Blogging Challenge – Day 19: Favorite Sounds

Blogging Challenge – Day 19: Favorite Sounds

Happy Friday, everyone, and welcome to day two of me switching out the day’s prompt for one that I can answer! Unfortunately, I don’t have a business of my own at this time, so “why I started my business” isn’t exactly something I can write about. Haha! Let’s get on with the prompt I chose for today – favorite sounds.

You can read about what this challenge is here. And make sure to check out Cheila’s and Angela’s posts for today, too – we’re all doing the challenge together!

Favorite Sounds

(not including music.)

  • laughter. Just as long as it’s not at someone else’s expense, it is definitely my most favorite sound – especially when it’s contagious. I really do think it’s great when the person’s laugh is better than the joke itself.
  • the chainlift of roller coasters. I’m always both excited and very anxious to be at amusement parks, and this sound sends both a rush of thrill and anxiety through me. I’m not sure how I can love and hate it all at the same time. Roller coasters are scary … but also ridiculously fun!
  • brewing coffee. I’m not even much of a coffee drinker myself; I just love a good iced latte from time to time. But this sound is still a great one.
  • text message alerts. From the people that I love ❤
  • running water. You know, small creeks, tiny waterfalls, wide rivers – even sprinklers are fun!
  • European accents. This is a sound, right? They get to my heart faster than most things can. ❤
  • silly sound effects. Whether it’s on a movie or someone made it with their own mouth, I’m pretty sure that I laugh at the silliest of sound effects every single day.
  • lightning. Alright, many of you probably think I’m crazy with this one – but it’s such a powerful sound. And because I’m not afraid of lightning, it’s a reminder to me of the Lord’s power, which causes me to both love and revere Him even more.
  • wind. When I’m out in nature, be it my backyard or a state park, I love feeling it sift through my hair, brush the tops of the trees, tickle the leaves, and slide across the surface of once calm waters. It’s a reminder to me of the Lord’s presence. ❤
  • people typing on a keyboard. Just like I’m doing right now, haha! It definitely depends on the keyboard, but most have such a nice, tinkly sound, or something.
  • musical instruments. I guess this might count as music, but I was thinking more along the lines of songs in that exclusion lol, so I’m counting them as separate things. I love the sound of violins, cellos, pianos, and all types of guitars. Even though I can’t play any of them myself, hearing what others have composed and watching them play (especially live) brings me so much joy.
  • listening to people talk about their passions. From a conversation I’m having with someone about their favorite interest, to a beautiful sermon filled to the brim with love for the Lord … chances are, if you’re talking about something that you’re passionate about, I will love to listen.

Thanks for reading today, guys! How about you?

What are some of YOUR favorite sounds?

— Maggie

21 thoughts on “Blogging Challenge – Day 19: Favorite Sounds

  1. I think it’s really cool how you chose to write about your favorite sounds. 😀 I also love thunder! I love it when it rattles the windows and I’m reminded of how powerful God is! I like the sounds of laughter and of horses nickering and a quiet calf bawl. I also like the sound of my sister screaming in fear of something silly, like a spider or snake. Which I love because then I have an excuse to start laughing. Haha.

    Great post, Maggie!!

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      1. I played a video of wolves howling for my dog, but she wouldn’t howl along. XD Her sister, my brother’s dog, will howl if she hears Do It Again by Steely Dan.


  2. I love your list! I always tell people I don’t like lights or noises but the noises you described are nice! I really like instrument sounds as well. I played flute in a band for over ten years in school and I loved listening to the other sections play!

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  3. This was a really cool list! I’m with you on laughter, especially babies’ laughter. I always love hearing those little bubbas giggle and laugh, its such a joyful sound! I also love thunder, especially loud ones that shake the whole house. It makes me giddy with excitement, same with the roller coaster ones 😀

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