Favorite Photos ~ August 2017

Favorite Photos ~ August 2017

Hello everyone! I hope that you’re having a fantastic day. xx For today’s bonus post (haha), I decided to share my favorite photos from this past month! I didn’t end up posting any of them on my blog throughout August, so I’ve decided to do that right here today. (: Let’s jump into this!

The first one is from August 6th.

It isn’t so much the picture itself, although it does make me happy; it’s more of what it means to me. Throughout the month of August, every day consistently, I’ve been spending time reading the Bible in the morning, praying, and drinking my iced coffee (in pretty much that order!). It has made every single day sooo much more positive than it would have been had I started the day off the way I have been for a long time: wake up, check my phone, eat breakfast, then start the day. Having my mind focused on Him in this way, and letting it be the way I start the day, has been a huge blessing in the mornings. I desire to keep doing this for as long as it works for my schedule! (Which will probably be at least another year, which is pretty cool! 😂)

The next one is a rare selfie I took on August 12th:

I was wanting to update my profile picture (as you guys have probably noticed for the past few weeks, since I changed it to this!), so I knelt on my floor one afternoon and set up my Guatemalan blanket as a backdrop and took some selfies. The one above turned out the best. 😊

Pictures three and four are from the same day – August 13th.

If you guys are following my mom over at Living Lighter in Atlanta, you probably saw that we visited the Ocmulgee Indian Mounds in southern GA a few weekends ago. I didn’t post about it, but I did take lots of pictures! (Before my phone died, at least.) My two favorites were the selfie above, when I was experimenting with my phone’s camera when we first got there, and the pic below of a butterfly/moth:

It let me get soooo close to it, so I was able to get an up-close shot!

Our next image is from August 18th.

I know I keep taking pictures of this lovely piano keyboard and sharing them on here, but I honestly can’t help myself. It is sooo gorgeous, and the pictures turn out fantastic (like this one^) because my window is directly behind it so the lighting is 😍👌🏼 also the picture above has so many nice, perfectly straight lines and I just can’t

This next one was taken on August 26th.

Elizabeth was having a wonderful time swinging at the playground we went to that day! She was being so cute and grinning almost constantly, so I took twenty a few pictures. I love how multiple pics turned out, but the one above is the sweetest(: xx

The last one was taken on August 29th.

I was getting ready for the day that afternoon, and I couldn’t help but stop to admire my hair. It made those waves itself. I let it air dry for a couple hours, and boom. My mom said it looked like I put a crimper through it, haha!! I’m always hesitant to brush my hair when it gets all nice and wavy (and poofy) like that, but I despise tangled hair, so I lose the waves and put it up in a bun or ponytail. *sighs* #lifewiththickwavyhair

Thanks for reading, guys! Let me know in the comments below:

What’s the best picture YOU took in August?

Happy Thursday, guys!

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Grilled Chicken Salad With Strawberry Dressing!

Grilled Chicken Salad With Strawberry Dressing!

Hi there, everyone! I hope that you’re all having a beautiful day(: x I wanted to share a quick lunch idea with you guys! I made a grilled chicken salad with strawberry dressing! Doesn’t that sound interesting? And it turned out soooo good. ❤ I’ll leave the instructions for how I made mine below, as well as provide the link to where I got the dressing recipe! Feel free to get creative and make this salad how you would like it, whether you choose different fruit, or use spinach instead of lettuce!

Grilled Chicken Salad
With Strawberry Dressing

Here is what I used:

  • Romaine lettuce
  • grilled chicken
  • fresh strawberries
  • fresh blueberries
  • the ingredients for the strawberry dressing!

The first thing I did was make the dressing! The only thing I did differently was skip adding the poppy seeds; I didn’t have any on hand, and I figured the dressing would taste great, anyway. Below are the ingredients I used:

Combine all the ingredients in your blender and mix until smooth. I made mine in the morning and refrigerated it in a glass jar until lunchtime.

When noon came around, I assembled my lunch-building area!

I didn’t include the sliced almonds in the pic above … whoops. Either way, I made my lunch (almonds included 😀 ), then took some pictures!

I’m really happy with how it turned out! It was a nice spin on my favorite type of salad. If I decide to make it again, I will probably make less of the dressing, as I almost always have too much left over of the things I’ve been making recently!

Thank you so much for reading this post! Let me know in the comments below:

What’s YOUR favorite type of salad?

Happy Thursday, guys! I’ll see y’all tomorrow!

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Entertainer Blogger Award

Entertainer Blogger Award

Hi there, guys! I hope that your week has gotten off to a fantastic start 🙂 Today, I will be writing about an award that a very sweet blogging friend gave me last week!

Maha over at Beyoutiful included me in her nominees on her recent award post. She was celebrating surpassing 700 followers, which is absolutely amazing! She blogs about fashion, inspiration, and her travels. I love reading everything she writes about! If you aren’t already following her, I highly recommend her site! ❤

For the Entertainer Blog Award, everyone who is nominated answers the same five questions, then “nominates 12 other bloggers who are funny, inspiring and most important of all ENTERTAINING!” I can’t wait to do this!

Q: Why did you start a blog in the first place?

A: At the beginning of this year, it was on my heart to start blogging again. As I’ve mentioned before, I have been blogging on and off for years! But I’ve never really been part of a community of bloggers like I am now. ❤ Anyway, my motive behind creating Dreaming of Guatemala was to give myself a place to write about my passions, interests, and hobbies. At first, I started with different lifestyle-type posts, like my desk tour, evening routine, and monthly favorites, but as I’ve adopted my own blogging style, it has grown to also include other things. I started baking and cooking and recording my progress (and success!), created different series, and I’m actually still learning about what I want to write about. To sum it up, I wanted a blog to talk about what makes me happy. 🙂

Q: What is your favorite book?

A: This is quite possibly the hardest question for me to answer!! When it comes to practically anything in my life, I have lots of favorites all at once, and that list is constantly changing. Movies, books, songs, food, interests – you name it. With books, I find myself extremely interested in reading a certain genre for a long period of time, and for right now, that genre is historical fiction. The individual book that first comes to mind, as I read it a month or two ago, is “Short-Straw Bride” by Karen Witemeyer. I can’t even explain how much I love it!

Q: What do you dislike the most?

A: In truth, it deeply pains me when people use God’s name in vain. Not so much “omg,” but I still don’t like that; I’m talking about the extreme ways of saying what I mentioned in a very disrespectful way.

Q: What is your favorite food at the mall?

A: Any time we go, I seek out a place that sells pretzels! That usually ends up being Auntie Anne’s, as that’s what they specialize in, but I’m always up for trying new soft pretzels, too. lol The classic pretzel with cheese dip is my go-to, but if I’m feeling extra fancy, I’ll get a sugar and cinnamon pretzel, complete with a glaze dip. Delicious!

Q: What is your favorite pastime?

A: Blogging! As of right now, it is most definitely blogging. I enjoy writing posts, responding to comments, browsing others’ blogs – the whole process! I do have to remind myself that there are other things I should do with my free time, as well, from reading books to learning a new language to playing the piano, but blogging is always the first one I want to do.

Now it’s time for some nominations! Let’s see if I can find 12 …

In no particular order, She Lives Love, A Happily Ella After, rockandminerals4him, smilingdreamer, Veronica Marie, PINKLOGS, Amelia in Hull, My Blessing By Grace, Christ, Crafts & Cuisine, and Southern Lights, Atlanta Nights! I love sooo many blogs, but these are the main twelve that entertain me 😀

Happy Monday, guys!!

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