Copycat Starbucks Banana Bread!

Hello everyone! I’m glad it’s Thursday again, because I have an absolutely awesome recipe to share with you guys today!

Not that the other treats I’ve posted about haven’t been wonderful, haha … but there’s something about this one that has me so excited!

As I was browsing Pinterest last week, looking for new treats to try this month, I came across an awesome recipe for copycat Starbucks banana bread!

Using the whole recipe, I was able to make two small loaves, but you could easily halve the recipe to make just one, as that would still be eight servings, anyway!

The first thing you do is mix the dry ingredients together in a small bowl:

Then you combine all of the wet and dry ingredients together in a large bowl (follow the original recipe haha)

Pour them into two loaf pans:

Last but not least, bake ’em!

I’m definitely making these again, and I’m so sad that they’re already gone! (Although I’m glad they were enjoyed!)

Happy baking!!

Have YOU ever made banana bread? How did it go?

— Maggie

19 replies on “Copycat Starbucks Banana Bread!”

Thank you, Margaret! ❤ They were delicious and very moist! I was initially scared they were going to be dry, but there was nothing to worry about. I got them out of the oven as soon as the inside wasn’t wet, and they turned out great. 🙂

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They looked great, YUM! Got all my stuff done, so I’m going to read my Bible and then eat beacuse somebody posted delicious looking banana bread, that I could almost smell from those wonderful pictures and now, I’m hungry 🙂 hugs and blessing Maggie 🙂

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That’s wonderful. My mom and Joshua are out shopping right now, so I’m staying at home with the little ones 🙂 haha, I’m getting rather hungry myself! God bless you, Margaret. xx

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