My Looking-Ahead List: 15 Exciting Things

Why hello, everyone! Fancy meeting you here on this fine morning! Er well, it's morning here for me, my apologies if you're now getting tucked into bed, or something. Haha anyway! Today, I have a fun list post to share with you. Who doesn't like posts with lists?? They're my personal favorite to write, and … Continue reading My Looking-Ahead List: 15 Exciting Things

Little Accomplishments – July 28th, 2017

What have you accomplished this week? Hello everyone - how are you all on this fine Friday? Welcome to this week's Little Accomplishments! You know what I just realized? It has been a full month since I did one of these posts!! 😱 What?! That's crazyyy 😂 I figured five weeks was enough time away from … Continue reading Little Accomplishments – July 28th, 2017

Blog Comparison: The Thief of Our Joy

I have fewer followers than she does. They get more comments than I do. That blogger's content looks better than mine. Have you ever had any of those thoughts? If so, you are one of the masses that struggle with blogger comparison. Here in the wonderful world of blogging, just like in any other community … Continue reading Blog Comparison: The Thief of Our Joy

Making the Change ~ Monthly Wrap-Up (July-August 2017)

Hi guys! I hope that you are all having a beautiful Wednesday so far. xx I woke up feeling not so great today, as I have a cold right now, and I broke my fever upon waking. I'm planning to take it easy today and catch up on the posts I've missed reading. On that … Continue reading Making the Change ~ Monthly Wrap-Up (July-August 2017)

Thoughtful Tuesday | Little Life Updates

Hello everyone! Ahh I'm so excited and happy to be back! How have all of you been? I've been absolutely fantastic. 💖💚 It was so strange to be away from WordPress for two full weeks. Well, alright I take that back; I haven't been responding to comments or commenting on others' posts, but I have … Continue reading Thoughtful Tuesday | Little Life Updates

Spotlight Saturday – Shannon from Trail of Lights

Hello everyone! How are you all doing today? 🙂 I hope and pray that your weekend has gotten off to a beautiful start! If you haven't already seen the post I did yesterday, I am taking a three-week long blogging break starting tomorrow. 🙂 This is the last post I'll be doing for the month … Continue reading Spotlight Saturday – Shannon from Trail of Lights