My Looking-Ahead List: 15 Exciting Things

My Looking-Ahead List: 15 Exciting Things

Why hello, everyone! Fancy meeting you here on this fine morning! Er well, it’s morning here for me, my apologies if you’re now getting tucked into bed, or something. Haha anyway! Today, I have a fun list post to share with you. Who doesn’t like posts with lists?? They’re my personal favorite to write, and they’re a joy to browse on others’ blogs, too.

This particular list was loads of fun to write, and the optimism it sprung within my heart couldn’t be beaten. I’m calling it My Looking-Ahead List: 15 Exciting Things. I had hoped to come up with twenty-five things, actually, but 15 was all I could gather at the moment! If you’re interested in composing a list like this yourself, please do so! I’d love to read it; just leave a link to the post in the comments below. x

Looking ahead to what will bring us joy and excitement in life is a great way to stay happy and positive. πŸ™‚

Let’s jump right into this!

I’m excited about …

  1. Graduating from high school! Next summer, I will have officially finished with my schooling, and that freedom honestly sounds SO amazing haha! I don’t have it poorly off right now, or anything – I’m content with what my life is like – but I can’t stop myself from being excited about it. xx
  2. Becoming fluent in Spanish! It’s gonna happen one day, I assure you of that. I have no idea when, but it is on my heart to have as full of an understanding of Spanish as I can. So strong is this calling that I’ve tried to pick up other languages alongside learning Spanish and it has not worked out, haha!
  3. Getting my first job! As I’ve been looking into applying at places to work since I was fifteen, the waiting has not been easy lol, but I know that the Lord has beautiful, perfect timing. The first place I’ll work will not only be perfect for me, but right in His plan, too.
  4. Reaching 1,000 followers on my blog! Many of you know that I’ve had multiple blogs in the past, none of which I keep up with now (aside from my book review blog, self-plug!), but I’ve never gotten this much feedback and response on any of them – combined! I know I’ll get the biggest grin on my face when I get the 1K FOLLOWERS NOTIFICATION – no idea if I’ll celebrate; probably not. How do you think we should celebrate? I’d love to include you guys!
  5. Hearing Jordan Feliz’s next album for the first time! He’s gonna have to come out with a new album at some point. He just has to. But since his current one came out last year, there’s low chance of this happy thing occurring soon. ;-;
  6. Getting to meet my new little sibling! We’re pretty sure it’s a boy at this point, and the name my parents have for him is just PERFECT (I’ll share it with you guys when we’re positive of the gender), and I can’t wait to meet him this winter!
  7. Finishing the A-to-Z Reading Challenge I’m doing! I invented it myself, actually; I’m on a mission to read 26 books, with titles in alphabetical order, all of which I’ve never read before. I’m currently on the letter ‘J’ and still going strong. I’m not sure if I’ll find books for ‘X’ or ‘Z,’ but I’ll make it happen. lol
  8. Baking an apple pie! This has been on my unwritten bucket list for SO long, but I have yet to do it. I plan to this fall, actually! It’s such a staple part of autumn for me, and to eat one that I’ve made myself would be absolutely special.
  9. Getting to my blogiversary! I’m pretty darn sure I’ll still be posting by January – I really hope I will be – but hey, things change. I’m definitely hoping that works out! Blogiversaries are so much fun!
  10. Fully writing my Mayan/Tikal story! I work on stories in bursts, and I wasn’t as productive with it on my blogging break as I’d hoped, as you guys know by now. Either way, I really hope and pray that it becomes a full novel one day, because I have sooo many ideas, and it’s the first story I really feel like I could weave into one driven by a gripping plot – a first for me.
  11. Starting to study famous figures and time periods in history! I’m really planning to do this next summer once I’m done with school, as I’ll have more time on my hands, and I can’t wait to get started with that. I’m fascinated by so many people throughout history, as well as specific time periods. Just a few off the tip of my tongue are Alexander Hamilton, Ancient Egypt, Marquis de Lafayette, American History (obviously lol), Ancient Greece, Benjamin Franklin, Robert Boyle, etc!
  12. Getting better at cooking! I tend to enjoy baking treats and desserts more, but the handful of times I’ve made dinner for my family has made me happy, so I really should pursue expanding my knowledge on cooking over baking!
  13. Reading the other four books in the Heavenly Daze series! Like I mentioned yesterday, the first book in the series was absolutely amazing, and I know that the rest of the books will be fantastic, too!
  14. Learning to play a full song on the piano! If I can just find the chords to Jordan Feliz’s How Long, I would learn them SO quickly and then my life would be complete hahah
  15. Moving to a new place! This will most likely happen next year, but I’m still excited about and looking forward to it! We need to move ❀ the house and neighborhood situation is often upsetting where we are now.

