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Blogging Challenge – Day 24: Handy Tips I Have Learned

Hi guys! Happy Wednesday to all of you. ❤ Today’s prompt is all about different handy tips I have learned! So, I decided to compile a list of the little life lessons I’ve learned over the years; some are sad, some are quite helpful, and some are absolutely hilarious. You’ll see why in a moment! Thanks for reading!

You can read about what this challenge is here. And make sure to check out Cheila’s and Angela’s posts for today, too – we’re all doing the challenge together!

Handy Tips I Have Learned

  1. Don’t ever set your bag/purse/wallet/phone down somewhere random with the rationale of, “I won’t forget to grab it.” This was how I lost my purse at age nine, and man, it really upset me. But because of that experience, I’m always SUPER conscious of where my valuables are! So, in a way, I’m glad I had that happen.
  2. Turn off camera flash. Save yourself from temporary blindness.
  3. When going into doing a blogging challenge, or other similar types of challenges, plan things well. You don’t want to stress yourself out. Like I did.
  4. Don’t sit down on the couch without grabbing the remote and/or controller. This is insanely aggravating.
  5. Don’t drink a large Sprite immediately before riding a roller coaster. I know that this handy tip is quite specific, but just take my word for it.
  6. Don’t watch anything scary before bed. When/If I do immediately before getting in bed, I cannot fall asleep haha
  7. Never leave the house without hair ties. This is for all of you who have hair. #lol
  8. Always keep chargers on you while out, especially on long road trips. No one likes their phone/iPod dying , especially when you don’t have a backup phone.
  9. Drink water at least every other hour. If I wait any longer than this, I start feeling dehydrated. Not fun!

Haha, that’s quite a long list! I could even keep going on, but I’ll stop here. How about you?

What’s a handy tip that YOU’VE learned?

— Maggie

24 replies on “Blogging Challenge – Day 24: Handy Tips I Have Learned”

I couldn’t sit my bag down somewhere, I’d freak out! I keep it on or don’t carry one. My belongings are always close to me lol. Some people think I’m stingy but it’s just that basically half of my life people including family has stolen things from me from clothes, money, to electronics. Even my bike! I definitely agree with planning specific blog posts well. I’m still working on this. I wouldn’t drink or eat anything before getting on a roller coaster! Lol great tips

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Ughh same here! I make sure to always have it on me or very close by 🙂 Blog post planning is so important for me and yet I always fall behind, haha! That was definitely a mistake (I felt sick for at least part of the right; nothing happened). Thanks!

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My planning sucks right now lol I’m almost convinced I do better without planning but then again some days I can appreciate it. For now I make sure to quickly write down any ideas I have or any posts/awards I need to do. Then I’ll start working on planning a little further than that

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If you have a dog, keep poop bags on your leash, because you WILL forget to put one in your pocket and then of course your dog will have to go, and you will feel like a terrible irresponsible dog owner for leaving it there. This is the bane of my existence. XD

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Oh I totally agree with you on the phone/tablet charger thing. It was not fun running out of battery on the way here! Especially because I downloaded like 4 movies to watch on the way! Thankfully the charger was in our car, but it was so crammed packed that it was VERY hard to get out beneath the piles of snacks, notebooks, and other stuff that we didn’t pack in the moving truck! 😂

I’ve learned to bring plenty of water on hikes. We were going to go on a hike that was suppost to be 3 miles, but we actually couldn’t find it. So we went on a different hike. It turned out to be double the elevation than the hike we couldn’t find. If was also 5 miles, and took us 4 hours. We ran out of water halfway down! It was 100 degrees too.

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Hahaha oh my goodness, road trips are always so hectic!! Especially when someone’s panicking because they need food, water, charger, phone, etc, haha. Oh, dear!! That hike doesn’t sound like a fun situation. Trails and their signs can be so deceiving sometimes haha

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Great list Maggie!
Number 2 and 7 are such good tips, especially for me! I always manage to blind myself cause the flash is on and I’m trying to take a selfie XD
Also, living in a windy town means forgetting a hair tie will leave my hair in tangles that take hours to undo XD

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Thank you, Angela! Haha yeah, turning off flash is an important one. And any time I go out with my hair down instead of in a bun/ponytail, it’s either humid, windy, or raining. It’s awful 😂

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Cute and funny list, Maggie. Sprite before a roller coaster! I would not want to next or beneath a Sprite guzzler 😉 I always forget my scrunchies on a day out and then my hair is perpetually in tangles. The handy tip I follow to a T is carry water everywhere I go and stop for a wee at regular intervals. It makes me a pain in the behind for the person at the wheel (usually my husband) but really it is worth it.

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Thank you! Haha ugh, that was not a smart choice to make. I was just so thirsty…but then I spent the whole ride about sick to my stomach. Thankfully there wasn’t an accident but I sure didn’t feel good! Yeah it’s always smart to have hair ties or scrunchies on you, haha.

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Hahaha I did blogmas last year and definitely learned my lesson to plan ahead. 😅 also I never leave home without my charging cables. I once borrowed one and then had to track the person I borrowed it at an event in a huge convention center!!

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