Little Accomplishments – May 19th, 2017

What have you accomplished this week?

Hello everyone! Welcome back to this week’s Little Accomplishments!

I’m sorry about my absence last week with this series; I wanted to post a Little Accomplishments last Friday, but going from writing four to five posts a week to suddenly posting twice a day (for the blogging challenge) was a shock to my system. Haha! So instead of doing this type of post, I ended up talking about something else.

Part of me has loved putting up all of those extra posts – getting to write about a huge variety of topics has been awesome! – but it has also worn me OUT. For real. If I ever do a month-long challenge again, I’m going to plan it out waaaay better!

So, this past week, I got a lot accomplished in the areas of schoolwork, Spanish learning, and blogging. Finishing 11th grade has been quite enjoyable, actually – I love all of the subjects! – and I’ve been putting my all into blogging – almost too much, really. Blog post writing has been sucking my evenings away lately, haha. But I’m not going to let that bring me down! Here’s to better blog post planning this upcoming week. 🙂

(I am including a few accomplishments from the week before last, as well, since I didn’t get to share them last Friday.)

Let’s celebrate all of life’s joys – no matter how small!

These past two weeks, I…

  • completed Spanish 3 on Memrise. (WOOHOO!!! I had been wanting to complete this for quite a while, so this is my favorite accomplishment of the week!)

  • planned an awesome week-long series to share with all of you this summer. (I’ll be sharing more about it in the weeks to come!)
  • worked on accomplishing everything on Tuesday’s to-do list. (I’m memorizing the multiples of twelve, I memorized “first, second, third, etc” in Spanish already [woohoo!], worked on the summer series some more, slowly worked on getting all the pictures off my phone [it’s slow goin’], kept reading Death on the Nile, aaaand planned the next week of prompts.)
  • colored three different chemical compound coloring pages. (Yes, I am quite the nerd! But aren’t they pretty? I’m also currently working on coloring ammonia. haha)

  • made a missions board on Pinterest. (I’ve pinned quotes, pictures of sweet Guatemalan children, and anything else I like that relates to missions. I’d been meaning to make this board for a while, lol, but I’ve just now done it 🙂 )

  • published 100 posts on my blog. (I actually accomplished that this one a bit more than a week ago lol, but it’s still worth bringing up!)

  • wrote a Fantastic Beasts fanfiction – two, actually. (That’s a fancy word for a short story, for those of you who were wondering, haha! I don’t know if anyone would be interested in reading them, but I do know that I enjoyed writing them, and that’s what really matters. 🙂 )
  • colored a beautiful coloring page using cool colors. (It was my first time coloring with this color combination, and I love how it turned out. ❤ )

  • watched Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. (It was actually quite disappointing, as I don’t like very dark movies, but Newt’s character, as well as Kowalski’s, were (are!) phenomenal. I will watch the movie again just to view the scene of them caring for Newt’s magical creatures. I also liked the part at the end where Mr. Scamander was wearing a Hufflepuff scarf, much like the one I crocheted a few months ago!)

That’s it for today, everyone! I hope that your past few weeks have been awesome, too.

Comment what YOU’VE done this week down below – last Saturday through today!

— Maggie

50 replies on “Little Accomplishments – May 19th, 2017”

Wow, you seem to have achieved quite a bit this week! This week I made a cake with my siblings for Mother’s Day. I went to the park with my whole family, we also collected flowers so I could make Mum a floral arrangement. I had a sleepover at one of my friends house since it was her birthday this week! I went to TAFE and we made a croquembouche. I’m so excited to share pics of this in my next ‘what I made at TAFE’ post! I’ve mainly just been making a more consciousness effort to spend time with my family after reading your ‘Making the Change’ series. Thank you btw! Many Blessings, Grace Xx

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So far, I’ve wrote 10 blogs, I have two more I need to do today. Finishing up one I’ll post tomorrow. It’s a list of my playlist of various artists and songs for people to check out, and it’s easier for me to keep tabs on the songs I’ve found as well.

I made up two Bible Studies I do with a friend over Skype (so I’m set for next week, yay <3) . I also am planning to work on my series later today, figuring out the Timeline. Got the house partially cleaned. Made chocolate chip cookies on Wednesday night for my husband. Today, I found some new Christian songs to add to my playlist by the band Disciple.

Yesterday I beat my highest record of views in a day. Within the past week, I've reached past 60 blog posts for Inside Cup, and past 50 posts for Peeking.

God is at work 🙂 and He's guiding me a lot. Helping me meet new people in the blogging community, and pushing me to reach out. 🙂 Proud of you Maggie! You're doing great! I need to color more, it's a good pastime.

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That sounds awesome, girl! I’ll enjoy looking at that post. I’m planning on working on blog posts this evening, but we’ll see how that goes lol 🙂 That Bible Study Skype sounds wonderful!

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Yeah, we started doing it earlier this year as she asked me. And last night was our 11th bible study. God teaches me a lot through writing them up, and I know I can use the material for blogs as well, which is awesome having the scriptures already picked out and ready.

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Oh, I forgot to add, a couple days ago I’ve found this video on youtube, “Cornell Feeders at Sapsucker Woods” and it’s a live stream of their bird feeders. So as I write, I have that in the background. 🙂 If you like birds, I suggest checking it out if you want. They get bluebirds, cardinals, red wings, downy woodpecker, orioles, turtledoves, grackles, and an occasional squirrel too.

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Congrats!! You’ve accomplished lots so far! I’m with you on the blogging challenge taking a lot out of you. I was already daily blogging before, but jumping on board with the challenge has been doubling that. It’s certainly been a ‘challenge’ haha, but it’s also been really fun to write about all the topics 🙂

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Look at some property?! I didn’t realize he was that serious, haha 🙂 when I moved to the house were currently at in 2015, it was hard for me to leave behind the house I’d lived in since I was 3. Moving is hard, but almost always worth it.

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Yes, we actually met a real estate agent and every thing. Miraculously she started telling us about something God had done for her, that was beyond explanation 😉 She caught herself and started to apologize. You know me, I said don’t ever apologize for the blessing your Saviour has given you. I knew right then, God was right there with His hand on our shoulders, leading us, looking out for us 🙂 We will see how it works out. We both are in the mindset that, like everything in our lives, God will put what He wants for us, right in front of us.

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