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Hello, October! | New Blog Schedule + My Fall Bucket List!

Hi there, guys! How are you? I hope that you’re all having an absolutely beautiful day! ❤

I am soooo excited for today’s post. A new month is here once again – time is truly flying by! What’s awesome about this time around (haha) is that the new month is October, which is definitely my favorite month out of the whole year! I love a huge variety of things about it, but if I had to choose just one, I’d choose the beautiful, crisp weather. Being out in nature brings me great joy, and I can only truly experience that here in Georgia during the fall months – especially October. xxx

The first thing I mentioned in the title of today’s post (after welcoming in the new month) was my new blogging schedule! So allow me to clarify …

I will be posting every day in October!

Woohoo!!! I can’t wait to share all of the cool posts I came up with for this month with you guys! They were a lot of fun to write, and I love the huge variety of topics they cover. Among my post lineup, you will find some fall treats, devotionals, different life experiences of mine, some blog awards, and so much more!

What are YOU guys up to this whole upcoming month? You’ll have to let me know in the comments below! Fall plans are always so exciting to me 🙂

For the second half of this post, I’d like to share my fall bucket list with you! I have come up with some things that I would love to do this fall. Hopefully, I’ll have the opportunity (and motivation lol) to do them, but time will tell. If all else fails, I just want to savor this time of year by being out in nature and spending time with my family!

Let’s jump right into this!

My Fall Bucket List

  • Take fall family photos. There’s something so pleasing about the combination of lighting, scenery, and fall outfits at this time of year that make photoshoots so much prettier! Whether we’re in our backyard or at an apple orchard, I plan on taking lots of pictures this year, just like I did in 2016! Below is a favorite from one such photoshoot:

  • Have a campfire and roast marshmallows. My family and I enjoy having one of these every once in a while, and it would definitely be a lot of fun to have one this month! (Below is a pic from fall of ’15.)

  • Bake an apple pie. I included this on my looking-ahead list back in July, and I’m planning on making one VERY soon! I found the recipe I’ll use on Pinterest.
  • Go pick apples. Maybe I should have listed this one before the one above, but oh well, haha! I get to go with my family to an apple orchard most years – there are different ones in northern Georgia – and I can’t wait to go this year!
  • Enjoy the nice, crisp air. I absolutely love snuggling up with a cozy blanket in the evenings. In contrast, I also love being out in the cool air, wearing a hoodie and playing basketball. Whether I’m embracing it or escaping it (haha), fall weather makes me so happy. It’s such a wonderful relief after our humid summers. (Below, I’ve shared a picture from last year of the trees in our backyard – so gorgeous!)

  • Go on a hayride. The apple orchards we’ve been to all have free or low-cost hayrides available, and they’re so much fun!
  • Watch the sunset. I enjoy doing this year-round, but hey, I saw it included on some fall bucket list ideas, and I thought that I would add it to mine! I’d love to find a place with a nice view of the sky, then drive there in the evening and get some nice pictures. (Below is one picturesque sunset from a few years ago.)

  • Make a fall craft. I’m finicky when it comes to crafts and DIYs. If it’s a fairly simple ordeal, I usually complete it and quite enjoy the process and outcome, but if I have difficulties with it, my interest legitimately dies. Haha! I wouldn’t say that I’m proud of this trait; it’s just a fact. However, I do have a few ideas for a few easy, inexpensive fall crafts for my room, so I’ll be sure to post about them if I make them!
  • Make pumpkin bread. My mom and I (though usually just my mom lol) make this one year-round, actually, but it is especially delightful in the fall! I’d love to make a double batch at some point this month, as there are so many of us who eat it (including Elizabeth), and it disappears SO fast!

I hope that you’re all having a beautiful fall so far, and that your October has gotten off to a fantastic start! Let me know in the comments below:

What are YOU up to this October?

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67 replies on “Hello, October! | New Blog Schedule + My Fall Bucket List!”

That is so amazing that you are posting everyday of this month! That is something I’d have a hard time with, lol! All your bucket list items are amazing! I absolutely LOVE taking fall family photos as well! The fall weather just gives me this feeling of excitement and energy, it’s kind of hard to explain!

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