Making the World a Happier Place – Part One

There are things that we all do that, whether we realize it or not, are wasteful. Some things aren’t too harmful – owning a thousand hair ties and bobby pins that always float around the house doesn’t affect anyone but us, hahahah – but when it comes to how much we waste when we could easily be reusing …

It makes me cringe to think of all the excess trash piling up in landfills, simply because we don’t realize how easy it is to make little changes!

First off, I’d like to say that this post is not going to be advising against different things, such as fast food consumption because of ketchup packets and fry boxes. My goal is not to hate on things that cause any waste; waste is inevitable. But when it’s within my power (and comfort zone!) to eliminate throwing away more trash, I’ll take the extra time, spend a bit more money, and put a little more effort into making this earth, the only place I call home, happier and healthier.

This is part one of an ongoing series because I hope to continue finding ways to save on waste!


Showering + Washing My Hair

What I Used To Do: Take a long, hot shower every morning and not really pay attention to the time, washing my hair with shampoo and conditioner.

What I Do Now: Take a warm, as-quick-as-I-possibly-can shower and ditch the conditioner! My hair is just as happy and clean without the added hair product.

Why I’ve Changed: I’m saving a lot of water now, as well as natural gas (which heats the water), conditioner, and time! I only take long, hot showers now when I’ve had rough day, either physically or emotionally, and that is much appreciated.

Washing My Face

What I Used To Do: Wash my face before going to bed every night, using a tissue or two to dry my face off. (Why didn’t I use a washcloth? I mean, really? I have no idea! lol)

What I Do Now: I’ve started using reusable makeup remover pads that my mom got from a wonderful shop recently on Etsy! I love them so much! They’re tiny and cute, they get all the makeup off my face, and they’re way better than tissues! Haha. They’re like little washcloths with adorable patterns on the back. I might need to get more …

Why I’ve Changed: I certainly didn’t need to keep using tissues, that’s for sure! 


Thanks for reading! I will definitely do more posts like this in the near future, as the things I listed aren’t the only things I’ve changed in my life to make the world a better (happier) place! I hope that you have a wonderful Monday! ❀

— Maggie

23 replies on “Making the World a Happier Place – Part One”

Haha, that’s awesome that I inspired you! Sometimes, it just takes one push in the right direction, lol. I started taking shorter showers thanks to my mom, who had started taking shorter showers herself πŸ™‚

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You’re doing a great job changing the things you do and the way you do them! I’ll bet you inspire a lot of folks with this! We just turned the hot water heater down quite a bit. It really didn’t need to be up so high. And I’m always hollering about people turning lights off that don’t need to be on. One thing I’m guilty of is keeping the fan on in my bedroom all the time. I can’t sleep without it but it doesn’t need to run all day!

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I really enjoyed this post! I think it’s very important to live a sustainable life as well, and you have inspired me to share my ideas on this topic as well! I definitely hope you’ll add to this series, and maybe check out my post once it’s released. πŸ™‚

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Ah thank you! ❀ That is so beautiful! I would love to see your post on it. πŸ™‚ Yes, I'll be doing a month overview on the last Wednesday of this month! ❀


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