Little Accomplishments – April 21st, 2017

What have you accomplished this week?

I just found out that today is Queen Elizabeth II’s 91st birthday!!! #randomfunfact Happy birthday, Elizabeth II! x

That aside, I’d like to wish all of you a very hearty welcome to the eighth post in my weekly Little Accomplishments series!

I have something rather sad to admit: I don’t start writing these posts until Thursdays! Why don’t I have them going throughout the week, so that I can add to them as I accomplish things? You got me! But this trend ends today. I shall have next week’s post set up as a draft, and I shall add to it for seven days. hahah

Anyway! I hope that you all had a productive and happy week. Mine was pretty good; my family and I went through some different things, but we’re doing so much better now.

For anyone unfamiliar with these posts, each Little Accomplishments will contain a short list of the things that I completed in the past seven days. They are things that I’ve been needing to do (for however long) and am happy that I finally did them. In the comments, all of YOU are invited to share what you’ve done (mainly the little things, but big things are fine, too!) over the past week.

Let’s celebrate all of life’s joys – no matter how small!

This past week, I…

  • went a full seven days drinking the right amount of water. (Woohoo! I probably won’t keep this up, as that is a LOT of water, which I’m not used to drinking (haha!), but it was so much fun to finish growing Kaiga e, my cactus, and begin growing a little dandelion.

hahaha, apparently I have a healthy body now – after one week of drinking lots of water!

meet Vala’auina – my little dandelion, who turned out to be even cuter than my cactus!

  • got the 400 pictures in the mail. (They came on Wednesday, so they were a nice surprise for me when we got home after such a full day! I didn’t take any pictures (…of the pictures, haha), but that package was quite possibly the most exciting thing I’ve ever received in the mail. So many different things to look at! Next on my list: buy some picture frames … )
  • found new treats to bake and share on here. (As you all know, these past couple of weeks have been hectic for us, so I’ve slacked off on my baking quite a bit. But the good news is that I got lots of ingredients when I went shopping yesterday for four or five different treats I’ll be trying soon! So be on the lookout for those in the upcoming weeks! I post desserts every other Thursday.)

Comment what YOU’VE done this week down below – last Saturday through today!

— Maggie

23 thoughts on “Little Accomplishments – April 21st, 2017

  1. Nice accomplishments! The plantnanny looks so cute lol. This past week from what I can remember, I got my guinea pigs YouTube channel first episode uploaded, in actually uploading the 3rd today. I’ve continued blogging every day, wrote a poem that helped my friend in a difficult situation. I also hope to accomplish cleaning the kitchen today lol

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    1. Thanks! Haha I know; it looks like it has hair πŸ™‚ aww your guinea pigs have their own YouTube channel?? That is awesome! What’s the name of the channel? I’m going to look you/them up.

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  2. Good Job! Can’t wait for the tasty treats. The plant nanny thing looks cute. I’m happy you got your water in πŸ™‚ I will have a coffee in the morning but I started drinking nothing but water a few years back. I was a cola freak! I thought I would miss it but not really once I got it out of my system. Now I have it once and a while.

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    1. Thanks! Neither can I; I’m working on the cookies right now! The dough is currently chilling in the fridge, so I’m responding to comments while I wait lol πŸ™‚ Me, too; it feels good to know that I’m staying hydrated! I tried having coffee in the morning for a while, but it didn’t do anything for me, so I don’t make one anymore lol. When I was younger, I was addicted to Sprite, but now I just have soda once or twice a week. πŸ™‚

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  3. Yes! Water makes everything better (I think) health wise. I always drink water before going to bed and after I wake up. Hmmm thinking of what Ive done this week, beside work is me and my sister went for a hike 6 mile hike turned into 10 miles 😬😬 and my muscles still hurts 😣

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    1. Definitely! Staying hydrated feels great πŸ™‚ because then my body is happy. Whoa, a ten-mile hike!! I’ve never been on one that long. One time a few years ago when I was hiking with my family, we didn’t know how long the trail was, and so I spent the whole time looking for the end, haha!

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  4. I had no idea it was Queen Elizabeth’s birthday! We have a public holiday for the Queens birthday on the first Monday of June though.
    Also well done on your accomplishments! I have a big one from last Saturday which was getting my first tattoo πŸ˜„

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