Blogging Challenge – Day 17: Goals For My Blog

Blogging Challenge – Day 17: Goals For My Blog

Hey guys! Today’s prompt is all about blogging goals, so that’s what I’ll be writing about today. I’m happy that this is one of the prompts because, 1) all of you get the chance to learn about what I aspire to be as a blogger, and 2) I’ll know what I aspire to be as a blogger. Haha! That’s the funny thing; I’ve never made a specific list of any blogging goals I might have – until now. Up until this point, I haven’t had anything really specific in mind goal-wise, except for two things: to grow my audience, and to write quality content.

It really blesses me to meet so many of the beautiful, amazing, awesome bloggers out there because, if I’m honest, I don’t have very many people in my day-to-day life to talk to; it’s just me and my family. That’s why all of my blogging friends mean the world to me! I never take any of your friendships for granted. And getting to have a blog where I can write about the things that make me joyful in life, and then getting to share then with all of you, as well, is an even further blessing! ❀

So, for today’s topic, I’ve broken up my happy little goals into two different lists. The first is for my “now goals,” aka ones that I either want to or will accomplish within the next month or two, and the second list is for “later goals,” which are either milestones I can only dream of, or they’ll just happen at some point, not any time soon, haha.

Side note: It is not my desire to boast about my blog stats and make anyone feel inferior. The only reason I’m talking about them today is to answer the prompt πŸ™‚ All bloggers are awesome, no matter what your stats look like! β˜ΊοΈπŸ’“

You can read about what this challenge is here. And make sure to check out Cheila’s and Angela’s posts for today, too – we’re all doing the challenge together!

Goals For My Blog

Now Goals

  • reach 400 followers.
  • get to 3,000 all-time comments.
  • reach 10,000 all-time blog views.
  • finish up with the blogging challenge and get back to regularly scheduled posting (haha).
  • get my drafts in order.
  • do a better job of planning upcoming posts.
  • check out all of the new posts in my Reader daily.
  • find a few new blogs a day to read and comment on daily or every other day.
  • write more posts on blogging tips, my blogging experience, etc.
  • interview a total of 10 different bloggers.
  • write more posts on earth-friendly topics.
  • share a total of 15 different treats that I’ve tried, with pictures and the recipe.
  • share some short stories and/or chapters of stories that I’ve written.

Later Goals

  • reach 1,000 followers.
  • get to 10,000 all-time comments.
  • host a few giveaways.
  • use more of my own photos for posts instead of stock photos. (but they’re beautiful, aren’t they?)
  • bake a total of 25 tasty treats (I’m at 13 currently) and blog about them.
  • find a way to get the Pinterest button to show up on my blog’s photos.
  • interview 25 different bloggers.
  • reach my blogiversary and still be posting content regularly!

Wow, I didn’t know I’d come up with that thorough of a list! Haha! And actually, that’s two thorough lists. lol This prompt really helped me to get my blogging goals in order. How about you?

What are YOUR top three blogging goals?

Happy Wednesday!

— Maggie

41 thoughts on “Blogging Challenge – Day 17: Goals For My Blog

  1. I love your goals! Can’t wait to see you reach them all! πŸ˜€ I think my top goals are to 1) reach 500 followers 2) find a new blog theme (current outgrowing mine)/consider self hosting and 3) writing better content overall!

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  2. I love your goals! I’m sure you’ll reach 400 followers really soon! My ‘now’ blogging goal is to reach 400 followers next! My ‘later’ blogging goal is to post three times a week. I would like to do that ‘now’ but I am already having to start preparing for exams, I’m going to start working even more, I’m also kind of afraid I’ll run out of ideas,etc. Thanks for sharing your goals though! I think it would be really cool if you did an ‘updated’ version of this post in the future! Not only setting new goals but also writing the dates of when you achieved your ‘old’ goals! Many Blessings, Grace. Xx

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  3. Bless, Maggie! You’re going to reach all of them. As for the Pinterest button, I am not too sure about it, but in the Chrome store, you can add the Pinterest extension to chrome.

