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10 Reasons Why I Love The Great Gatsby

Hey there, and happy Monday! ❀ I’m praying that your new week will get off to a wonderful start. πŸ™‚ I just finished reading my first book of 2018 this morning! That’s one down, about 51 left to go, haha. Reading one a week (or thereabouts) should be interesting! I’ll share a post about what I’ve been reading at some point, but for today, I’ll be talking about a classic book I absolutely love!

I’ve written a few posts like this so far, coveringΒ HamletΒ and alsoΒ The Hobbit. For this masterpiece spotlight (unofficial title, haha) I’m very happy to tell you all about my love forΒ The Great Gatsby! If you enjoyed reading this novel as much as I did, you’ll certainly enjoy this post. xxx Happy reading!

10 Reasons Why I Love The Great Gatsby

I love how these pics turned out!

1. East Egg and West Egg. These are the fictional towns, which are a short distance apart, where the main characters live. The ones who don’t live in either of those areas, are always visiting these rich couples / individuals, whether they show up at their parties uninvited, or they come over for afternoon tea. I learned just recently that “egg” was a term used in the 1920’s to describe rich folk – very fitting for the settings of this novel.

2. Gatsby’s parties.Β As seenΒ above, I mentioned that parties were held in these towns, and the main ones mentioned in the book were carried out at Jay Gatsby’s extravagant home. Everyone is dancing, eating, drinking, swimming, and having a jolly good time – they definitely sounded like fun! I love reading these segments, and watching them on movie renditions, as well. You can just picture the women in flappers and the men in their best suits, dancing and talking the night away.

3. All of the main characters. It’s so easy to enjoy a book when you can warm up to the main people the story’s about! The only one I didn’t particularly like (but she was alright) is Jordan Baker, the [sort of] love interest of Nick Carraway. Her character is aloof, and her presence in various scenes is unknown to me.

4. The relationships and intertwining friendships. These two characters are related, and those two are past lovers. That guy’s actually interested in that woman, not the one you think he should be, and that lady seems to be a friend of everyone …. Needless to say, there are so many connections, past and present, that everyone blends somewhat and the friendship circle is pretty complete. Oh, if only they could show love toward who deserved it … the characters would be happier.

5. Daisy Buchanan and Jay Gatsby’s extravagant homes. The descriptions F. Scott Fitzgerald gave are just fantastic! Gatsby’s is the perfect place for holding parties, a massive home to waste the hours away in, exploring its rooms and being treated to the endless delicacies. The Buchanans’ seems more like a summer home, which could be quite right, as they are just up the hill from a lake …

6. The juxtaposition of these two ways of life. The wealth in East Egg that has no source, and the extravagance in West Egg, just across the lake … as well as Nick’s shack, which is the next yard over from Gatsby’s mansion. Throughout the novel, one is constantly aware of the author bringing to light the minute differences of these towns, and of the people who reside in them.

7. The green light. Only a reader who loved this novel enough to remember details like this will understand. Can you picture Gatsby, standing at the end of his dock, hands slowly fidgeting in the pockets of his richly-textured pants as he zones out across the water? The only object his eyes have to focus on in the early morning fog is a faint green light, one that ebbs and flows amid the dense air, its pulse matching that of his own. The light he watches is a reminder to him of a love from the past, one which once was, one that he wishes could simply be again … (I should write Gatsby fanfiction, honestly)

let’s just pretend there’s a green light in the distance πŸ˜€

8. Gatsby’s yellow car. At first glance, to reader and character alike, it is a gorgeous, unique automobile … but what is obviously just a mode of transportation soon reveals itself to be the unsuspecting victim of a much different matter.

9. The use of language. The whimsy way in which the characters talk, as well as their bluntness and aloft state of being, is a perfect blend of fictional personalities and wonder.

10. The narrator. That would be Nick Carraway, another unsuspecting victim, who is unintentionally around for many important scenes in the lives of his neighbors and new friends.

Thank you sooo much for reading! ❀ I loved writing this, as this book is absolutely fantastic. Its imagery, plot, and characters are extremely likeable. I’d happily read this masterpiece over and over again!

Let me know in the comments below:

Do YOU love The Great Gatsby?

Happy Monday!

— Maggie

29 replies on “10 Reasons Why I Love The Great Gatsby”

I read The Great Gatsby a couple years ago and enjoyed it, but didn’t really love it. I agree, though, that the prose and the writing style really reflect the time period and the overall gist of the story. The characters are also so vividly described, even though the book is so short!

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I haven’t seen the movie, so maybe I should and I’ll like it better! (I didn’t even know there was a movie lol)


I’ve never read it, but girl, your descriptions make me wonder if I should get into it. Seriously, I think you would make a great fanfic writer. You know, some writers have started off as a fanfic writer πŸ˜‰ . Also, I’ve been thinking of your story, if you ever want to chat writing let me know πŸ™‚ . Once I’m done covering blog basics for Peeking Beneath, Wednesdays are going back to more writing topics.

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I can’t wait to read the Great Gatsby! Maybe when I’m a little older, but everyone says it’s such a classic and good book, so I need to age faster πŸ˜› πŸ˜€ Reading 52 books in a year sounds pretty hard πŸ™‚ Go Maggie!

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It’s such a fun classic! You’ll probably have it as assigned reading for school in a year or two, haha, that was the case for me! πŸ˜‰ and if not, you could always read it for pleasure. It probably will be at times, but I have a lot of books to choose from right now, which is awesome! Haha thanks, Lydia! ❀

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You’re very welcome, Ruta! It’s such a great classic. (: I really enjoyed the movies! The cast of the first rendition was great (Robert Redford and Mia Farrow), and the use of color and special effects in the new one (with Leo DiCaprio) was SO pretty.


I totally agree with all the points you made about loving Gatsby! I read this book last year for school and while many people found it pointless I loved the characters and the social commentary regarding what wealth can be defined as. My winter formal this week is Gatsby themed and I am so excited! Thanks for sharing!

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I love The Great Gatsby as well! I didn’t mind Daisy at the start of the book but once it got to the end, I started to dislike her a bit. She didn’t seem to like Gatsby as much as he liked her. It’s actually quite sad because he loved her so much. 😒 I agree with you on #3 Jordan Baker, she seems a bit plain or she doesn’t have much colour. I also liked how the book/ movie ended with Nick writing a book about Gatsby.

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Aww that’s awesome! I felt the same way about Daisy in the book and movies. Yeah, she didn’t return his affection, which was a bit sad. I don’t think the story would have been affected much if Jordan wasn’t in it, haha! Yes, I liked that, too (: Thanks for visiting my blog!

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Ooh that’s awesome, Grace, haha! I’m happy I could inspire you πŸ˜€ It’s a delightful read. It definitely is! Wow ten at once, haha, I’m in a similar place though because I’m trying to see which library book is holding my attention the most. I haven’t found one yet XD

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I can’t wait to dive in. I plan to start it today. πŸ˜€

Yeah, haha. Though two of them are devotionals (which I am several days behind in… haha. πŸ˜…) and one is a book of poems that I open at random for beautiful words. πŸ™‚ I usually finish one before I read another but I was so excited to start reading them all that I didn’t do that. XD

Uh oh! XD I hope you find one that does!

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