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Blogging Challenge – Day 7: Favorite Activities

Follow along with me, Cheila and Angela as we write about Day 7 of this challenge!

Many of you know that I have a wide range of interests, and I often switch them out to keep life interesting (see what I did there? Haha!).

I love variety, both in what I spend my time doing, as well as the posts I write on this blog; I don’t like for anything to fall into habit or go along with any kind of schedule; I like to spice things up. 🙂

Sometimes, I find myself feeling bad for not continually doing any one hobby, but it’s just part of who I am, and as long as it doesn’t cost lots of money or hurt anyone (obvious reasons), I don’t think there’s a thing wrong with that.

You can read about what this challenge is here. And make sure to check out Cheila’s and Angela’s posts for today, too – we’re all doing the challenge together!

Favorite Activities

Drawing Comic Strips

This seems like a funny one to start with, as I’ve never talked about my love for this activity until right now, haha! But, alas, this shall be the first thing on my list. When I was twelve, I drew a short comic strip about a cute jumping spider named Bob while doing an art project. Since then, I’ve filled at least two notebooks with the adventures of Bob and his friends, enjoying learning the art of funny facial expressions and scene props. The comics range from three-panel strips to full-page spreads; they always make me smile when I go back and read them.

Photo Editing

When I was fourteen, I learned how to use different photo editing apps to filter photos (change brightness, add texture, etc.), make picture collages, and the mysterious art of masking (it’s kind of hard to explain, so please forgive me). Most, if not all, of the photos on my blog have been edited – usually, I’ve brightened the photo a bit to make it as bright and cheerful as possible. 🙂

Watching YouTube videos

I absoutely love watching challenges, ASMR sounds and roleplays, official lyric videos (especially Let Me Love You and Phoenix), comedian skits, ‘Try Not to Laugh’ animal Vines, and anything else I come across that is clean and either hilarious or relaxing.

Writing blog posts

I’m either scratching around for good material to write and share with you guys, or I’m struggling to juggle these blogging challenge posts and everything else I like to put up in a week! There’s too much, or too little; no in between. Regardless, I love coming up with posts whether I’m deeply inspired, or not. 🙂

Watching TV shows w/ my family

Home Improvement, I Love Lucy, Gilligan’s Island, and probably others that I can’t think of right now (haha!). I love family shows; they’re so refreshing to watch. I usually stick to old TV shows, like Leave It To Beaver or The Andy Griffith Show, as well. 🙂


Most recently, it’s been from an adult coloring book that I got, and I’m coloring them with the 40-set pack of fine tip markers that my dad got me. 🙂 I’ve always preferred coloring over drawing, as I’m much better at that than sketching.


Since January of this year, I’ve loved trying new recipes – especially ones that might look intimidating at first! From pretzels to donut holes, I like breaking the mold of traditional baking and taking risks.


Whether that’s composing a blog post, a journal entry, or working on the draft of a novel, I’ve loved writing since I was eight years old, and reading for even longer than that!

What are some of YOUR favorite activities?

— Maggie

38 replies on “Blogging Challenge – Day 7: Favorite Activities”

My favorite activities have to be baking, hiking, writing, and reading. I like to color instead of drawing, too. I am so bad at drawing. This is a great list, I like almost all of them!

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Some of my favorite activities are playing piano, walking my dog, reading, spinning yarn, and of course, some TV watching as well. Right now I’m watching Alias, Foyle’s War, Sherlock Holmes, and Person of Interest. Actually I’m watching Person of Interest for the second time; my mom and I finished it, but we weren’t ready to let go of it so we just started it over. XD The mark of a good show I guess.

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I had no idea you drew comics. See, I learn something new every time I read a post 🙂 I love to draw but when I add colour, it looks like I coloured it with my feet 🙂 I love cooking but only when hubby is home. No fun cooking for myself. I love to hike but don’t live where there is much hiking, so I do it on the treadmill 🙂 But I will be hiking when we go on vacation next week. I’m going to try and remember to take a phone with us on the trail. Hubby takes his but isn’t one for taking many picture’s. I’m liking the challenge 🙂

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Yes, it’s not something I do all the time, as I have to have the inspiration, but I do enjoy it 🙂 Haha! I’m sure you’re a better color-er than you give yourself credit for. I would love to see any and all pictures you take! Seeing new places in nature (as I’ve never been to where you’re going) is exciting to me.

