A few weeks ago, I was tagged in the #MyFirstPostRevisited tag by my wonderful friend, Margaret! If you have a moment, you should definitely go check out her blog; she posts daily Bible verses, as well as beautiful pictures to go along with them. 🙂

I thought that this was a great idea for a tag, and I’m excited to get to do it! It sounds like so much fun for everyone. However, if your first post is boring, or embarrassing … it might not be as fun, haha! Unfortunately, mine happens to be the former, and I’ll explain why in a moment.

For this tag, you just thank the person who tagged you, repost the badge, then reblog or copy the content of your first post (no editing!) into the body of your post. My first post is short, as it is ‘A Short Introduction’ to my blog, haha! Kinda boring, but very informative. hehe

If you were wondering what the sole purpose of my blog is, you can find out below! Thanks for reading!


A Short Introduction – January 7th, 2017

This blog will be both an outlet for me to express what makes me joyful in life, as well as to keep track of my journey when it comes to Guate. I’m letting my faith rest in what the Lord has put on my heart, and I’ll be working toward that dream in the years to come. In learning more Spanish and praying over my future, I’m finding joy in this time of waiting. While my future is far from clear to me, I am friends with the One Who holds my future, and I have found complete peace in trusting Him with it all.

He’s the One holding all of my tomorrows.


And so, without further ado, if you’re interested in following along on my journey (I promise I won’t blow up your feed too much), feel free to come with me by clicking the ‘follow’ button; it’s around here somewhere. 🙂 ¡Adiós!

My, what a blast from the past! Let’s see, I posted that about … three months ago. A bit less than that. My blog is very young. lol

And the reason I decided to start with an introduction is because I’ve had sooooo many blogs in the past, and I needed to give myself a fresh start in the world of blogging world; I needed to have purpose and a reason to look ahead and keep blogging.

This has definitely been my favorite blog so far (and that’s saying a lot, since I’ve had a ton!), and I hope to keep posting on it for a long time! ❤

I’m tagging …

Charity Hope


Jaylee Morgan



All of these lovely ladies have absolutely beautiful blogs, and I love getting to read their posts! ❤

I hope everyone’s having an awesome weekend!

— Maggie

10 thoughts on “#MyFirstPostRevisited”

  1. I love your first post. I hope you will continue doing this blog for a long time to come too!!! I would miss it terribly if you stopped. Of course, I guess you’d start another one and you’d HAVE to tell me where it is. LOL

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Margaret! I love it, too, although it’s not as exciting as many other first post possibilities, haha. If for some reason I ever do stop blogging/delete this blog, I’ll definitely email or send you a letter, or something; I wouldn’t completely disappear! I don’t intend on that happening any time soon, though 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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