A Day in the Life – Laidback Saturday

Hello everyone! Happy May to all of you! I feel like this whole year has sped by pretty quickly for my whole family, but the fact that it’s already May is just crazy!!! Anyway, back to today’s post.

I was inspired to do this by my friend, Angela, who posted one of these last Friday, as well as by the series my mom has been doing on her blog for almost a year now! Today, I’m bringing my very first “Day in the Life” post to all of you.

Feel free to sit back, relax, and enjoy!


{Saturday, April 29th, 2017}

Samuel came into my room to retrieve his tablet at around 7 AM because I had left it charging on my desk the evening before.

When I first woke up to the small amount of noise he made upon entering (I’m a light sleeper), I thought he had come in to wake me. I found this odd, as my parents usually let me sleep past 8 on the weekends, haha.

As I was processing this in my sleepy state, he grabbed his tablet and scurried from the room, whispering an apology as he exited. Once I found the strength to sit up in my bed, I got my phone, which had also been charging on my desk, to check WordPress and my email. (I don’t enable push notifications, so I have to manually look at each app.)

my current lockscreen. isn’t it beautiful? I recently took that picture!
checking notifications in the morning…

After catching up on everything (there wasn’t much to see, haha), I wondered if I should take pictures for a “Day in the Life” post that day and, as you already know, I decided to!

I grabbed my tablet and emerged from my room. I sat down on the recliner in our living room and loaded Minecraft on my tablet to play with Samuel.

We worked on building a house, rode our horses around a bit, and chased a baby sheep around the house under construction.

I’m sorry; I just can’t get over how cute the little sheep are, haha!

After we played that for a while, we logged off and I went and had my breakfast. I poured myself a bowl of Cinnamon Life, warmed up a cinnamon roll, and sat down at the dining room table to read some more of my book, Buy a Whisker, while I ate.

I was planning on getting ready for the day once I finished eating, but Elizabeth was being fussy. Since I knew that my mom needed to finish writing her Day in the Life post (ironic, huh? haha!), I sat down on the couch and entertained Elizabeth with some of her toys while she watched a show. I was also able to read some more of my book and take a few selfies with Elizabeth.

When her movie ended, my mom and I took her into the master bedroom, where she watched another movie (she loves Baby Einstein and Blues Clues!). While I sat there with her, I worked on this post a little bit, looking up periodically as she dug through a laundry basket of clean clothes.

look at that hair!!

My mom came in to feed Elizabeth and lay her down for her morning nap, so I went and made my bed, straightened up my room, took a shower, then watched some YouTube videos in my room. Recently, I’ve been obsessed with Collins Key’s videos – he and his brother, Devan, never fail to make me laugh! The funniest video I watched throughout that day was his ‘What’s In My Mouth’ challenge – it was mildly gross, but mainly super funny! Click here to watch it for yourself.

While still cracking up at the antics of the Key brothers, my mom came in to discuss my schoolwork for the upcoming weeks as I work at finishing 11th grade. I talked to her about Spanish and chemistry. Once we finished talking, I responded to some comments on WordPress, read more of my book (I didn’t realize until now how much of a multitasker I am!), and drank half of my two-liter bottle.

Right now on the app Plant Nanny, I’m growing a bamboo plant! Akamai is so cute right now 🙂

Elizabeth woke up from her nap at that point, so I went into the bedroom to be with her. My mom had her dressed in an adorable new shirt that we think totally looks like a party dress! It has sprinkles/confetti all over it.


She was happy to stand in her crib and watch a show while I laid on my mom’s bed and read some more of my book.

I went back and forth between the bedroom and the dining room to look at possible books my mom was thinking about buying to go along with my study of chemistry. She found a structural compound coloring book that looks great, but honestly sounds so nerdy, and as a matter of fact, I’m excited to color it because … well, I am a nerd! haha.

I had a late lunch due to my late morning snack. This happens most days! At almost 1 PM, I had two small tacos and some Harvest Cheddar Sunchips, but I forgot to take a picture until all that was left on my plate was half a taco and some abandoned lettuce. hahaha!

