Summer Memories ~ I Need Your Stories!

Summer Memories ~ I Need Your Stories!

Hello everyone, and happy June! ❀ I hope that the new month has gotten off to an awesome start for you. I truly can’t believe that May is already over, and that the sixth month of the year is already upon us. Am I the only one who thinks it’s crazy that 2017 is already half over? I can’t believe it! Although I must say, I have enjoyed so many things that have happened this year, so I am joyfully looking forward to the second half of it. πŸ™‚

When it comes to blogging, I have so many ideas, and I’m working on getting everything planned. I’ve decided to rough it a wee bit after all of the structured posts from the May blogging challenge, but I will still be putting up a lot of awesome content! I just need to lay back a bit, and relax a bit more with my posting. Putting up a minimum of one post a day was fun, but tiring.

So! Back to the focus of today’s post.

Is anyone else excited for summer??!! Summer is nearly upon us! (Well, where I live, anyway!)

The weather’s warming up, summer showers have already arrived, we’re counting down the days till break, and I truly couldn’t be more excited! I have so many things planned to do throughout the hot and humid upcoming months … and as a jolly kickoff to this time of year, I have something for all of you to participate in!

Two weeks from today, which is the 15th of June, I will be writing a post all about Summer Memories – and I need YOUR help!

From today (June 1st) through June 14th, I need all of YOU to email me your favorite summer memories! (Limit one per person.)

They can be about anything summer-related! Here are some kickstarters to get you thinking about what yours might be:

On the beach. At the pool. During a summer storm. While visiting a water park. On the car ride to Disney World – or at Disney World! Something you did as a kid on summer break … the possibilities are endless! Your story can be funny, reminiscent, bittersweet, romantic – it’s all up to you.

I plan on sharing all of what you guys send me in a combination post (or two!) on June 15th.

You can email me directly at
fill out the form on my contact page!

I’m sooo excited to read what you guys come up with! I’ll email everybody back as soon as I see the emails, just to verify that I got it and will be publishing it. xxx

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments!

Thanks so much, guys, and happy early days of summer!

— Maggie

44 thoughts on “Summer Memories ~ I Need Your Stories!

  1. Summers are almost over in my part of the world and I am so glad because they are so very hot! My favorite memory of summer would be having frozen mango posicles with my cousins!

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  2. I’ll send you one! Just thinking…..Hmmmm.
    P.S. Just to let you know, I’ll be doing a post on all my bloggers passions relatively soon son if you wanted to send me yours….. No pressure though. If you don’t have time, no problem honestly.

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      1. Okay, coo! That’s totally fine, Maggie. I’ll eagerly await your email. Thanks so much. Btw, sorry if I came across as impatient I just didn’t want you to miss out! .😁☺😊

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  3. Hey Maggie! Congratulations! You are a winner of the A Passion For The World Blogging Project! Your entry had been featured in my latest post. Please do check it out and read the entries of the other bloggers.

    Thank you for getting involved!

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  4. Wow, sounds like you have some exciting things planned. I’m very glad for you and wish you the best with them. My wife and I are taking a driving tour of the west coast, starting from Seattle and site seeing all the way to San Francisco. We’ll fly home from there…Road trip!!!!


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