Meeting Elizabeth! | One Year Ago Today

Meeting Elizabeth! | One Year Ago Today

Grinning at my dad as he let me through the security doors, I walked as quickly as I could by his side without seeming conspicuous. I had been waiting for months for the encounter that was soon to follow, and it was hard for me to believe that the hour had finally come.

Moments before, I’d been pacing back and forth just outside those closed doors, which were the only thing keeping me from running to my mom – and to her.

As the oldest sibling, I was partly convinced that I should have been the first one to be permitted back there to visit. However, in the four years since my youngest brother, Samuel, was born, I had come to accept the rule of “youngest goes first” – even in the case of that eventful day.

I leaned up against the nearest cold white wall and tried not to explode from the hammering anticipation.

The hours I had earlier spent in the waiting room, just passing the time with my brothers, was nothing compared to the eternity I spent standing outside those security doors. I quickly grew tired of the bare walls, and my eyes were drawn to the only thing of interest in sight: the red, square sign that warned visitors and employees of the automatic doors directly in front of me.

I sighed and wished time would stop being so unpredictable and relentless.

By the time my brother returned to me through those doors, I wanted to leap past him and take my turn visiting. But I had to wait for our dad to let me back there. I took in my brother’s beaming face and, after a moment, drilled him on all he knew about our new sibling. He told me everything his dazed mind came up with, yet his vague details still disappointed me.

I’d have to see her for myself.

Very shortly after that, an employee pushing a cleaning cart opened the security doors, and in the split second that I registered that my dad was walking toward me, I grinned and sprinted to his side. Slowing my pace so that we could walk there together, he led me to the area where my mother and baby sister were temporarily staying.

Is this a dream? Is this really happening? What will she look like? The walk there was short, but my mind raced for miles.

One year ago today, at about 11:15 AM, I rounded the corner of the makeshift rooms they had set up in that dim room and gasped softly, a warm smile drawing up my lips. As I approached the hospital bed, I drank in the sight of a proud mother – my mother – and a sweet baby girl – my new little sister, Elizabeth Marie. ❀


Hello everyone! Happy Monday to all of you:) I hope that y’all enjoyed my telling of last year’s beautiful event! As you probably already drew from the story itself, today (June 26th, 2017) is my little sister Elizabeth’s first birthday!!! πŸ˜€ ❀ I thought that this would be a fun way to celebrate; reliving the minutes before and the moment when I met her. There are few things in life that have brought me more joy!

I can’t believe that she’s only been in my life for three hundred and sixty-five days. It feels like she’s been here for soooo much longer than that! (Although, wording it like that as opposed to one year sounds longer than I thought it did haha) Imagining life without her is extremely hard to do now; if I didn’t have her happy face to see in the morning, her joyful squeaks and squeals to hear echo across the house, or any of her other little characteristics that she blesses my life with, I don’t know what I’d do.

She makes me happy when no one and nothing else can. Few things make me smile more than when she walks up to me, grinning up at me with adoration on her sweet little face, and patting my leg with her cute little hands. I can’t accurately put into words what a blessing she is to me.

And now, with the knowledge that she will soon be a big sister herself (which is the cutest thing ever!), that means that I’ll get to have her and another little munchkin to care for, and that excites me immensely. ❀

I hope that you all have a beautiful day! I’m going to spend the day with my family – especially the precious sister I’ve wanted to know my whole life – Elizabeth Marie.

— Maggie

42 thoughts on “Meeting Elizabeth! | One Year Ago Today

  1. What a great story Maggie. You told is so well I felt like I was there with you! The more I read, the anticipation grew. How endearing how sweet Elizabeth makes you feel. I could feel your love for her :):) Happy Birthday little Elizabeth!! Thanks for sharing this Maggie. It is wonderful.

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  2. Such a sweet beautiful story! I just know you’re the best big sister ever to them and it must be a wonderful feeling. I always wanted a little sister but unfortunately I’m the little sister lol. Happy first birthday Elizabeth!πŸ’–

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  3. Aww that’s so sweet!!! I remember being excited to meet Andrew when he was little. Although we did it way different πŸ˜‚ We were in the Philippines so he was born in a clinic in the early morning hours, then when we woke up, Mum and Dad arrived home and showed him to us at the same time πŸ™‚

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