Your Summer Memories | Summers on The Island by Margaret

Happy first day of summer, everybody!! β˜€οΈπŸŒ΄ May the beginning of this season be enjoyable for all of you. x Let’s enjoy the break, the vacations, and so our best to tolerate the heat! πŸ˜…

Welcome to Part Four of the Summer Memories series. πŸ’–

For today’s story, we have a lovely recollection of island memories from my dear sweet friend, Margaret, who blogs over at The Word. I loved getting to read about your memories, Margaret! They’re so dreamlike ❀ and such a great way to kickoff to the official summer!! ☺️ I hope you all enjoy! xx

Summers on The Island

My favourite summer memories were all at a small island that was in between the peninsula I lived on and the mainland. The little island connected us to that mainland. It was one of the prettiest little islands. You could pull your car right down the beach to the water. Put your blanket or chairs out, turn your car stereo up and lay in the sun all day.

While laying on the beach your view across the beautiful blue water was another island, that has Spanish horses that you could watch. They have been there for hundreds of years. They would be aboard the Spanish ships that use to sail up and down our coasts, and when they would wreck the horses swam to the shore and have lived there ever since.

We’d bask in the sun all day, enjoying the salt air, and when we’d get hot, we’d walk a few feet to the water and swim.

The island had huge sand dunes (taller than 2 and 3 story houses) that on the weekends all the big trucks would climb which was fun to watch.

It was the most peaceful, calming, beautiful thing in the world.


This was such a fun read. I really want to go to that island now!! I’ve actually read stories about those horses that she mentioned. How cool that you’ve gotten to see them for yourself, Margaret!

How is your summer so far, everyone? Or, if it’s not summer where you live, what it is it like there? And how about you?

What are YOUR favorite summer memories? Let us know in the comments below!

— Maggie

11 thoughts on “Your Summer Memories | Summers on The Island by Margaret

  1. Those horses are so amazing! I love horses, I used to take horse back riding lessons but don’t anymore. We went on a hike once that was suppost to have wild horses but didn’t. Hopefully I can see them someday! That beach looks so beautiful, this is a great story!

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