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Weekend Blog Party | Sunday – Your Most Overlooked Post

Hi everyone! I hope that your weekend has been going beautifully. ❤ Today is the day that we wrap-up my weekend blog party(!) and what better way to do that than by promoting posts that we loved writing, but that didn’t get as much of a response as we would’ve liked? Haha, we all have posts like that! If you’d like to join in on the last day of my three-day-long blog party, then that’s awesome! Today is the last day of my very first blog party. ❤ Keep reading for a bit of information on it, as well as how easy it is to participate!


What: A weekend-long blog party!
Who: Everyone who comments down below!
Where: Right here on my blog. xx
When: From 7 AM EST to midnight (EST) tonight!
Why: Because not only are blog parties a blast, but I’m also celebrating being over how sick I was this past week!
How: By commenting a link to your most overlooked post!

For the last time this weekend, here’s how it will work …

Like I mentioned a moment ago, Sunday’s party theme is going to be all about you guys’ most overlooked posts!! That includes all posts that you loved writing, but that got less views/likes/comments than your other posts. Sometimes, that happens because of the inopportune time of day that we published it, and sometimes it’s because we didn’t have very many followers at the time! Now’s the time to promote that post you’d love to get feedback on. 🙂 If you’re itching to participate, here’s how you can do it!:

In a comment below,
introduce yourself to us,
share the link to your most overlooked post,
then tell us why we should go read it!

That’s it, everybody! Finally, I’ll comment first so that you guys can see exactly what I mean. 🙂 Make sure that you check out what posts other bloggers are sharing after you have commented yours! Please don’t feel pressured to get around to all of them, but it would make me happy if y’all could reach out a little bit. I’ll be visiting as many of you as I can!

Happy weekend, guys! This party was such a blast to do with all of you! Thank you so much to everyone who participated. I can’t wait to do another one sometime soon!

See y’all in the comments!

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35 replies on “Weekend Blog Party | Sunday – Your Most Overlooked Post”

Hello everyone! It’s Maggie again for the third and final time this weekend 😂💜 The one post that I’ve loved the most and has gotten the least response is a short story I wrote back in January called ‘Jump’! It’s one of the best pieces of creative writing I’ve ever written, and it would make me so happy if you guys could check it out. 💚

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Hallo Amelia! Thank you for coming to day three, and for sharing that post with us. I enjoyed reading it! 💚 xx Also, thank you for attending (haha 😂) every day of the party! 🎉 I loved reading every post you shared.

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Hey guys! The one post that I have had the least amount of feedback on was ‘How to Save Money As A Teen’. It was my second post and when I published it I only had about three people following my blog so that’s probably why, lol. I’m still really proud of that post even though I think my style of writing has probably changed slightly. I highly recommend you checking it out. . Many Blessings, Grace. ❤ 🙂

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Hi Grace!! Haha it’s literally one of the saddest things to write awesome posts when you have a tiny following 😂 I have a few like that, mainly the short story! Thank you for sharing that post of yours with us – it was informative and fun to read!

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Hi hi, Shannon again! I’m not sure if it’s my most overlooked post, but I definitely think it deserves more love and to be see by my now larger audience than when I posted it. The site has widened its selection and the quality has only gotten better with it! please give it a read and take a look through the shoes on site and new items in inventory (: they have a Facebook, Instagram, and twitter under the same name too

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ahh they look it! It’s been forever since I had a nice pair of white shoes; I tend to lean toward darker colors because I don’t want them to look too dirty too quick, hah 😂💖

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I love this idea, Maggie! Hello everyone, my name is Emma and I blog over at The Emma Edit :D. I started my blog in January this year and I enjoy blogging very much! I blog about a wide range of topics: lifestyle, travel, fashion, recipes etc….something for everyone to enjoy!

I just looked at my stats, my ‘May Empties’ post is my least viewed post which is surprising! Please give it some love, thank you x

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Hello everyone! I’m Grace from Following Him Beside Still Waters, who is currently kicking herself for being so behind in reading blogs that she missed the first two days of Maggie’s awesome blog party. 😳 It’s 11:22 in my timezone, so I guess I’m still allowed to crash the party… 😅

I think one of my “most overlooked” blog posts is “Who Said The Grass Is Greener On The Other Side Of The Fence?” that I posted over a year ago when I didn’t have many followers. A few people saw it, but no one commented. 😄

I look forward to reading the posts that you all have left links for. 🙂 Have a great week, y’all! ❤

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Hallo there, Grace! Thank you very much for coming to my party. 🙂 haha no worries on being late! I had a lot of fun with this, and I’m planning on doing one some other time. I loved reading the post you shared with us! 💚

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