Blogging Challenge – Day 8: My Biggest Pet Peeve(s)

Blogging Challenge – Day 8: My Biggest Pet Peeve(s)

Ah, pet peeves. Those little (sometimes big) things that make us cringe, get under our skin.

I, however, am not one who enjoys talking about negative things.

Sometimes, I do think it’s necessary. If I need the support, or if I know it will encourage someone in a similar situation, then I’m up for talking about it. But for the most part, I keep to blogging about and focusing on the joy and happiness I experience … not the things that irritate me.

So, I must say that I am not a fan of today’s prompt. However, this is called a blogging challenge for a reason!

I have found a way to turn this into something positive, as you’ll see down below.

These are my biggest pet peeves, and with each one, I’ve come up with at least one reason why I’m thankful for it. To everything, there’s a reason, am I right??

You can read about what this challenge is here. And make sure to check out Cheila’s and Angela’s posts for today, too – we’re all doing the challenge together!

My Biggest Pet Peeve(s)

  • I don’t like it when someone flushes while I’m showering and makes the water run extremely cold. BUT at least there’s any water to wash with at all!
  • I don’t like it when someone comes in my bedroom, then leaves the door open when they leave. BUT that gesture of forgetfulness is simply a token of my family’s love! It’s a sign that I don’t live alone!
  • I don’t like it when leggings are worn as pants. BUT at least they’re wearing anything at all hahah!!
  • I don’t like it when my shirts are hung up on the wrong side of the hanger. BUT how nice that someone hung up my shirts for me!
  • I don’t like it when Pinterest suggests a pin that I would never ever pin. BUT isn’t it nice that they were thinking of me?
  • I don’t like it when people hit “like”  on multiple posts of mine within thirty seconds and then proceed not to comment. BUT it’s very kind of them to come by my blog and up my like count, haha!
  • I don’t like it when I go to post a long comment, and then it disappears before I can hit “send.” BUT this sparks my memory skills and creativity when I go to comment again!
  • I don’t like it when people play their music too loudly. BUT isn’t it nice that they enjoy their music so much!
  • I don’t like how ads pops up before every video I go to watch on YouTube. BUT I am so thankful that I have the ability to watch videos at all!
  • I don’t like poor connection problems. BUT having internet available in any quantity is such a blessing!
  • I don’t like it when I can see something coming in a book before the characters do. BUT isn’t it nice that I’m so clever? Hahaha!
  • I don’t like it when someone, anyone, breathes in/near my face. BUT how nice that they want to be so close to me!
  • I don’t like messy spaces. At all. BUT it’s nice that they enjoy having all of their stuff out for all to see!
  • I don’t like it when people chew with their mouths open. BUT … uh … no, there’s no pro to this one.
  • I don’t like it when movies won’t let me skip the opening previews. BUT they’re just giving me a lesson in Patience 101!
  • I don’t like it when people fold over the page instead of finding a bookmark to keep their place. BUT it’s nice that they were reading and enjoying the book, anyway!
  • I don’t like it when blogging challenges ask me to talk about my pet peeves. BUT I took on this challenge, and quite enjoyed turning the focus around! Haha!

Can you relate to any of these pet peeves/pros? Let me know down below! Happy Monday, everyone!

— Maggie

38 thoughts on “Blogging Challenge – Day 8: My Biggest Pet Peeve(s)

  1. Ugh, people chewing with their mouth open is so annoying. I don’t actually have that many pet peeves except the Internet one, which I’m thankful I can have most of the time!

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    1. It certainly is. I don’t mind it so much when there’s enough background noise to drown out the noise, haha! The internet is definitely something to be thankful for šŸ™‚


  2. LOL. I loved this post Maggie, and how you turned them all around. There’s always a positive to something. I guess the eating with the mouth open would be that they aren’t starving?? LOL Only one I could think of. My pet peeve is my name. People always want to shorten it. I always get Maggie(which makes me think of you, so positive:) ) Margie, Meg, Megan, Peg, Peggy, Marge, Mags, and there are dozens others lol Positive is that they, at least, are calling/writing/talking to me šŸ™‚

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    1. Haha, thanks, Margaret! Some of them were hard to find a good thing about, but I eventually did lol. That’s a great pro for that pet peeve! And nicknames can definitely be annoying sometimes. Goodness, where did they get Peggy and Peg from??

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  3. Haha! I love this post and I love how you have a ‘But’ for everything. It shows how grateful you are even for the simplest things. šŸ™‚

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  4. Haha, nice spin on the prompt Maggie! I too wasn’t too fond of the prompt as I like my blog to focus on positivity, but I gave in and talked about those little annoyances šŸ˜€
    The open mouthed chewing is something I used to be guilty of (I’m so sorry everyone!), but since high school I’ve cut it out cause I know how disgusting and annoying it is. The slow internet connection one gets me, and the long comment that vanishes before I hit send.

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    1. Thanks, Angela! I enjoyed writing it. I was tempted to talk about the little things that irritated me, but I enjoyed posting this more. šŸ™‚ Haha internet problems are the worst, I agree!

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  5. I don’t know if anyone has already said it, but I suppose for people chewing with their mouth open, at least they have food to eat. šŸ™‚ Girl, I can’t tell you how many times I wish people would comment on my blogs. I’m so grateful you have support šŸ™‚ I usually get one comment, which is from my mom haha. But she supports me, and is encouraging. I think, as writer, God uses our abilities to humble us. He wants us to focus on the good of getting His word out, showing love and kindness, and not to be focused on the numbers. I’ve been currently working on that as we speak because it can get discouraging. But God leads us down the narrow path, and it is never about us anyways. šŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Yes, that is a definite pro šŸ™‚ although I hadn’t thought of that while I was writing the post, haha! Aw, I’m truly sorry that you don’t have more readers; you’re so sweet, and you write beautiful posts. ā¤ I talk to as many people as I do because I've reached out to a lot of bloggers, and I regularly comment on their blogs, as well. I appreciate each and every one, and I love having conversations with people, which I think is part of the reason that they come back. I do my best not to think about the numbers, as that's not the reason I'm blogging; I write to share God's love, and the joy in my life, not to have recognition. šŸ™‚

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      1. Exactly it isn’t about the number. I do want to get recognition in the sense in preparing my book series, people interested in my work, and calling as a writer. I love commenting on blogs, such as yours, that really pull me in. It is one of the best ways to step forward and reach out to others. šŸ™‚ keep at it.

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  6. I love how you turned a “complain” post in something so fun and positive. I laughed really hard at the leggings situation. You can see their underwear through the leggings, but you have, at least, that barrier lol

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  7. Love this! You have so many pet peeves too. I’m sure I have just as much but don’t think I could think of them all. I love your blog BTW šŸ™‚ very cute

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