7 Tips For Staying Organized With Blogging

Hey guys, and happy December! I hope that the new month has gotten off to a great start for you. 🙂 ❤ I have a fun blogging tips post to share with you today! Over the months that I’ve been blogging on Dreaming of Guatemala, I have learned much in the ways of blog schedules and consistent posting. It has been a rocky journey, with highs and lows of inspiration, but that is to be expected, and as a whole, I’ve appreciated every minute of it.

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This journey is what inspired today’s post, where I will be sharing with you my 7 tips for staying organized with blogging! These can all be followed loosely and are simply meant to help you stay focused on finding your post style and sticking to it. (: Let’s check out these tips!

7 Tips For Staying Organized With Blogging

1. Decide on what topics to cover.

Having at least three topics you will enjoy focusing on will help you when thinking of posts to write! Simply knowing the overall focus of your blog (i.e. mine is Christian lifestyle) is too broad. Break it down a bit – make a list, if you wish. Allow it to be flexible. You could browse post ideas online (I have a good amount on my blogging board on Pinterest!).

As I’ve been blogging, I have tried out topics, switched them around, gotten rid of them altogether, come back from time to time – blogging about what you’re passionate about and inspired by is important. Don’t be afraid to switch this up from time to time!

2. Develop a basic posting schedule.

This could be as simple as knowing which days of the week you want to put up a post! If you’d like to go a bit further, you could decide what focus each day will have, as well. For example, on Mondays and Wednesdays, I like to share inspirational posts, and on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I share personal posts – when I have them to share. Having this consistency on your site helps your readers stay interested, and it keeps you inspired.

3. Keep track of all post ideas.

Every blogger has their own style with this. For me, I like to write down potential titles, lists that I’ll expound on later, and also small descriptions of where I want the posts to go. Experiment and find what works best for you! The way to determine this is see how well these methods help recall to mind what you wish to write later. For example, if recording title ideas inspires you more than descriptions do, only write down titles.

4. Buy, print, or make a blogging calendar.

This helped me immensely when I bought one this past summer! Buying one is not necessary, however; you could print one for each month, or draw a diagram of your own – whatever works for you and your wallet. I love my planner, which is a nice size (18 months) and has a pretty pineapple design on the cover, but I have also used printable calendars, and I love those, too.

5. Allow for changes of plan.

Writing in your planner with a pencil is an essential!!! It isn’t half as pretty as colored pens or markers, but I don’t mind, because then I don’t have to use Wite-Out. When I write in what I want to post in the next week or two, there always ends up being at least one post that is removed or moved somewhere else. It can be discouraging, as it makes one feel scattered and unorganized, but it really isn’t like that at all. Deciding what posts will be good for certain days is important – even if you have to erase and re-write three times.

6. Don’t feel bad for moving posts around.

This goes along with my last tip. The main reason I have had to move posts around is because I’ve been working on developing a weekly post schedule for the past couple of months, and I’m finally at a place now where I can do so. Before that, I was experimenting with posting different posts on different days. Don’t come down on yourself for inconsistency; it’s all part of finding what works best for you!

7. Schedule posts ahead of time.

The WordPress feature of being able to schedule posts for a later date and time has saved me so many times. I deeply appreciate being able to do this in the event that I forget I’m posting one morning, and it’s also a great way to plan ahead. (Not too far, though; you might forget it has been scheduled!) Once you have a post completely written and you know what date you want it to go up, scheduling is very easy and efficient. I definitely recommend it.

Thank you for reading, guys!! I hope that these tips could help you. 🙂 ❤ They have helped me a lot when it comes to blog organization. Let me know in the comments below:

How do YOU stay organized
with blogging?

42 thoughts on “7 Tips For Staying Organized With Blogging

  1. These are great ways to stay organized! I myself am not a super organized person when it comes to anything and lately my blog has not been following a particular schedule, it’s just random posts 😛 So I definitely will be following some of these tips. Just a quick question – how does your blogging calendar work?

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    1. Thank you, Lydia! Haha no worries – I love reading random posts (: but post schedules are fun, too! Awesome, I hope they help. ❤ Well at the moment, I write down which posts I have ready to post on certain days – usually just for the following week. It helps give me an idea of what I should write next 🙂 ❤


  2. This is awesome. Happy December to you as well. I only blog during the week and rest on the weekends. If I have a weekend where there is a holiday then I won’t blog, but just as couple of days. I also won’t blog if I’m sick. I’ll wait till I’m rested and then blog the next day and include that day I didn’t blog in my current blog post. I like doing it this way because then I have time for self-care. I’m learning as I get older that self-care is very important. Happy blogging and have a great weekend!! Love you!

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  3. I should take a leaf out of your book, you’re so organised! Great tips (especially about using a pencil as things always go a bit pear-shaped compared to what I’d had in mind and thought I’d be able to get posted by a certain date). Happy blogging Maggie! 🙂
    Caz x

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  4. As a college student, I depend on scheduled posts during the semester. I need to start keeping a small notebook around with me for ideas. These are some great and useful ideas. Thanks Maggie!

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  5. I recently started blogging but I’m still finding my rhythm. I’m not sure what to write about because I feel like I don’t have a lot of knowledge to write about certain things but I do like beauty and taking care of oneself so I could maybe focus on that.

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    1. That’s wonderful 🙂 Researching topics and favorite interests for posts is a common practice in the blogging community. So, if you’d like to write about beauty / self care-type posts, then try brainstorming ideas, see what others are writing about on similar topics on the WordPress reader, and read articles online. Let me know if you need anymore advice!


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