50 Summer Bucket List Ideas!

Let’s get inspired to have a fun-filled summer!

Hello everyone!! Today, I bring to you a very quick post that I wrote up a few weeks ago when planning out different summer-y blog posts to share on my blog. πŸ™‚

I don’t know about you, but looking at bucket list idea suggestions and possibilities is always SO motivating and inspiring! Upon looking back at the list that I compiled below of 50 great summer bucket list ideas, I really want to go out and start doing some of them!

Have you done any of the things I mentioned yet? Are you planning to? And what about past summers? Let’s chat in the comments below!

I hope that everyone’s having a great day! Without any further ado, I bring to you my list. xxx

Summer Bucket List

1. See a fireworks show.

2. Have your own fireworks show!

3. Go for 24 hours without electronics.

4. Go on a road trip.

5. Visit a beach.

6. Get as much sunshine as possible.

7. Go camping.

8. Have a campfire.

9. Make s’mores!

10. Make lemonade.

11. Go out for ice cream.

12. Read a book you’ve been meaning to get around to.

13. Learn how to cook/bake something new.

14. Go berry picking.

15. Visit a fair or amusement park.

16. Have a BBQ.

17. Host a movie marathon.

18. See a Major League Baseball game.

19. Visit a new city.

20. Have a water balloon / water gun fight.

21. Watch the sunset.

22. Visit an aquarium.

23. Go swimming!

24. Dedicate an evening to stargazing.

25. Try a new restaurant.

26. Go to a farmer’s market.

27. Take a day-trip.

28. Have a picnic.

29. Go on a hike.

30. Go fishing.

31. Play beach volleyball.

32. Go paintballing.

33. Build a sand castle.

34. Make a homemade pizza.

35. Go to a concert.

36. Run a 5k.

37. Go bowling.

38. Sing loudly with the car windows down.

39. Visit a museum.

40. Explore somewhere new in your city.

41. Go for a walk.

42. Host a game night.

43. Ride in a boat.

44. Go mini-golfing.

45. Have a Cool Whip fight!

46. Start a Grateful Journal.

47. Make homemade popsicles.

48. Tie dye a shirt.

49. Cut the grass.

50. Have a backyard movie night!


Those are all great ways to ensure that we all have a boredom-free, fun-filled summer!!! I hope that you enjoyed this post. Let me know which ideas were your favorites!!

Happy Tuesday, guys!

— Maggie

55 replies on “50 Summer Bucket List Ideas!”

Maybe when I’m 18 my parents will let me go hiking by myself. No one ever has time to go with me. XD I mean I’ve gone hiking with family lots of times, but it’s sort of become a thing of the past. In my dream world I would hike the whole A.T.

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I loved most, except 4 or them, so, I figured it would be easier to tell you the ones I “wouldn’t” be doing, or “would not” like to do LOL πŸ˜‰ I will not be doing #18, #32, #36, or #45 :):) Great list though Maggie. I pray you get to enjoy all of these on your list. Oooh, that would make for a great series of post πŸ˜‰

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Haha awesome! Liking forty-six out of fifty isn’t bad(: I would looove to do all of these this summer! Although I have yet to ever go to a beach, and I don’t think that’s happening this year. *sighs* oh, well. God has a plan:) yeah that would be an awesome series!

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Theses all sound do fun!
I can’t believe it’s almost July! It doesn’t feel like summer to me for some reason! (although it’s definitely hot enough!)
I’m defiantly NOT doing number 6! I got a second degree sunburn on my shoulder and a week later it still hurts just to lifted me arm! ;-(

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Thank you, Cassidy! I know, June absolutely sped by! Aww I’m sorry you got sunburned! πŸ˜₯ I got one a few days ago on my shoulders, too, but not enough to cause any pain. I hope yours heals soon xx


LOVED THIS POST SO MUCH !!! YOU GOT ME SO EXCITED FOR SUMMER !! Thank you for sharing it sweetie ❀️❀️ I would love it if you check out my blog , have a great dayyπŸ’œπŸ’œ

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going for a walk, writing in my journal, getting lots of sun, reading, going for icecream, hiking, exploring a new part of my city, exploring a restaurant and watching the sun set are some of my favorite things to do. I definitely want to visit a farmers market, cook something new, have a picnic and visit the art museum/aquarium. What ideas have you done for the summer?

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Those are great ones! I actually haven’t done much this summer yet, but I have had a water fight with my brothers, read a few books, and hopefully I’ll get to see some fireworks, too. 😊

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that sounds relaxing too πŸ™‚ spending quality time with yourself and the people you love is always a good time.


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