Blogging Challenge – Day 10: Favorite Books

This is probably THE hardest thing you could ever ask of an avid reader – to pick their favorite books!

That’s like picking a favorite child. Or trying to decide which puppy is cuter. Or which iced latte tastes better.

It cannot be done!

But for the sake of this prompt – this lovely blogging challenge that I’ve gotten myself mixed up in – I will go ahead and choose a few from my hoard of favorites to satisfy the prompt, as well as my readers. Because I certainly love many books, but it is a pain to pick a only a few!

(Just kidding. I love talking about my favorite books.)

You can read about what this challenge is here. And make sure to check out Cheila’s and Angela’s posts for today, too – we’re all doing the challenge together!

Favorite Books

  • ‘Anything but Typical’ by Nora Raleigh Baskin. This one is always at the top of my favorites list! It is quite melancholy, but for some reason, I love the main character and how his story is written. I’ve read it multiple times, yet I always manage to forget the ending. It’s very strange! Although, that might be because I wish his ‘happily ever after’ was happier. Who knows.

  • ‘Hamlet’ by William Shakespeare. This is the play that got me into reading Shakespeare. I cannot rave about Hamlet enough! It makes me laugh, cry, grin, and scream (in my head, at least). I own six different editions of it. (Yep.) The cast members are fantastic, the Prince’s wit is phenomenal, the plot is gripping, the setting is eerie and fascinating … it may be a tragedy, but I have never loved a story as much as I love this one. If you have never had the pleasure of enjoying Hamlet, please please please go to your library today and get yourself a copy!!!

  • The Holy Bible. It wasn’t the first to come to mind as I don’t consider it to be a book, exactly; it is my survival guide. I turn to it every day for wisdom and encouragement; I go to it to hear from the Lord, and to pray over the verses that I find there. If I had to pick only one book to read for the rest of my life, it would be this One.

  • ‘Return to Me’ by Lynn Austin. It’s over 600 pages long, but Austin had me hooked from the beginning! It’s a story based on the true events of the prophet Zachariah. If you would like to read more about him (I knew nothing about him until reading this book!), I highly recommend Return to Me – it doesn’t feel like a fictional retelling at all. Lynn Austin did a phenomenal job. 🙂

So, how about you?

What are YOUR favorite books?

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

— Maggie

41 thoughts on “Blogging Challenge – Day 10: Favorite Books

  1. I haven’t read most of these so I’ll have to add some of these to my list! My favourite book I’ve read this year is a devotional by Sarah Young called Jesus Calling. (Haven’t read the whole thing yet since it’s a year long devotional.) Honestly it’s like finding daily nuggets of gold. As I read this book I feel like she’s writing it for me for my specific needs each day!

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    1. Narnia’s pretty awesome, isn’t it? I just started reading the series for the first time, and man, I’m hooked! Ooh, my mom loves the Mitford Series 🙂 i haven’t yet read them myself, though.

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  2. You know me Maggie, The Bible is going to be the one I pick. I haven’t read many books lately but The Bible. I use to love reading stories of all kinds. It didn’t matter. If it was thick and the picture on the front was pretty, then I was all in. Made hubbys job easy for times when you buy gifts. He’d always buy me books. A few years back, I got into biographies. They use to bore me to death but now, I will go for that before anything else. I don’t care whose it is, they don’t even have to be my cup of tea, I will read it.

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    1. Sometimes, the Bible is all I read, and sometimes, I enjoy reading other books along with it. 🙂 Biographies are very interesting. I didn’t know you enjoyed books so much! I’ve loved reading for almost as long as I can remember, haha 🙂

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  3. Some really great picks. Return to Me sounds extremely interesting 🙂 My favorite Christian author I aspire to be like is Max Lucado, and I’ve been reading a few of his books. Highly recommend him, very easy to read and relate to. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Thanks 🙂 Return to Me is a great book, and it’s actually the first in a series! The author focuses on different people from the Old Testament…the other books were about Esther and Nehemiah, I think. I’ve heard about Max Lucado, but I haven’t read any of his books. I have heard great things about him, though. No problem! 🙂

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      1. If you ever read the child’s book, You are Special, about a town of wooden people who rate themselves with stickers, one guy always get black dots, then goes to see the Wood Carver, that’s Max’s work. I didn’t even know it was him till after I researched more of his books. I have a devotional of his, and various books now 🙂

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      2. I know it’s a kids’ book, but I highly recommend it, actually considering some of your younger siblings, they would like it. Great way to show kids who God is, and what He thinks of His children. (As you know, I’ve been exploring your blog 🙂 )

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      3. Thanks, I should look it up 🙂 My youngest brother is actually learning to read right now, so he’s been really interested in books lately. Thank you so much for all the support you’ve given my blog! I appreciate every comment. ❤

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      4. No problem! You are my sister in Christ, which is awesome because I never had a sister. So when I make new friends, especially in Christ, I tend to adopt them. Try to be as encouraging and supportive as I can. 🙂

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      5. Aw ❤ That is so sweet. I didn't have a sister for the longest time – I thought I never would, which is why I sought girls' friendship so much when I was younger – then my baby sister, Elizabeth, was born last year. She is a true gift from God. I am more thankful for her than I can put into words. I can't believe she's turning one at the end of June.

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      6. Oh my goodness I was about to comment on your sibling post, I just got done reading it. Yeah, I have a younger brother, also four years difference, and that’s it. He was suppose to a be girl, and he was suppose to be named Michelle (cause I was into watching Full House at the time haha), but no, Mom had a boy. I was displeased and apparently tried to send him back in a box once. Erm…doesn’t work that way past me.

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      7. Hahaha I really wanted a little sister at that age, too! At three years old, I was ecstatic about the baby sister I knew my mom was going to have, and how I’d have tea parties with her…and then we found out it was a boy. Oh well! God’s plans are greater than mine 🙂

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      8. Definitely! I’ve told people, “You’re not blood, but you’re adopted.” I have a friend one year older than me, and she jokes, “You’re either my sister, my mother, or even sometimes my grandmother!” haha!

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  4. Since I know you love books, I was really curious to see how you would narrow down your favourites for this prompt XD
    I’m curious about Anything But Typical. You’ve got me wondering about that ‘happy’ ending, I might add it on my to-read list 🙂

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      1. I read a bunch for high school so it’s been awhile but I know we read Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet. I want to say we also read parts of Macbeth but I don’t remember if we did or if I just read it without the class (I would read textbooks for fun) and I read a midsummers night dream too.

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      2. I love A Midsummer Night’s Dream! I hadn’t read Macbeth, it seem a bit too dark for me, lol. I enjoy reading school books that aren’t required, too, haha

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  5. I love the Fellowship of the Rings series, Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, every book James Herriot ever wrote, the Three Musketeers and its sequals, the Sherlock Holmes stories… If I don’t stop now, I’ll never stop, so I’m stopping. XD

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