Homemade Donut Holes!

I’m more than a little excited right now.


Well, donut holes, anyway.

But that’s still pretty cool.

Haha hello, everyone, and welcome back to your daily dose of my tasty treats!!

After reading the recipe a couple times through, the only part I was worried about was heating the vegetable oil hot enough to fry them, but they turned out great!!!

First, you make the glaze, then set it aside.

Next, you make the dough and prepare a place to put them after frying.

Next, you fry the dough (and hope very hot oil doesn’t splash on you).

Lastly, you roll them in glaze and let them finish cooling, then serve them immediately. (As they’re completely free of preservatives, their texture and taste completely changes within even twelve hours. They tasted best within an hour or two of being made; that’s when the glaze melted in my mouth!!)

Haha, now you’re probably thinking, Wait a second, Maggie! Those don’t look like the ones in the featured image!!! Well … my mom did the best she could to scoop them into the oil with a fairly round shape, and for the most part, she did a good job, but they kinda grew arms, lol. You can thank gravity for that! I couldn’t have done the frying part without her help, though, as I was busy rolling the little donuts in the oil to evenly cook, so … thanks, Mom! 🙂 I’ll get an ice cream scoop next time.

My only complaint (and it’s my own fault) is because ours were bigger than the recommended size, most of them didn’t fry all the way through … which left dough in the insides.

I thought that these were going to be way more time consuming, but they weren’t, which is so exciting; I’m definitely looking forward to make more!! Everyone absolutely loved them – my brother even said they taste better than the glazed donuts he’s had from Dunkin Donuts, which is a high compliment! (Although, I think that Dunkin Donuts’ look better than mine … )

Look at them! They resemble hushpuppies, don’t they? They sure don’t taste like ’em, though!

We were joking all day about the objects and animals these crazy donut holes resemble. What do you think they look like? Cats? Pigs? Narwhals? A human heart? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

And if you’re wondering how I got the finished dessert images to look like this …

… you’ll be left wondering. It’s pure magic. A magician never reveals her secrets.

Do you want to make YOUR OWN donut holes? You totally should! Click here for the recipe!

— Maggie

34 replies on “Homemade Donut Holes!”

Who cares what they look like as long as they tasted great, which they did!!! Better look like hushpuppies and taste like the best little donut holes ever than look like the perfect donut hole and taste like yuck lol. It’s great see you posting. I missed you!! What happened to you tasty treats tagline? 🙂

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That’s very true! They turned out great for my first time making donuts, haha. That’s sweet of you; I really missed posting! But I enjoyed and needed the break 🙂 Ugh, I totally forgot! I need to go edit that haha. Thanks!

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Yeah, I didn’t go to our post office box until Tuesday, and then I didn’t think to email you because the past few days (as well as the past week) have been pretty stressful and hard on me.

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Awww Maggie, I know it has and that’s why I hadn’t asked before now. I know you and your family have been going through way more that some mail 🙂 I am glad you enjoyed it, makes me feel glad I could bring a little happy to the stress y’all have been going through.

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Yes, I loved reading your letter!! It made me very happy. I opened it the moment my mom handed it to me and read the whole thing on the ride home (which took less than ten minutes, lol). I’m doing much better than I have been for the past week, but I’m still winding down from it all.

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Donuts are the best!! These look awesome! I’m also afraid to heat oil to the right temp, because donuts can be picky! And I don’t have a thermometer!

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Ah, they truly are! I got my thermometer from Walmart (hah), and it worked perfectly! This was a very easy recipe to follow, so if you’re interested in making donut holes, I definitely recommend these!

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