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    1. Aw thank you so much, Diana! ❀ Haha yeah I haven't looked all that much into the Pinterest button; I tried to make it work one day, it didn't show up, and I gave up. lol. If I had more Pinterest followers, I'd probably give it another go!

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  4. Oh Maggie! I loved reading about your goals!
    You’ll hit those targets in no time at all!
    But I also love how you’ve added baking, and interviewing bloggers, and taking more photos. There is so much organic growth there. Love it and cannot wait to see you hit those goals! 😍😍😍

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  5. I’m proud of you. What helped me was three items. First, at the beginning of the year I got myself a planner. I now wish I had gotten a bigger planner for both blog posts, and my book writing, etc. But this can help you have something physical and nearby to use daily. Also comes in handy for scheduling activities, chores, and other things you want to get done.

    Second, I sat down on the floor around the beginning of April because I wanted to find a schedule to write more posts for others. In front of me was a large dry erase board and I wrote out the days of the week with huge gaps inbetween. (You could use notebook paper). Then I talked to God and prayed about what I wanted to do with my writing. And I came up with ideas for both blogs. So I wrote down what blog posts I wanted to do for different days.

    Last, currently I’ve been working on scheduling posts ahead of time, in the sense of I have the titles at least made. So I know what I will write about later. This saves time on day you feel like you’re not sure to write about. Then you can get more ahead, if you are feeling the post, and writing it. I already have all of my Song Sundays scheduled for the rest of this year for Inside Cup. I have all Provoking Poetry pieces scheduled for Peeking for the rest of this year.

    (I don’t know if you’re like me, but I rant to God a lot and certain topics I’ve ranted to Him about, He has pushed me to write down for a blog post. So I encourage you to write about what God places on your heart as well, if you are comfortable sharing of course. )

    You don’t have to go so far in scheduling like me, but I’ve found it helps me knowing what topics are coming up. Also, if you are looking for free images to use under Creative Commons try out both Pixabay and Pexels for free images. πŸ™‚ I love your photos too!

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    1. Planners have always been a bit of a fail for me because the last one I had didn’t get written in (I wasn’t up to much in my life at the time), so I threw it out lol. Now I keep wishing that I had one for blog post planning and scheduling (it’s a brilliant idea!), but I’ve found that making a graph with seven boxes for Monday through Sunday has really helped me recently to juggle the blogging challenge and everything else I’m wanting to post weekly.
      That’s definitely a good idea; to bring before the Lord what’s on my heart and figure out what things I should post. I love getting to share what He’s shown me, so I like that idea. Thanks! That’s awesome that you’ve gotten so many posts scheduled for the months ahead; I would love to have posts ready that far in advance! It would certainly give me more peace of mind. As it is now, I’m struggling to balance it all, haha.

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      1. Just do what feels right for you. You may have to cut back for now to find a balance that works. And when you’re ready you may be able to do more. I’ve been working on persistence with writing for four years since I started my novels, and now book. I can tell you it’s a process. I’m glad you found a process that helps you see what to do for the week πŸ™‚ that’s great! And I just have the pieces scheduled (most of them are not written in at all πŸ˜‰ ) You’ll find your way. Give it to God and seek out what He’s already given you. ❀

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  6. I loved reading this post. You’re motivated and driven and I’m sure you will accomplish all of your goals. You’re a great blogger, my dear. Congratulations. You’ll have 1000 followers sooner than you think.

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  7. What great goals! I often forget to check out my stats more, but i totally should it is a nice feeling to watch your audience grow and your hard work pay off πŸ˜„
    Im sure you’re capable of getting to 1000 followers, maybe even before your blogiversary πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

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    1. Thank you, Angela! I enjoy looking at my stats, both to know what people are interested in reading, but also to see all of the different countries people are viewing my blog from! It’s so cool!

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      1. Haha! I’ve been wondering the same thing about my blog. I think all the recent followers are finding me through the Awesome Blogger Award; soooo many people have been blogging about it recently!!

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