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Making the Change ~ Week Four

My 17th birthday was a month ago today. In the thirty or so days since then, I’ve learned a lot about myself and my family, and my relationship with the Lord has also been strengthened. Despite the struggle and pain I’ve endured through the hardships I’ve been experiencing, I am thankful for it all; I’ve drawn so much closer to the Lord in this time, which I’m more grateful for than I can ever express. ❀

I took a break from posting my Making the Change series last week because I needed a breather … but I’m ready to put up a week four post now. πŸ™‚ I know how good it is for me to write out how each day went and evaluate how I can improve in the future, should those circumstances ever come up again, so here I am for the fourth post in this series.

Thank you all for bearing with me during the highs and lows of my life; I appreciate every comment and kind gesture.

Making the Change – May 3rd through May 9th

~ On Wednesday, I went to the zoo with my family and got to walk around the whole place with my little brother, Joshua. Getting to do something with him was very enjoyable, and we both had a great time. πŸ™‚

~ On Thursday, under circumstances that weren’t very positive, my irritation at a situation got out of hand, but it didn’t take me long to realize that I was at fault and that I needed to forgive the people involved, as well as myself.

~ On Friday, I babysat my little sister while our mom and brothers went shopping. I love learning more about how to take care of children, and this was a great lesson in Childcare 101!

~ On Saturday, I spent the day at home with my family. I worked on lots of blog posts (woohoo!), and played some Minecraft with my brothers. We don’t play it very much all together, but I’d like to do that more in the near future.

~ On Sunday, I worked on lots of little things in preparation for the week ahead. I tidied my room, worked on blog posts, etc – but I didn’t do much with Samuel and Joshua. We tried to play Minecraft, but it wouldn’t load.

~ On Monday, my brother needed some moral support, and I knew that the best way I could help was to play a round of the PokΓ©mon card game that we have. He always beats me, so that defeat would surely lift his spirits. I put my all into slaying him while we played, as that is never usually enough … but I was using a new card that I recently got for my birthday. And I ended up completely butchering him. Oops.

~ On Tuesday, I got my little brother’s tablet (as well as my own) set up to play Minecraft (it finally worked!), and we had a good time building a castle and working together on there. It wasn’t much, but we were both happy. I also babysat my baby sister, Elizabeth, earlier in the day, and I enjoyed spending that time with her.

And on Wednesday, I’ve published this post! Does anyone else have a habit they need to end, a new one they need to start, or a current one that needs changing? If so, I’d like to invite you to join me on this walk of change. It is possible!

I hope that all of you are having a beautiful week. ❀ I’ll always be here if any of you ever need me! Just comment down below, or send me an email. ❀ God bless!

— Maggie

11 replies on “Making the Change ~ Week Four”

It’s great to be able to take the time to reflect on one’s objectives. The fact that you’re being mindful about your desire to change means that change will happen. You seem to have had a wonderful week. I’ve been working on a post of my own with regards to change. I haven’t found (taken?) the time to finish writing it though.

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This series has definitely made me more aware of how each day goes, which I am thankful for. It makes me more mindful of responding right and making good choices. If you decide to write and finish that post one day, I’d enjoy reading it πŸ™‚


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