seen some great ones at Walmart.

Yeah, I feel the same way. Aw that sounds awesome!

I can understand that. I love those books, too πŸ™‚

I've seen some of those, they're so thorough! I'm not sure I'd be able to write something as detailed as that, haha, you do a great job. Thanks so much, girlie!

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Walmart has surprised me with some of the products they’ve had in recent years. I like technical writing which is in my opinion blunt. Technical writing is what you would see with a how to manual, and I feel my appreciation for technical writing helps me writing the Bible summaries and God has helped me continue to encourage others. It’s exciting to see how people used to view some books of the Bible they didn’t know too much about, and then want to explore more. πŸ™‚

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Beautiful post! ❀ Sometimes I’ll just go outside and just be in awe of how beautiful God made it! Especially the beach! I also like flipping through my bible and seeing all the verses I’ve highlighted over the years and little indents from reading something over and over xD

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Needed a starting point this year so thank you. Will be giving Corinthians a go.
Only in the last year did I decide to study the bible and get my own answers. Ended the year by finishing John and loved every chapter. It made Jesus so real and relatable to me, it was truly uplifting. Awesome post xxx

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