Making the Change ~ Monthly Wrap-Up (July-August 2017)

Making the Change ~ Monthly Wrap-Up (July-August 2017)

Hi guys! I hope that you are all having a beautiful Wednesday so far. xx I woke up feeling not so great today, as I have a cold right now, and I broke my fever upon waking. I’m planning to take it easy today and catch up on the posts I’ve missed reading.

On that note, I’m now back to blogging! Click here to read yesterday’s post on why I’m back a week early, if you’d like.

When planning ahead for what I’d blog about upon my return to blogging, I went back and forth between wanting to do a Making the Change wrap-up post, and deciding against it. As I’d planned to originally come back in the first week of August, it didn’t seem right to do this post on the first Wednesday of the month, as I’ve been posting them on the final Wednesdays of the month. As fate would have it (although I personally believe this is by the Lord’s guidance), I’m back a week earlier than planned. It’s still July. 😂 It’s the last Wednesday of the month. So, let’s get into this!

I have had lots of time recently to bond with my family. We’ve been playing games and having heartfelt conversations. I’ve also had more time spent in prayer, as my evenings as of late have been quite a bit quieter than they usually are, what with staying off of WordPress. Both of these paired together has caused me to notice that the Lord is calling me into a deeper relationship both with Him, as well as with each member of my family.

In June of 2016, I very much struggled to get used to having a new baby in the family, and this past April, my mom’s miscarriage really took a toll on my faith. I had drawn away from the Lord, sunken into myself, and crawled into a shell of what I thought was protection. When I realized that my self-inflicted hiding place was what was injuring the relationships and friendships I valued so much, the Lord was then able to lead me out.

He has taught me so much through what I continually thought was worthless pain. He continually uses each and every trouble I’ve ever found myself in for a good purpose – most especially for His glory. I am slowly finding it easier and easier to boast in my affliction, as Paul wrote in the Bible, for then the Lord’s grace may rest upon me.

I’m still a long way from where I want to be, but you know what? Maybe I’ll never get there … and maybe that’s okay. The Lord is directing and guiding my steps; He has my life in His hands. When I am willing, His strength is manifested in me, and I know that the changes I desire to see in my life will be here sooner than I realize. I’m taking it a day, a minute at a time, focusing on the good and forgiving myself for my downfalls.

It’s getting easier and easier to make this change. ❤

The Past Month: July 2017

Improvements: I’ve been finding as many things as I can to do with Samuel. Playing pretend, doing Wii games … I’m pretty sure this was mentioned in the last ‘improvements’ section of the last wrap-up post, but I’ve come even farther from there. He and I have played pretend every day for the last week – a huge improvement from where we were not too long ago.

Next Time: I need to further accept mine and Joshua’s differences. As we’re in such difference places of maturity and in our walks in life and with the Lord, it’s hard, and often weighs heavy on my heart.

The Upcoming Month: August 2017


  • Forgiveness. Letting go of the past, and exhibiting grace to future faults I would have once struggled to forgive.
  • Having a servant’s heart. I want to put my desires consistently behind me and instead look to what my family needs.
  • Thinking before I speak. It is important that I put more thought into what I say before letting things I don’t mean slip past my lips.

Quotes and Bible Verses to Inspire:

“Forgiveness is a process. A choice you have to make over and over, every day, until you’re free of hurt.”

“The highest calling we’ll ever have is to be a servant of the Lord.” – Christine Caine

“When someone does something wrong, don’t forget all the things they did right.”

“The first to apologize is the bravest. The first to forgive is the strongest. The first to forget is the happiest.”

“Always be humble and gentle. Be patient with one another, making allowance for each other’s faults because of your love.” – {derived from} Ephesians 4:2


Thank you so much for reading, guys. I hope that you all have a blessed rest of the week! How about you?

What do YOU desire to focus on in August?

