Stories I’d Love To Write – Part One

Stories I’d Love To Write – Part One

Hello everyone! Today’s post is honestly an extremely unique idea for a post. I’ve never seen a blogger cover this topic before, although I don’t actually know that many writers here on WordPress. (*makes a mental note to go meet some more*) lol Either way, I absolutely loved the idea when it popped into my head because it would be a lot of fun to gather the information together, and would definitely encourage me to keep writing! As you saw from the title of today’s post, I’ll be going over stories I’d love to write someday!

I have been creating stories since I was eight years old. In the nearly ten years since I wrote my first one, I have had hundreds of ideas for stories. Alas, all but maybe thirty of those came to fruition, haha, so they’ve all been left in different notebooks I still have, as well as short drafts in the ‘stories’ folder on the computer. I sifted through these two sources for today’s post and compiled a list of the main stories I would still love to write. Even if I haven’t touched the idea since 2011, if I think I could make something out of it, I’ve included it. πŸ™‚

The fun thing about this is that listing these bits of inspiration and sharing them with you guys will give me a chance to see what all of YOU would enjoy reading! It would help me so much if you could share in the comments which story/ies you think would be the most interesting ones to read. (Most, if not all, of them will probably be short stories one day, not full-length novels, so I might share some of them with you!)

Without any further introduction, let’s get right into this!

My Story Ideas

I would love to write the story of …

  • A HUMAN GIRL WITH BUTTERFLY WINGS. Back in ’13, I did write her story, but its ending was choppy, and there were many things that could be improved. As a whole, the characters and setting are fantastic! If I can improve story structure, it would be an enjoyable fantasy novel to write. (It was called Hutterfly, by the way. I might keep the name the same for the second draft.)

  • A MAN AND WOMAN IN LOVE. This is very vague, I know lol, but that’s the only way I know to describe them! They are the couple from Jump and A Tea Cup Forgotten, which are the only two short stories I’ve featured on my blog so far. I have such a fantastic image of how they look in my head, it’s crazy … and one day, at some point, I would love to write their full story, not just short stories that represent scenes of their lives.
  • A YOUNG GIRL AND HER DRAGON. I attempted to write this back in maybe 2012, and it still holds a special place in my heart. I abandoned it when I hit the brick wall of broken story structure (haha), but I could do something with it, and my preteen self would be so happy with that. lol The girl’s name is Melody, and I called the dragon Darwin. I might change the names in the second draft!

  • A GIRL WHO TURNS INTO A CHICKADEE. Alright, before you question my sanity, know that I was obsessed with chickadees (and other small birds) when I was between the ages of ten and twelve!! I loved watching the real ones eat the birdseed I put out for them, I loved looking at pictures of them in books and online (I used to have a big board of chickadee photography on Pinterest) – I couldn’t get enough of them. They made me so happy! (They still do, but my affection has toned down immensely haha) Back in maybe 2012, I wrote the first draft for what I called Chickadee Magic, then lost a good portion of what I’d written when I deleted the wrong draft one day (why did I have two going?? GRR). However, the novel still has 27k words on it, so I can go back and read that at some point. It will be a blast from the past, haha!! However, if I decide to write the story again (and complete it this time), I will make it a short story. I don’t love chickadees enough to write 30k+ word novel on them. LOL
  • A DRAGON WHOSE SCALE COLORS ARE TIED TO HER EMOTIONS. This story idea was what made up my first NaNoNovel, back in 2012! I loved writing it, am still in love with the characters, and I think it whole-heartedly deserves a second draft. It was about a princess named Cassandra who was turned into a dragon by an irritated wizard named Alfred. I can’t remember exactly what else happens, except that she meets a chickadee (big surprise lol) named Frank, and a real dragon called Shiro. It’s a fantastic fantasy adventure novel. I will definitely write out this one again!

  • A GIRL AND A PACK OF WOLVES. Is this cliche?? I can’t remember if there’s been a story on this lol (Julie and the Wolves, much…?), but hey, maybe I’m taking a not-unique idea and making it my own. The girl is walking through a forest, when she realizes a wolf is pursuing her, so she hides in a tree. Turns out it was a very evil wolf, although I haven’t worked anything else out past that. The next morning, a nice wolf comes along, which ends up being able to talk, but I don’t think she trusts it a first … eventually, he convinces her to come down, and introduces her to his pack. That’s it. Not sure if I can make a cool story out of it, but it might be interesting! I had no idea until now that I had so many cool fantasy ideas I hadn’t worked on yet, haha!

  • THE PRINCESS WHO SAVES THE PRINCE. Fantasy twists have inspired me for years, and this is definitely a classic one! I’ve attempted to write it a few times over the years, and I plan on actually doing so at some point. It might be a novel, a story in verse, or a short story. We’ll see!

Thank you so much for reading! Going over which stories I’d love to write / attempt to write again was both encouraging and a lot of fun! I hope you guys enjoyed it. I’ll probably share a second part to this post one day, which is why I included ‘part one’ in the title of this one. πŸ™‚ Let me know in the comments below:

Which story would YOU want to read?

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72 thoughts on “Stories I’d Love To Write – Part One

  1. I hope you’ll write these stories soon! I keep my fingers crossed!! πŸ™‚ ❀
    In the past I started writing a story about a girl and a wolf but I didn't finish it xD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Ann! I definitely want to write them, and I’ll probably share them on my blog at some point. πŸ™‚ Haha that sounds cool! I have countless unfinished stories. That’s the life of a writer!


  2. Haha, I’m reading this post so late.
    I would love to read a story about the girl who turns into a chickadee (and all the other ones, too). Have you written it yet?
    Also, I love creative writing too, and I was wondering if you think I should do some short stories on my blog like you do. I just started it recently, it’s
    I had an idea for a story about a girl who’s kind of like a werewolf, except she turns into a corgi….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No worries, Maria! Thanks for coming by πŸ™‚ I have worked on a few of these, but none of them are finished yet. You should totally share some creative writing on your blog! That would be great! Oh my gosh, haha, I love that idea. It would make for a great story! πŸ™‚


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