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It is very easy for us to get caught up in attaining what we desire. It is pretty awesome how quickly we can become passionate about reaching goals in our lives, however – if we didn’t ever have that drive, would we get anything done? I don’t think we would, haha!

Anyway, there are so many things we aim for and look at eventually completing. Whether that’s going on a certain vacation, getting a college degree, meeting Mr. Right, or whatever else one may desire, we have huge hopes and dreams. Oftentimes, when the circumstances are right, we reach those goals, and what a beautiful thing that is!

However … how do we feel when there are delays, sidetracks, and unpreventable changes of plan? What do we do during the waiting?

Hey guys! I am long overdue on writing a second part to this fun series, so today I bring to you: ‘Happy In The Waiting.’ In our time and culture, it is extremely easy to fall into the habit of desiring and getting what we want quickly and efficiently. Any little inconvenience is highly agitating, and easily disruptive to our tight plans. I know how it feels; I’ve been there. Even when I don’t have specific plans that need following, if whatever is happening doesn’t go along with how I ‘planned’ it would happen in my head, it makes me upset, haha

I wanted to cover this topic in Cultivating A Joyful Life because acquiring a stronger tendency to respond patiently would benefit all of us, if even in the smallest of ways. It would definitely give us more peace, and could also potentially affect our relationships and well-being in positive ways, as well.

Before I delve into this any further, let’s return for a moment to the garden of our hearts, shall we?

If you think about it, gardens are all about waiting – as well as the art of patience. It takes diligence, care, and photosynthesis for plants to grow. It takes patience on the gardener’s part to consider the plants’ needs and tend to them accordingly. You may want a flower to quickly bloom so that you can experience its beauty, but that isn’t quite how it works. To grow something from its seed form usually take weeks and much perseverance, but the outcome – a beautiful, thriving plant that you cultivated with your own hands – is absolutely worth it. The same is true for our lives!

Happy In The Waiting

There are times when we want something instantly because we know how happy it would make us. From our viewpoint, the stars are all aligned – we need only to reach out and grasp it, pursuing the desire with our whole hearts.

When circumstances start to not go the way we want, our happy plans begin to fade as things continue to come up, hindering our progress and hardening our hearts.

That’s usually when we start to push the matter.

We take it into our own hands instead of waiting for everything to turn out just right, as it appears that that will never happen, anyway. We do what we wouldn’t have originally done out of desperation and discontent. That never gets us anywhere.

Waiting often looks, and always feels, like a waste of time. Sitting around doesn’t seem to accomplish anything, does it? I’ve been there myself so many times.

Throughout the Bible, there are many instances when having patience and waiting on the Lord is brought up. This means so much to me, as I often feel alone in the waiting, but His Word has reminded me time and time again that I have not been forsaken. There are two main things that I have taken from the various verses on patience over the years.

First, the Lord strengthens our faith through these times of waiting. Relying on Him to lead us, and putting all of our trust in His plans, is one of the main ways we mature as Christians. There are few other things that will cause us to draw closer to Him than our times of need.

Second, He will not forsake us when we need Him most. He has been there for me every second of the way when I trust in Him – even when I can’t see His hand at work in the situation until later (as is often the case). The only times in my life when I felt alone during trials was when He was deeply testing me. Those were also the times when my return to the arms of His everlasting grace were all the more special. The other times of loneliness where when my focus and intentions were misaligned. The moment I stepped foot back on the right track – the path that He had for my life, not the one I figured out for myself – I instantly found myself at His side once again. ❤

The Lord is with those who call upon His holy name.

When I find myself growing discontent in His timing, I often turn back to Proverbs 16. Its sound wisdom has brought me through rough points in my life when I was becoming truly hopeless. One verse that really reminds me of where my focus should be is the ninth verse:

“The heart of man plans his way,
but the Lord establishes his steps.”

It is up to us to chase after what we desire for our lives, but it is His will that shall be established and succeed! ❤

Thank you so much for reading! I thoroughly enjoyed continuing with this series, and you’ll probably see me post a third addition in the weeks to come. Thanks for following along!

Let me know in the comments below:

What times of waiting has the Lord brought YOU through?

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27 replies on “Cultivating A Joyful Life | Happy In The Waiting”

Wonderful post, Maggie! I’m in a season of waiting myself, and it was a good reminder for me that God has it all under control. While I’ve read Proverbs 16 before, I’m going to read it again in the light of waiting. Thank you for sharing, it encouraged me. ❤


This is a very beautiful post, Maggie.

I have been waiting for something for the past few months already and I know that God is just testing me and teaching me something. I agree with what you said — that we just have to wait. There will be times that we want to give up but we just have to keep holding on and trust His plans for us.

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I really enjoyed this post, your writing is beautiful (: a time God got me through was when my boyfriend and I were looking for an apartment. The threat from my dad of being kicked out if I didn’t find a place soon was looming over me, and I didn’t want to have to rely on Justin’s family to shelter me. It took us a while and it was a struggle, but I prayed we would find the place we were meant to live and He took us there!

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Incredible post ❤️
This encouraged me to be more relaxed in this time of waiting I’m in-which honestly seems like it will never end, haha! Being patient with God and His timing is my biggest weakness. I am trying to conquer it though, one day at a time. Thanks for this post!

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I’m so glad that this could help you! ❤ writing it was great therapy for me, and I'm happy it could inspire some of my readers, as well 🙂 ❤ I really struggle with that, too, girl! Waiting usually looks pointless to us, as it feels like we're sitting around doing nothing when we could be accomplishing great things. Only God can see why it's best to wait, and how much we'll grow during that time 🙂 There truly is a reason for these times! ❤ you're very welcome!

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Yes, exactly! What I also struggle with is knowing when to go for it and when to wait. I don’t want to chase something’s that’s not meant to be, but I also don’t want to feel lazy. I recently came to the conclusion that I will do whatever I can and then if it works out it’s meant to be. But, even doing things that way is super confusing, at times. Life is hard. 😂

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Girl I do that so often, it’s not even funny!! I have an awful time discerning what’s for me and what isn’t. *sighs* I’m positive that it will get easier the stronger my trust in the Lord is, but as it is now, I struggle. We’ll figure it out someday, haha!!

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