— Maggie


31 thoughts on “Making the Change ~ Monthly Wrap-Up (July-August 2017)

  1. I love your honesty, Maggie. ❤️ For the month of August, I really want to work on forgiveness and thinking before I speak like you said. Also to have patience and to not be anxious. We just found out my dad got a job that he applied for in another state, so we have the month of August to sell our house, find a new house, and move. I just hope that I kind stay patience through it all.

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  2. You’re doing well!! Being aware is wonderful – you’re miles ahead of most (oblivious) people, haha. I love that quote by Christine Caine!
    I am going to work on myself for a change – work on changing a direction in my life to start preparing my life after my kids start school. It’s a few years off, but knowing how slowly I do things, I need to start now. I’m also going to start being more budget-conscious. Something you don’t have to worry about too much now, but I do! :/

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    1. Thank you, Katherine! Yes, being aware is an important step toward change. Without it, there can’t be any growth 🙂 So do I! It’s very inspiring. Best of luck on your journey – being budget-conscious is so important. That isn’t something I really have to handle yet, but I will soon enough!

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      1. You know, it’s actually a life skill that it seems few of us practice before being out on our own. But it is enormously important – between retirement saving, responsible credit card use, using cash versus credit, saving for future expenses, and living within your means – that we really should be teaching people your age (and younger!) what actual budgeting is about….

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  3. I love your post. And I also missed you. Thank you for sharing your thoughts which I have also felt. Because I am confused and too sad last week which made me distance myself from Him. But He is always there to make me take turns until I am back again on the right path. All we need is a little tap on the shoulder and be a little bit more patient with His plans. God bless you and your family ❤😊

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  4. What a great post Maggie. You are so correct God is directing your steps and He has your life in His hand. You are most valuable to Him and He wants you to be happy. You will be a good child and follow Him. We’re not perfect, but thanking God that He doesn’t expect us to be. God Bless you 🙂

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  5. Fantastic post! It was written extremely well!! I am now having a hard time believing you’re my age 🤔 😉
    Anyways, congratulations on all of your growth! I will be praying for you and your new adventures!!
    As for me and my focuses: I really want to focus on becoming more open and begin to share my feelings/thoughts more. Also, I really want to work on growing and creating friendships. Have a fabulous day ❤

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    1. Aw thank you so much! Ahaha I assure you, I am definitely your age 😉 Thank you for your prayers! Your focuses sound so good; I pray that you achieve all that you set out to do. ❤

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  6. Great post Maggie! I’m glad you’ve been able to connect more with Samuel! Age differences can definitely have a strange effect on relationships. Josh is just entering the teenage years correct? He’s probably got lots of things on his own mind, and maybe isn’t too focused on wanting to hang out with his older sister (I know my own brother was like that for while). Give it time, I’m sure he’ll come around 🙂

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    1. Thank you Angela! I am, too 🙂 ah yeah, they really do. Yes he is, and you’re probably right. He will eventually, but this stage he’s at makes it hard to wait sometimes.

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  7. Hey! I think it’s really cool how you spend time reflecting on the month just gone.
    It’s nice to see you’re back to blogging!
    I’ve been really inactive lately, as I have just gone back to school and I am getting a load of work! I’m planning to post by the end of this week.
    Alexis xx

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    1. Hi Alexis! Aw thank you!! I’ve been keeping up with this series since April, and it has always been a great way for me to look ahead to being more positive and focused on love. 🙂 okay, I look forward to reading that post!!


      1. School’s just gone crazy, and it feels like I’ve got not time anymore! Only one night a week I get home before 4:00, and I have to try and do three hours of homework too 😮.
        I’ve never been too good at reflecting on something, but I think I need to try it more 👍


  8. I love your goals! My summer has been all over the place. Two different states, three different places of living. As soon as I saw you talk about grace, I feel that was an answer for me. I need to work on grace. Grace goes beyond what a person deserves, and there’s a been a situation I’ve been dealing with. Your post has given me insight, thanks Maggie!

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