That’s it for my list! As you could probably tell, it was a mixture of long- and short-term goals; I knew that it would be easier for me to do that than to break it up into two posts! πŸ˜‚ I’ll probably do a second part to this post when I have more exciting aspirations to share, but for now, I’ll leave you guys to enjoy your Saturday!

How about you?

What are YOU looking forward to?

40 thoughts on “My Looking-Ahead List: 15 Exciting Things

  1. Yes, You know I love a good list. You have some wonderful things on yours. You will make a spectacular apple pie πŸ˜‰ There is something about cooking and feeding people that always makes me feel good too. Now, I can’t stop tinking about what book has an “X” or “Z” for the beginning letter LOL. You will be at 1,000 follows in no time. God Bless You πŸ™‚

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  2. What a lovely list!!! Alexander Hamilton is a good one, I’m obsessed with the musical on him. πŸ˜‚ I was so sure Baby Jelly Bean was going to be a girl! I’m still going to say girl until it’s confirmed! πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Pamela! Haha yes!! Because of you I’d seriously love to see Hamilton now. πŸ˜‚ ahh so was I!! But with how my mom has been feeling recently, signs point to it being a boy. I’ll be excited for either!

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  3. I loved your list! ❀️I’m also eagerly looking forward to find myself graduating from college, getting married and also, hitting 1K on my blog!(hopefully everything works out well)…also,I wish to write a biography of my dad in the future!☺️

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  4. Wonderful list!! Oh, you should totally check out! You can find all the chords for nearly any song there, and if you want to make the advanced chords simpler, just click the ‘simplify chords’ box. πŸ™‚

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  5. If your family likes beef or chicken, enchiladas would be easy. Brown hamburger *drain, or cook chicken (shred chicken later). Get a can of enchilada sauce, and mix half it in with the meat. Then warm flour/corn tortillas 20-30 seconds. Fill and roll tortillas. Top with remaining sauce, and shredded cheese. Oven on 375 degree, heat till cheese had melted *about 15 minutes.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Ooh that sounds great!! My mom likes making bean enchiladas, and chicken enchiladas, too. I’ll have to see what the differences between your way and her way of making them are. πŸ™‚

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  6. Those are all exciting things to look forward to Maggie! I myself am excited about becoming more fluent in all the languages I am learning. (French, Spanish and Swahili.) I’m also looking forward to getting back into blogging as I had a pretty big break, being in Africa for a month. Xxx

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  7. Hey! I think it’s awesome that you are learning another language. I’m learning Chinese at school, and I am hoping to study it through my VCE. It’s so much fun being able to translate random words, and the look on other people’s faces when you break out into another language is priceless πŸ‘πŸ‘
    Your alphabet book challenge looks like a heap of fun, I might try it someday!
    I’m looking forward to the camp I’m going on tomorrow, and my year 10 snow camp as well.
    – Alexis xx

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    1. Thanks Alexis! Ooh, that sounds like fun! πŸ™‚ Haha yesss that part of knowing another language is such a blast! Thank you; it has been very enjoyable, although a bit hard to find a good book at times! Hope you had fun / are having fun at camp! πŸ™‚


  8. Hey Maggie! I’d really love to do a post like this on my blog!! It’s such an amazing idea! Can I do it too?( ain’t it like copying your beautiful idea?πŸ€”) . I’d wanna know please!!!!

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  9. I think this is a wonderful list. I’m considering doing a list like this as well. I can’t wait to see you accomplish all these things. You have so much determination so I know you will do anything you set your mind too.

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