Throughout the rest of the afternoon, I continued reading Buy a Whisker (I’m now halfway done with it), watched more of Collins’ videos, responded to comments on WordPress, and took care of Elizabeth. I babysat for the majority of the afternoon because my mom was working on all of our schoolwork for the upcoming week. 🙂

watching a movie in the living room.
watching Baby Einstein in my room.

In the late afternoon, I watched some different yoga routine videos (this has been my latest interest!), but I didn’t find any that I loved, so I didn’t finish any of the ones that I had started.

For dinner, we had DiGiorno pizza (my favorite!), and immediately after we finished eating, I left with my dad and siblings to go to Toys ‘R’ Us.

riding in the car.

Once we got there, we went over to the Moana toy section. Samuel absolutely loved the kid-size Maui fish hook, and Elizabeth kept grinning at the baby Moana doll!

smiling at Moana!

My dad said that he would stay with the little ones so that I could go to Hobby Lobby, which is next door to Toys ‘R’ Us, so I happily went there and enjoyed looking around. Their wall décor is my weakness, and I found myself dreamily browsing their selection.

I’m seriously considering going back and buying the floral print in the middle. it matches the cactus print I have in my room!

I mainly wanted to go there to buy some more white LED lights for my room, as some of mine burnt out in a recent power flash, but they didn’t have any in stock. I’ll have to buy them online since the holiday season is over.

I was only able to walk around the store for maybe twenty minutes because I got there shortly before they closed, so I walked back over to Toys ‘R’ Us. I found a 40-count set of fine tipped markers while I was looking around in there, and I’ve been wanting markers like that to color with for quite a long time. My dad was very sweet and bought them for me, which I was so happy about. 🙂 I also found a beautiful coloring book, which I’ll be coloring in and probably showing you guys on my Little Accomplishments posts in the near future!


Thank you guys so much for reading!! ❤ I hope that you enjoyed it. Definitely let me know down below if you did, because then I’ll try to write more of these! I love reading posts like this by bloggers I know because I can learn so much more about their daily lives. 😀

I hope that everyone’s May has gotten off to a good start!
— Maggie

18 replies on “A Day in the Life – Laidback Saturday”

Really enjoyed reading this☺️ and love all of the pictures to go along with the story of your day. That is key with these posts. I especially love your lock screen, 💕it like one from the Internet. I’m actually going to Hobby Lobby today

Liked by 1 person

That was so much fun to read! I am addicted to Hobby Lobby! I could wander that store for hours. That is a darling floral print. I buy a lot of my craft supplies there. Your baby sister is adorable. Happy May, Maggie! 🌺

Liked by 1 person

Maggie! I loved reading this 😀
Day in the Life posts are so much fun, every single one is so different since we all lead different lives 😀
I would love to read more 🙂
Elizabeth is so cute, and her hair in the morning reminds me of mine XD
I also love fine liner pens, I use them in my own colouring book. They’re just so satifying to use!

Liked by 1 person

Thank you, Angela! I agree; they are very fun to read (and write, as well!). 🙂 I’ll definitely do more in the future. Aww haha thank you! Her hair has been so tall lately, lol. Yes fine tipped pens are very fun and satisfying to color with!

Liked by 1 person

This was fun to read Maggie! I am amazed at how well you multi task. I try but always forget something lol. I can get lost in Hobby Lobby, especially in the drawing section. You should have taken the picture of the half eaten taco hahahaha. My May has started off busy with me running around all day. I posted the Bible verses and took off, just now getting home, shew. 🙂

Liked by 1 person

Aw thanks, Margaret! I had lots of fun putting it together. Yes, I love browsing every aisle in Hobby Lobby. Lol! It was a rather awkward-looking small taco! I haven’t done much today; schoolwork, learned some more Spanish, read more of my book…haha! It has been quite relaxing 🙂

Liked by 1 person

Aw thank you! 💕 Yes, she is quite easy to care for and make happy, although she loves variety, so she doesn’t stay happy with one thing for two long, haha! As long as there’s variation in the activities she’s doing, she’s happy 😂

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