Blogging Challenge – Day 6: Five Things I Can’t Live Without

Blogging Challenge – Day 6: Five Things I Can’t Live Without

When I first thought about what things I wouldn’t be able to live without, the items that instantly came to mind are my daily “essentials” – things that I like having, but don’t actually need. Then I thought about the things that actually matter – necessities, and the things that I love the most. #firstworldproblems

I don’t know why this is.

Haha! Our brains work in interesting ways, non?

So, in no particular order, I have listed the five things that I honestly believe I couldn’t go a day without. 🙂

You can read about what this challenge is here. And make sure to check out Cheila’s and Angela’s posts for today, too – we’re all doing the challenge together!

Five Things I Can’t Live Without

1. My phone.

Ugh, now I look like a typical teenager, don’t I? Haha! But it’s not for the reasons you think. I don’t “need” it to message all my besties, or stay up late texting bae; I take all my photos with it, use the Memrise and Plant Nanny apps, bring up recipes to read while I bake, play videos for my little sister while we’re away from home, edit blog posts and respond to comments, and so much more.

2. My Bible.

Sure, I could look up certain verses and passages if I needed to on a computer or my phone, but just like holding a book in person provides a much different experience than simply reading the words, I feel the same way about my Bible. I love seeing all of the places I’ve underlined and added notes to, and the translation of mine (AMPC) is my absolute favorite, even though it’s not a commonly-read one.

3. Laptop.

I do all of my blog post formatting (text size/color, pictures, proofreading, etc) and anything else blog-related that I can’t do from my phone on a laptop! Most drafts start on my phone, then get finished on my mom’s laptop.

4. My library card.

My mom thought of this one; my beloved library card is my free ticket to the world of books. The Georgia Pines Library System is my best friend. ❤

5. Water bottle.

My mom also came up with this one (I was at a loss of what my favorite things are). My faithful water bottle has always been there for me, and is always by my side. I’m not always thirsty, or something, but I do like to stay hydrated – *takes a drink from the water bottle nearest to me* – whether I need a drink of water, or not.


Haha, so that’s it for today’s post! Now you know a little bit more about my priorities and what I love to have by my side every single day. How about you?

What are five things YOU can’t live without?

— Maggie

32 thoughts on “Blogging Challenge – Day 6: Five Things I Can’t Live Without

      1. What are you watching on there now? I was watching this show called the Yorkshire Vet, and it was really interesting, if you like veterinarian shows. I remember years ago there was a show called Emergency Vets or something like that, and my brother used to make fun of it because the narrator was cheesy, but I liked it.

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      2. I hope Poirot is still on Netflix, I haven’t checked in a while. Two times I’ve been watching a show on Netflix and they’ve taken it off. I was like, hey, I was watchin’ that! XD

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      3. Haha yeah, I’ve had movies and TV shows leave Amazon Prime, which is aggravating! Usually, they give a heads-up on when they’ll be leaving Prime, though 😂


  1. lol. The first one doesn’t make you sound like the typical teenager, it makes you sound like the typical everybody. Every body has their noses into those little things. It’s funny I was one of the first people where I live to have a “mobile” phone and now I am the one who uses it the least. I have been using it more lately to send texts with a new dear friend but she’ the only one 🙂 An “I love you” with hubby, a “call me when you get a chance” with my son, and sister and I text my mom the daily Bible verses. LOL I don’t even have internet on mine, it’s the first thing I disable when I get a new one. It’s hard coming up with 5 things you can’t live without. I would say my Bible, but everything else I think of, it’s like, nah I could live without that. I’m glad I’m not doing this challenge LOL

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    1. Haha, that’s true 🙂 I have an iPhone 5s, so internet works really well on it, but I know that most other phones don’t do too well. It was very hard for me to come up with five things I can’t live without! I typed out my phone, and my Bible…and couldn’t think of anything more. Well, besides food and clothes, lol. But those are obvious 🙂 Apparently, I don’t need much in this world to be happy!

