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My Fall 2017 Room Tour!

Hi there, everyone! I hope that you’ve all been having a beautiful weekend πŸ™‚ ❀ Today, I will be sharing my fall room tour post with you!!

Decorating my room for the fall is one of my favorite events of the entire year! Growing up, my mom always started off the holiday season by putting up our array of festive decorations. Since having my own room at the place we’re currently living, I have started my own little collection of holiday decor, which makes me even more excited for this time of year!

Out of all the seasons, I’d have to say that I enjoy setting my room up for the fall months the most. I just love the warm colors, Halloween-y mood, and nature/fall vibes that come from all autumnal decor! Browsing stores when they’re set up for October and November makes me so happy, and the way my room looks at this time of year is definitely a joy, too.

Let’s jump right into this!

The first thing I enjoy showcasing in most room posts of mine (haha) is my beautiful piano keyboard, and right now, it has a leaf garland and orange lights above it! I had the lights in my room this time last year, as well, but I bought the garland a few weeks ago. I love how it looks, and I’m always appreciating its beauty any time I’m in my room, haha!

I keep thinking that it looks like something from Pinterest that would cost too much to recreate, hahaha, but that isn’t the case at all! The leaf garland is from Walmart ($3) and the lights are from Dollar General ($3). Crazy, right? Super inexpensive and extremely festive!

I love how the soft lights look where they’re hanging behind the curtain!

Just inside my bedroom on the left wall, I have my Heart and Brain calendar. I think I’ve shown it to you guys before, but as the featured picture changes every month, it’s worth showing again! I keep laughing over October’s.

At the back of my piano on the windowsill is where I keep my succulents during daylight hours. The one that Samuel gave me for my birthday earlier this year is still going strong (left), and the one I got last fall (right) is continuing to thrive, as is that tall weed, haha!

On the keyboard stand, I currently have a pretty art/quote picture that I saved from an old planner. One side has positive affirmations, and the other (as you can see below) has a motivational quote in pretty calligraphy! (Also, I’m a sucker for anything with feathers on it)

While experimenting with lighting and filters, I got the below shot, which I think is pretty cool, but also spooky, haha! (It does not represent how my room looks in real life.)

Now let’s move on to something I’ve really been enjoying recently!

On the same day that I bought the leaf garland, I also found a little candle at Walmart that has an absolutely amazing, fall-ish scent! It’s called Pecan Pumpkin Cake.

My little brother came in the room one morning when it was lit and said, “Ooh I just want to eat it!” haha

Just behind the candle, you can see part of the shadow box I got for my birthday, which I first shared with all of you in this post. It makes me so happy to read and look at, especially since it goes along with my fall decor!

Now I get to show you guys my desk!! Let’s check this out πŸ˜€

I went for a more minimal look this fall (at least in comparison to how my desk looked last year; everything on it was fall-themed, haha!). I wasn’t in the mood to use different decorations from past years this season, but what you see above is what I did come up with. I really like it!

I’ll show you a bit more of everything up close, from left to right:

Since I was maybe twelve years old, I’ve been drawing my own comic strip (I should show you guys sometime!), and my favorite character is the one pictured above. I taught Samuel how to draw him, and after he did, he gave that drawing to me, haha! I love it – aside from it having arms and hands instead of wings, it’s really good haha

I don’t have very many things checked out from the library right now, so they all handily fit over in this corner! I have some different movies and a few books, and my lovely ‘Pumpkin Pie’ candle, as well. ❀

I love how the ‘Dream Big’ sign looks with my picture of me with the band!

I have been loving the Folger Shakespeare Library editions of the Bard’s plays recently, lol; I plan on reading the one above (Much Ado About Nothing), as well as The Comedy of Errors, and Hamlet, too. Also, I’ve had that cute animals glass vase for a couple years, and I just love it!

This owl mug from Hobby Lobby just screams ‘fall’ at me, haha! I love it. I really need to start having my coffee in it in the mornings, but it’s currently being used, once again, as a hair tie holder. lol The snowy owl stuffed animal is a favorite of mine (I think I’ve shared it on past posts), and those multi-colored leaves you keep seeing in different shots are from a pack of loose fake leaves from WalMart. πŸ˜€ The last thing I have to mention from this photo is the orange rock next to the mug, which is a cute little kindness rock.

I’ve been seeing these around lately – children are painting stones, then giving them away to make others happy, and I fell in love with the one above. Samuel got one that says ‘Shine like a star,’ which I thought was neat, too!

That’s it for my desk! Next, I’ll show you the upgrade I gave my bedside table:

… Yup. A red leaf. I was kidding about the ‘upgrade’ thing, haha! During the two years I’ve lived at this house, it has been impossible for me to decorate my bedside shelves the exact way I want them. This is what’s currently on the shelf below:

Let’s pause for a moment before we go by once more gazing upon this beautiful sight …

Ahh; so tranquil. *takes a few deep, happy breaths*

And that’s it for my fall room tour! Thanks so much for reading, guys! I’d be very happy to see how you guys have done up your room for the current season you’re in. (Shoutout to the bloggers I know who are currently experiencing spring right now!) Share a link with me if you decide to do a room tour post, as well!

See you tomorrow πŸ™‚ xx

thanks to jirah and elline for my signature! xx

84 replies on “My Fall 2017 Room Tour!”

Hey Maggie!! Oh my, your room is awesome!! I love everything autumn! And you’re room is just autumn- perfect!! Lovedddd those lights you’ve hung up there!! I recently bought some fairy lights, I hope they’ll look as cute as yours!!

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I love the addition of the lights maggie, it really creates such a peaceful ambiance in your room. I love pumpkin scented candles, marshalls has some great inexpensive ones. Ross too.

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