10 Reasons Why I Love The Hobbit

10 Reasons Why I Love The Hobbit

Hey everybody! I hope you’re all doing well. (: I have a very fun post to share with you today! One of the books I was required to read for school a few years ago was The Hobbit, and I’m so happy that it was! It had its slow moments for me, but as a whole, it is an amazing adventure novel, masterfully-written, and has some of the most memorable characters of any book ever. If you’ve never read this book by J.R.R. Tolkien, I highly recommend that you do! Introduction aside, I am happy to share with you 10 reasons why I love The Hobbit.

1. The plot’s pace. I have noticed that adventure novels can be more drawn-out than they need to be at times, but The Hobbit had me hooked from the very beginning, all the way to the end! It has a strong, interesting plot, one that isn’t resolved until Bilbo returns home. (Hence the subtitle of the book, Or There And Back Again.)

2. The dwarves. If I’m remembering correctly, there are six sets of dwarf brothers, there’s one that isn’t related to any of them (or maybe there’s one set of three brothers?), and then there’s Thorin Oakenshield. Either way, haha, they are so much fun to read about, even when their similar names start blending together. (Except for Thorin, because he’s too cool to have a name like the rest of them.)

3. Hobbits. This especially refers to their eating habits and cozy little homes. I desperately want to visit The Shire, it’s unfortunate that it’s not a real place. Hobbits seem like the sweetest little people, and like I just mentioned, the fact that their favorite thing to do is eat and have tea time multiple times a day says to me I’d quite get along with Hobbits!

4. The descriptions. J.R.R. Tolkien is one of the best writers I’ve ever read, and I can understand why his literature is so deeply appreciated in the book community. The reader legitimately feels like they’re going on an adventure with Bilbo, too, and while I have yet to read any LOTR books, I’m sure they’re the same way. I love books that do a fantastic job of transporting the reader to right where the characters are, and Tolkien’s writing does that easily.

5. The focus. Some books will stray from the main point, whether because it was too weak to begin with, or they pick a sub-plot to cover even though it’s confusing to readers. In The Hobbit, however, you always know exactly where the characters are headed and what their mission is, even when encountered with trials and situations that at first seem unrelated. In the end, everything ties in together masterfully.

6. The various settings. As the traveling party of many dwarves, one Hobbit, and a wizard get closer to their goal, they visit, pass by, and see various mystical places. The way Tolkien describes each one is just amazing – you’d have to read it yourself to understand. He goes over the appearance and mood of every place, leaving the reader no space to wonder what something might have been like.

7. The sub-plots. They are relevant, intriguing, and I’d have to say that my favorite one is when Bilbo gets lost in a cave and meets Gollum. At first, the reader wonders if the poor Hobbit is going to be eaten by this strange creature, but that isn’t what happens at all, which is why I found that scene entertaining.

8. Gandalf. It took a good amount of will power to include this character near the bottom of my list. I didn’t want to come across as obsessed with this wizard, even though I totally am. haha I have a sketch I drew of him near the doorway in my room! Gandalf the Grey is one of my favorite literary characters of all time. I really can’t tell you why I love his personality and presence in The Hobbit so much, aside from the fact that I tend to appreciate magical characters, and he certainly is one.

9. The conclusion. Some stories struggle to have a good wrap-up scene and ending purpose, but this book definitely has one. As you can tell by the whole of this review-type post, I’m not wanting to give too much away for future readers, so I won’t go over exactly what the conclusion is; just know it’s a good one.

10. The included maps and illustrations. It depends on which copy and edition you pick up, but most have fantastic illustrations, and I think all of them have the literary maps, giving readers a great way to visualize where the travelling party is going. I appreciated having the ability to peruse them while reading because I was able to see where they’d just been, currently were, and were soon headed.

Thank you for reading! I love writing posts like this; it’s a fun, interactive way to talk about my favorite books (and hopefully movies sometime soon!). Have you read The Hobbit? It’s such a good book!

Let me know in the comments below:

Why do YOU love The Hobbit?

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44 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why I Love The Hobbit

  1. Yees! This book is so amazing! It can be long sometimes, but the way that he writes it is in a way that you will never get bored of it! You know in New Zealand where they filmed the movie still exists, so you can visit the Shire/Hobbiton 😀 I want to go sometime!
    Great post! Loved reading it!

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    1. Isn’t it?? I absolutely love it! ❤ I agree, but it is so good 🙂 I’ve seen that there are places like that where they filmed the movies, which would be amazing to visit someday! Thank you so much, Lydia! ❤


  2. Eek; I was so excited when I saw this post in my inbox because… I’ll get straight to the point… I LOVE THE HOBBIT AND LORD OF THE RINGS BOOKS!!!!!
    These are reasons I love The Hobbit too. Now you have GOT to read the LotR books and watch all six of the movies!!! I don’t know why, but The Hobbit as a movie was divided into three… which is kind of strange.
    The Lord of the Rings movies stay VERY close to the books (with a few small stuff omitted, but not much), and The Hobbit movies stay with the main plot-line, but they do change/add quite a few stuff. But I, the devoted lover of the books that I am, still love them despite the differences from the book. ❤
    (and by the way, there is a sort of "real" Hobbiton in New Zealand where the movies were filmed. Those pictures of the Hobbit-holes are from there, i bet. But Bag-End is still there, and oh, I want to go there so bad!!! XD
    Thank you so much for this post and giving me the excuse to rant and rave about these books. 🙂

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    1. Ahhh I’m so happy you like these books as much as I do!! ❤ I’m so behind, haha; I definitely need to read the LOTR books. 🙂 The way they filmed the movies confuses me, since it was broken into parts, but I’m sure they’re all so good! I love it when movies stay true to the books(:
      I have seen pictures of that place in New Zealand on Pinterest!! It would be amazing to get to go there someday.
      You’re very welcome, Kendra! It was nice getting to talk to you! ❤

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  3. The Hobbit is probably the best book I ever had to read for school. It was nice to have fun with a book in class for a change. xD

    I really like posts like this – it’s interesting to hear why people love the things they do!

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  4. The Hobbit book is probably my favorite book ever! The movies are definitely not as good as the books, but they are still pretty good. My favorite character is Gandalf, mostly because he can summon eagles!

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  5. I read The Hobbit when I was in middle school, and just re-read it recently. Seriously great writing, I think you nailed the praise. I always want to go out on an adventure whenever I finish Tolkien.

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