Blogging Challenge – Day 22: What I Am Most Proud Of

Blogging Challenge – Day 22: What I Am Most Proud Of

Hi guys! I hope your week has gotten off to a great start. ❤ Today’s prompt (yes, the actual prompt for today, from the challenge lol) is to write about what I am most proud of. So, I made a list below of the top four things that I’ve improved on over the years, and why I’m happy that I’ve been able to change. I hope you enjoy!

You can read about what this challenge is here. And make sure to check out Cheila’s and Angela’s posts for today, too – we’re all doing the challenge together!


What I Am Most Proud Of

  1. My trust in the Lord. It really blesses me to look back on how my relationship with Him started, and how far I’ve come from that time in my life. I’m better about leaving things in His hands now, and my faith in Him, especially as of recently, has gotten so much stronger. This hasn’t been my doing, however; it’s all because of Him. ❤
  2. My interest in language learning. When I was younger, I had absolutely noooo interest in being bilingual or studying languages at all. I was somewhat annoyed when my mom wanted me to learn some Spanish back in 8th grade – can you imagine that? Me, not enjoying learning Spanish? I was practically a different person back then! Hahaha! (Well to some extent, that is true.) Thank you, Mom, for making me learn Spanish instead of French. ❤
  3. Facing shyness and being more open to talking to new people. For years and years – my whole life, probably – I’ve been shy around new people, and honestly, people that I’ve known for a long time, too. I’ve always been scared of saying the wrong thing and humiliating myself, or finding out that they don’t like me, etc. Usually, that fear is ridiculous, but I judge myself harshly and bite my tongue all the same. For the past year, or so, however, I’ve finally crawled out of my shell a bit (slowly but surely!) and am now facing that fear; I’m making myself start conversations with people, as well as give out compliments occasionally and smile at anyone who makes eye contact with me. It’s a slow process, but I’ll get there.
  4. My diligence with story planning and writing. Again, this is not something that I’m exactly proud of, but I’ve come a long way from when I began writing stories at age eight! I went from no planning whatsoever and just writing as the inspiration came (but don’t get me wrong, pantsing, if you’re the kind of writer who can do it, is AWESOME), to realizing I’m no pantser and planning extensively, writing ideas down, then putting them into a story. True, I haven’t written a full story since 2013, but I haven’t been prepared enough to. All in good time 🙂

That’s it for today’s prompt! I enjoyed writing it and reflecting on how far I’ve come. So, how about you?

What is something that YOU’RE proud of?

— Maggie

26 thoughts on “Blogging Challenge – Day 22: What I Am Most Proud Of

  1. Awesome post! I think the thing I’m most proud of is going to and graduating college with top honors! My high school career was a mess, so it was nice to prove to myself that I could get in there and get it done!

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    1. Congrats Brittney!! 🙂 Well done! Not everyone is able to do that. All we need sometimes is a push and effort. My last two semesters of college I had to push myself with giving more effort, and it’s quite a rewarding feeling. My last semester I made the Dean’s list, which I had never done before. I’m proud of you and your achievement!

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  2. Great post Maggie! I can totally relate to the overcoming shyness one. I used to be so shy but now I don’t have a problem talking to new people. I think I am very proud that I was able to graduate college and do so a semester early! It was so important not only to me but to my parents as well. After all they’ve done for me, it was truly the least I could do to repay them!

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  3. Great post! I can feel your joy whenever you talk of the Lord, Spanish, and Guatemala. I can only wish you all the best in your future endeavors wherever He may take you. I am most proud of my faith in God. I trust Him with all of my being.

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  4. I always second guess myself. “Did I say the right thing?” “Will people misunderstand?”

    I’ve been working at putting those feelings and thoughts in the hands of God. “God knows what He is doing, if this is His will, it will work out.”

    Which, I’m so glad I reached out to you because your friendship I feel is part of His plan. 🙂

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      1. God’s been showing me, His voice matters first. And He has showed in scriptures, we are to reach out to others. No matter what. Sometimes our voice is the first introduction to Christ and what light is within us. Even in weakness, He is strong, and I’m pushing myself to trust in Him during the hard moments. ❤

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  5. This is amazing Maggie! You have so much to be proud of with yourself! I think we can all look back and wonder why our younger selves didn’t do more, but back then we weren’t thinking too much about the bigger picture and our future you know? I certainly wasnt XD
    I’m still working on number 3 myself, but once you start making the effort, it really does become easier 🙂

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    1. Aw thank you, Angela! Hahaha yeah, little kids just think about the here and now 😂 which isn’t always a bad thing, but when the future isn’t brought into consideration, we make mistakes haha!

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    1. Aw, thank you! ❤ And yes, definitely! French is my first choice, but I'm also interested in learning Italian. I also think that Russian would be awesome to know 😄


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