SBB – Prayers for Sugar

Please take a moment to visit this blog post. My sweet friend’s dog is very sick, and it would bless me if you could pray for Sugar, as well as for my friend, Shannon, and her family. ❤

Trail of Lights

Hello everyone.

Today, my goal is not to bust Sunday blues, but to remember a little dog who busted so many of my blues, every day, for the last 7 years.

Sugar Sweetheart Morris came to the Morris household in 2010.  She was the perfect dog for our family.  She was gentle, quiet, sweet, hungry, quirky, occasionally grumpy, but always faithful.  She loved baths, walks, performing in obedience school, eating people food, sleeping on my bed, and meeting new people.

Yesterday, my family found out she has anemia, and a tumor in her spleen.

As we are still trying to decide whether to attempt surgery on a +9-10 year old dog, or let her pass away naturally, or euthanize, I would ask that you remember us in your prayers.  I wanted to share a Sugar timeline in photos – from oldest to most recent, ending with a water color portrait…

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