Full of Blessings

The art of being content doesn’t come easily to us.

I find myself consistently obsessing over the fact that I have less than what I believe I need to be happy. And while I think that it’s a good thing to yearn for change sometimes, it is, for the most part, unnecessary, and ruins our joy of the present.

What if our minds were more trained to see the positivity in our lives? What if it came naturally to us to be happy with what we have, and to thank the Lord for all that He has blessed us with?

That’s the main point of this post: blessings – both the ones that we’re aware of, as well the ones we never even realize are there.

A few days ago, I was feeling stressed about and having anxiety over something in my life that is positive, but is less than what I’d really like. I was unsatisfied because it wasn’t enough to make me happy. When the Lord showed me what I was doing by putting the blessing in that light, my view of the situation instantly changed. He gave it to me to bless me, and the way that the situation is right now is enough – because it’s what He desires.

There are certain things about my life that I’m not happy about, but they’re all part of my life for a reason. Sometimes, the Lord orchestrates negative situations and puts us in them so that we will learn something, or achieve something, or simply draw closer to Him … for our faith is greatly strengthened through hardship. As we learn to lean on Him, our trust in Him grows as He leads us through difficulties. He never allows anything in our lives that we can’t benefit from through trusting in Him.

In the near future, it is my desire to be more thankful for the blessings in my life, both big and small. From my sweet baby sister to this wonderful blog, the Lord has blessed me even when I don’t deserve it, even when it takes me forever to see it. I desire to do a better job of thanking Him for everything He’s done for me – He deserves all of my praise and so much more!

What has He blessed YOU with?

You don’t have to answer this question in the comments unless you so desire, but I would love it if you could simply consider the question. In what areas of your life can you see His hand at work?

— Maggie

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27 replies on “Full of Blessings”

Maggie I reblogged this, I hope you don’t mind. This is just the most humble post, ever. Your love for God is the way it should be and you amaze me everyday!!! Thank you for being you, being His child, and letting His Love and Light shine through you. I don’t know what I am suppose to put in here when I reblog something, LOL Everybody today is just beaming with His glory. I had just got through commenting at to Elizabeth at the Comfortable Coop about her and Eccentric Muse’s post being so full of God and then He blesses me with Your post. 🙂 🙂

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It’s completely fine that you reblogged it, Margaret; that’s always appreciated; especially coming from you! You have always been a blessing to me; thank you for being so loving and encouraging!

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🙂 that blessing thing works both ways, so does the love and encouragement, it is greatly appreciated on my end as well. here was some really powerful stuff in my reader today. I’m going to reblog one tomorrow but doing yours today was my top priority 🙂

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I’ve read different recent posts by people I’m following that really blessed me – how interesting that you’ve felt the same! (By the way, I thought I should probably let you know that I emailed you yesterday – I don’t know if you saw it.) That is so sweet of you, Margaret ❤ I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s reblog!

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I’m not home and my personal email is attached to my home computer, so I won’t get it until I get back tomorrow BUT now I have something to look forward to 🙂 🙂 You probably have read the one I am going to post tomorrow. I’ll be driving so I’ll get it all linked up, fingers crossed, and set it to publish tomorrow. We’ll see if it works 🙂 It’s a post Eccentric Muse did. It was really good. She had wonderful things to say about you in the comments section of my blog, just in case you didn’t see them. 🙂 🙂

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Oh nooo! I wanted you to read it now, lol. Oh, well. I did read that post, actually! It was one of the ones that blessed me – it definitely deserves reblogging 🙂 Aw that’s so sweet of her! I’ll go check it out now.

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What a great perspective! I recently quit my job and have enough money in savings to live off of for a year. Right now I’ve been afforded the incredible privilege of not having to work so I can just serve others. Some days I am overwhelmed and thankful for this immense blessing, other days I feel discouraged and pressure to find a job instead of taking advantage of my situation. Thank you for the reminder!

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This is the perspective that I live with and I try to encourage others to be thankful for whatever the good Lord has blessed them with. It’s not about what he/she have. It’s what He has provided with. Although we can’t always see it, He knows that it is sufficient to see us through.Lovely words, Maggie. I appreciate your openness. 🙂

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You’re absolutely right! We should be grateful for our blessings and don’t be grumpy because they’re not as many as we wanted them to be.
I feel truly blessed that I have this amazing family and that we’re all healthy! And a couple of days ago, I honestly felt blessed ’cause… I’m gonna be an auntie!

So, yes! He knows best! And we should feel grateful and thankful every single day!

Have a great day Maggie!

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So true. God is so good and He wants us all to be happy, unfortunately because of sin bad things do happen and you are so right….nothing happens in our lives without God allowing it. I think I like your use of the word (allow) more that (orchestrate.) lol!! Beautiful post.

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