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      1. That’s a good thing though that you don’t need worldly things to make you happy 🙂 Internet worked fine on my phone but the only internet I use is wordpress. I would look up the weather, and stalk items I wanted, waiting for them to go on sale, but I bought a little cheap tablet for that. LOL My desktop is so old, It won’t even go on the internet. It will only download my emails from my local server hahaha. Hubby bought me the cheapest laptop in the world because I wouldn’t let him get a me a decent one because I never used the desktop for anything other than, click the send/receive button on my email once a day HAHA. See God works in mysterious ways because hubby was determined I have a new computer, he got it without much help from me because I didn’t see the point BUT less than a month later I started the blog. Now I need it 🙂

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      2. And I didn’t realize I felt that way until I sat down to write this list, haha! It was pretty eye-opening. I don’t do much on the internet aside from WordPress, either, haha. Unless it’s for school or story planning 🙂 That is so cool that he got you that new computer, then less than a month later, you needed it to blog! God works in mysterious ways ❤

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      3. Yes He does. It was funny too because hubby drug me out adamant that I was getting a new laptop. I wasn’t remotely interested. He’s looking at them all, what they have, etc. I grab the salesman, simple asking which is the cheapest one. He took me to it and I told hubby, I want this one LOL That’s how NOT into getting a computer I was. I didn’t know what it had, what it did. I knew, I didn’t want it so it better be cheap, cheap, cheap, since I was seeing it as wasted money LOL Now this little baby has some blogging miles on it LOL 🙂

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  2. These are basically things I can’t live without either! Water bottles are the best, since I’ve taken up hiking now that we live in Arizona! I actually don’t use the computer that much though, mostly the iPad for some reason. And I definitely could NOT live without out my Bible! The Bible is my lifeline.


  3. Electronics and my library card are at the top of my list! When I was in college I had three library cards and was so proud! My home library card, my school library card, and the library card for the local town library as well (it was across the street). I’m slowly becoming obsessed with water. If I don’t drink enough I notice I feel dehydrated!

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    1. Ooh, three library cards!! Haha that’s awesome. I only need one because I have access to most libraries across Georgia with it 🙂 I feel the same way when I don’t drink enough water! Plant Nanny has helped me immensely with my water intake.

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      1. Oh that’s so cool! Mine definitely lets me check out materials at any library in the county but I don’t know about state. Sometimes my sister and I stop by the library near our office on the way home from work. Usually we’re starving and I can request materials at my library and they get sent there so I can pick it up so it’s not so bad!
        I need to download Plant Nanny! You make it sound so fun!

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      2. Putting books on hold at libraries is such a blessing, haha! It saves money, definitely. Plant Nanny is epic! And if its setup doesn’t particularly interest you, there are a ton of apps that record daily water intake; let me know if you find one that you like!

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  4. You use Plant Nanny too!! (Finally got over 500 seeds to get Morning Ghost) Awesome! I totally agree with you about the water bottle. I try to always have it nearby with fresh water, just in case. I have a Bible I picked out when I was 13, and it now almost 15 years older. The bind is broken. But there are so many highlighted passages, I just can’t part with it. So many memories with God and that specific Bible. Though now, it’s used for home use instead of taking it everywhere with me.
    Your writing is very easy, and eye catching to read. Well done! 🙂 I’ll have to check out some more of your blogs.

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    1. Five hundred seeds! That’s amazing 🙂 All old Bibles are very special to me because they’re the visual proof of time spent with God, pouring over His Word. I think that, even in their worn state, they’re still beautiful. 🙂 Aw, thank you soooo much! I love the layout of your blog, as well. ❤

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  5. It was fun reading your list. I think we can all agree that our phone and computer are essential for everyone. You can’t get by in today’s world without one or both!
    I love that you bring a water bottle everywhere, that’s amazing. I always forget to drink water so I go for coffee or soda instead XD

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    1. Oh, they are definitely essentials! They’re used for so much, on so many different occasions. I’m definitely guilty of getting soda while I’m out and about, and an iced coffee here and there, but water is my go-to at all times!

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  6. Hahaha I love that you said you don’t need your phone to stay and text bae, but for other purposes instead. That was funny!! Of course your bible is something you can’t live without, your faith is really inspiring, my dear! xx

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