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No really there is no false modesty there, a blindfolded cat could colour/paint better than me 🙂 If someone will remind me, we might have a better chance of getting pictures. Because I see how it will play out. Picture if you will, 30-45 minutes up the mountain, beautiful view comes in sight, I forgot my phone d’oh. 🙂 LOL

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I loved reading this! I also change up hobbies every now and then, but as your interests change, then so do what we want to spend our free time on 🙂
I love that little comic about Bob the spider!! It must be so fun to go back and read about the past adventures 🙂

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Thanks, Angela! Yes, I spend my free time doing a whole variety of different things. It depends on what I’m interested in at any given time 🙂
Thank you! I absolutely love going back and reading them. Some of the jokes are hilarious, but others are really cringe-worthy, haha!

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Nice activities, Maggie. You brought back memories of when I used to draw comic strips. Sadly, I don’t do them anymore. That’s where my love for drawing and telling a story grew. And I like ‘Let Me Love You’! At the moment I can enjoy a few activities: blogging, reading, keeping up with my French and writing of course.

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Thanks! Ooh, you used to draw comics, too? That’s awesome. Who were the main characters? I’m looking forward to learning French one day, but I’m putting all of my language-learning abilities into Spanish right now. Haha! Yes, Let Me Love You is a great song! Very catchy 🙂

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Yes. I remember finding the old comic strip when I cleaning last year, but for the life of me I cannot fathom where I put it. It must have gotten thrown out! I hope I can find it back. And you’re doing really well with your Spanish. I am too distracted lately to get into French.


I honestly follow so many channels it’s crazy. But the ones I never miss are the SacconeJolys, Grace Helbig, Sprinkle of Glitter, Tati aka Glam Life Guru, Dodie, and Evan Edinger. I also recently found Katftwynn, and Nicole Guerriero that I’m enjoying too. What about you?

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That’s cool! I haven’t heard of any of those channels before. Recently, I’ve only been watching Collins Key, LaurDIY, and Amelia Liana, but I’m always on the lookout for new people to subscribe to!

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I don’t know Collins Key but I do watch LaurDIY on occasion. I do love Amelia Liana though! I haven’t watched her videos in forever but I have all her vacation with her sister vlogs saved for later. Duke is literally why I want a Pomeranian some day. 😀

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I found him through my brother, as he watches his videos. Collins and his brother, Devan, are hilarious! I loooove Amelia’s travel vlogs! The first video I ever watched of hers was when she went to India, I think it was. Haha same here!! I love Duke.

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I wish I could remember what her first video I saw of hers was. Probably one with Estee Lalonde. I used to watch a lot of her! I’ll look up Collins videos. I am also always looking for new people!


I love the shows Facts of Life, and Gidget, among some of the ones you listed. 🙂 I love watching movies, especially when I can see them in the theater, I feel like it’s the best way to see a movie. I love finding new scriptures to cling to. I love writing. Helping others and encouraging them, while showing the Light of Christ. Currently right now, working on a book for a Christian Fantasy series I want to do. God has been preparing me.


We share blogging and watching YouTube videos (I follow mostly moms hahaha) and coloring as favorites. I love to bake and would love to dedicate myself to try more and new recipes but, right now, I should stay away from sweets and pastries. I might look for some healthy things to bake, you can find everything on Pinterest lol

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Haha, I’m the same way. I have collected so many things over the years. Pennies, quarters, coins in general, fossils, books, crosses – a lot. 😂 I’ve had many hobbies too. PC games, writing, reading, photography, arts and crafts, and I’m discovering how much I like cooking, especially when it turns out edible! XD

I love those old TV shows too! 🙂 They are the best. They are almost always clean, so I don’t have to worry about cursing and inappropriate content, which is nice.

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Yesss I love cooking/baking, too! I never knew I would turn out to like it so much 😄 I agree about old TV shows – most characters have good morals, so they’re clean most of the time. 🙂

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