The Lord Gives and Takes Away

The Lord Gives and Takes Away

The Lord gives, and the Lord takes away.

This phrase causes me to sing for joy when life is happy, easy, and pleasurable.

This phrase causes me to mourn when life is sad, difficult, and anxious.

I easily grasp the concept when I’m feeling positive; the Lord has givenΒ me my family, the things I own, the places I go, and the people I meet.

I grudgingly get what it means when I’m feeling upset; the Lord has takenΒ my grandparents, my pets, the things I used to own, the people I used to know.

I’m happy to hear it whispered on the wind when the blessings in my life far outweigh the negativity around me.

But I’m haunted by it when something stressful is the biggest part of my life, for I slowly begin to blame the Lord for taking my contentment, and for stealing my joy.

This isn’t the mindset I desire to have.

… for He makes His sun rise on the wicked and on the good, and makes the rain fall upon the upright and the wrongdoers [alike]. {Matthew 5:45}

He both showers me with His blessings and takes the things He has given me, all to draw me closer to Himself … and that is reason enough for me to put all of my faith in Him. He is worthy of my trust, for I learn to thank Him for what I have, and to leave what I don’t have anymore, completely in His hands.

He both blesses me and removes things from my life to teach me what I could not have learned through that joy, and through that pain.

I don’t have different relatives anymore due to death and estrangement; I have lost three pets to sickness; I have lost things I once loved to thieves; and I have lost friends to depression.

But God doesn’t take from my life to watch me suffer, or to see how I’ll respond to negative situations; He loves me too much for that – and it’s the same for you.

In His infinite knowledge, He knows that each and every thing that has impacted my life in a negative way has brought about more blessings than pain. They did hurt me for a while, but the blessings they reaped were far more abundant than the sorrow I felt in those earlier days.

It is definitely not easy to understand why He allows different things into our lives, but with the reminder that He works everything out for our good, I am content to leave my life and everything I have in His hands, for they are much safer there than in my own.

— Maggie

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24 thoughts on “The Lord Gives and Takes Away

  1. Thank you for posting this✨ such an inspiring post and so true. I’ve experienced so much pain but each time I do something greater happens and I realize the pain only makes me appreciate the good things more and makes us wiser

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  2. This is beautiful and so inspiring Maggie. I reblogged it. Well my form of reblogging, hahaha. πŸ™‚ I found if I use the reblog button, the words don’t show up on my blog page, since most everybody’s font is in black and my page is black. But I hopefully got all the links right.

    This is just so true and moving. A great testament of Gods love for us. Thank you for writing and sharing it.

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    1. Thanks so much, Margaret. ❀ I'm so happy that it inspired you πŸ™‚ Sorry the reblog button doesn't work well for your blog. You did a great job with all the links, though!
      Thank you, Margaret. It was almost hard for me to write, as I am still recovering from what happened last weekend, but I know and trust that He's helping me through it more than I can understand. πŸ™‚

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      1. Yes, and He knows you are struggling a little and He loves you and will never leave you. When things like this happen, I just know blessings are coming!!! People will look at me like I am crazy, and I get “what are you talking about this is the worst thing ever!!” I say, “yes and that means there is a huge blessing for me on the other side!!” It never fails, the bigger the bad thing, praise be to God, there is an even bigger blessing waiting for me on the other side of this bad thing!!! AMEN!!!

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      2. Me, too! But sometimes (or most of the time, haha), it’s hard to focus on the good that’s coming because the bad consumes me. He’s helping me to focus more on Him, though πŸ™‚

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