Blogging Challenge – Day 3: My Personality & Values

Blogging Challenge – Day 3: My Personality & Values

I’m usually quiet, but I love to make people laugh.

I’m not one to start conversations, but I’m happy to chat if someone speaks to me first.

I love parties, but I also love being at home.

Helping others in any way possible brings me the most joy … but I’m scared to death to just speak up and say something.

I’m a walking contradiction! Haha.

You can read about what this blogging challenge is here.

My Personality & Values

Upon seeing what today’s prompt is, I decided to take a personality quiz, as I honestly couldn’t just sit down and tell you all about myself. I mean, that would be pretty cool if I could easily bring to mind everything cool about moi, buuuuut I’m not that self-minded. Seriously, if you asked me what my hobbies are, I would look at you blankly and murmur, “What are hobbies?”

Haha, anyway, before I talk about the fun quiz that I took, I’ll go ahead and share my values. My family means the world to me, as do my friends, and my relationship with the Lord is the most important aspect of my life. I also value my education; learning new things and expanding my knowledge on a huge variety of subjects is important to me. I just love to learn, and when I’m able to, it’s what I love to pursue. 🙂 Alright, on to the personality quiz!

I found a website called 16 Personalities last night. From the graphics and pictures displayed across their site, to the extensive personality quiz they offer to anyone for free, to the quiz results that can teach anyone so much more about themselves — the whole website is absolutely wonderful! (Not sponsored, I promise.)

I’m INFJ-T – an Advocate. What are you?

Please CLICK HERE to take the quiz yourself! It only took me about five minutes, give or take a few, to complete. You can find out a lot of cool stuff about your unique personality type, as well as what famous people/fictional characters you share traits with! (I got Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Mother Teresa. Who did you get??) Check out all 16 of the personality types here!

What is YOUR personality type? Comment down below!

— Maggie

40 thoughts on “Blogging Challenge – Day 3: My Personality & Values

  1. What is INFJ-T? My new acronym for the day since I suck at them. An advocate is pretty cool. If I did not have to take the quiz and say what I would like to be, I would choose to be a detective-who-can-bake-and-solve-particularly-grisly-crimes.

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    1. It stands for the four aspects that drive my personality – Introversion, Intuition, Feeling, and Judging, and the “T” stands for Turbulent. Not sure what the last part means, lol; I’d have to research that. 🙂 Yeah, they are. Haha! I like your acronym.

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      1. Yeah it’s so interesting! I actually told my manager about it about a year ago and she had the entire department take the test. A lot of the department is extroverted and a lot of them actually had the same personality type. I really enjoy those types of tests.

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    1. Oh, awesome! All those letters just stand for the traits that define your personality 🙂 Ooh Queen Elizabeth! I went and looked and saw that Kate Middleton has your personality type, too! They’re pretty wonderful women.

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  2. Well! I’m not surprised. I got Adventurer (ISFP-A). I am an adventurer, however, I would like to say, I enjoy journeys. I’m the adventurer who packs a backpack and grabs a bottled water and hikes into the woods or the mountains. I like a long journey, full of wonder and mystery. 🙂

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  3. I actually took this test a couple of months ago, because my youth pastor had told us about it! I am an INFP-A The Mediator!! I was so surprised to see how many things I could relate to! Some people with the same personality as me are : William Shakespeare, Johnny Depp, Julia Roberts, and Alicia Keys 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    1. Awesome!! Yeah, I couldn’t believe how much I related to the Advocate personality 🙂 It was spot on!!! Oh my goodness I love those people, haha – I wish I was like them!!


  4. INFJ TOO!!!!! It’s funny because a few years back when I originally took the Myer-Briggs test I was ENFJ and eventually (I knew it all along) I was becoming way more introvert, I prefer to keep to myself or a very very small select few people and so I retook the test and yup everything was the same except I’ve become an introvert! #teamINFJ 🙂

    xo, JJ

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  5. hi! I noticed all your post are so good… I’d like to ask a favor to help me to improve my skills in blogging. You can visit my blog , I accept any suggestions and comments. I started blogging a few days ago, I appreciate any help. thanks!

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  6. Oh, how cool! 😀 I actually took that test a while ago when a friend recommended it to me, and I’ve retaken it a few times since – I seem to get more definite inthei NFP-T each time, haha!

    I’m an INFP-T, The Mediator! The last time I took it, I was 76% Introverted, 89% Intuitive, 88% Feeling, 77% Prospecting, and 92% Turbulent. 😀 It compared me with William Shakespeare and J.R.R. Tolkien, which was super flattering for this future novelist. XD

    I saw your comment to Dippy-Dotty Girl, and I was just reading about Turbulent recently. If you haven’t looked it up yet, here is a link to the short article I read: I was curious because I was soooooooooooo turbulent, and the first thing I think of is turbulence in a plane, and it didn’t sound like a good thing. 😂

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    1. “…in the INFP-T…” 😂 My space-bar and caps key keeps sticking. XD

      Also, I forgot to say, it’s so cool that we’re so close in personality! You’re a J and I’m a P. Just one little letter difference! 😀

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    2. That’s so cool! Ughh I would love to be the mediator, haha! Those two were such awesome people. Thanks for the link! I’m definitely going to read it. Haha yeah; I thought the same thing! 😂

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      1. Haha! XD And I think I’d like to be the Advocate – sometimes it might be better to think things through and plan instead of jumping headfirst into everything and just wing it. 😂

        I know right? Two awesome authors. 😀

        🙂 ♥

        Haha, glad I wasn’t alone in thinking that! 😂

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  7. I love personality quizzes! I’ve been an ENFP/INFP for about 5 years now. As I’ve gotten older I’ve tended more to the I side than the E side (more introverted than extroverted), and my P/J are always roughly half and half (perceive/judge). I think my personality corrolines with being an idealist of sorts, but I’m too lazy to retake the entire quiz, haha.

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    1. So do I!! ❤ haha I think that once I'm able to get out of my comfort zone a bit more, I'll be more extroverted, too:) for now, I'm an introvert in real life, and a true extrovert online!


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