Forever Learning

Forever Learning

I always find myself picturing godliness, righteousness, and the right way of being as an attainable goal.

I picture it as a finish line, a thing to achieve, a day in the future when I’ll know that I did it.

I struggle to let myself learn from my mistakes and forgive myself for what I’ve done wrong.

I fall back in my own disappointment; while I might be making progress in other areas, I am unfortunately letting this have power over me.

I cannot seem to give myself room to learn; instead, I unintentionally obsess over the fact that I can’t do everything right.

This perfectionism is something that affects me every day, but I have only just recently noticed it.

I felt hopeless at first.

It’s too late, my mind whispered.

You cannot be changed.

But then another Voice caught my attention, a Voice that was not condemning, but immensely encouraging.

It is never too late, He said.

I will change you.


I have come to see this about myself not so that I can regret what I’ve done, or to feel bad about the way that I am.

It is so that I can change … so that I can be changed, by letting the Lord work in my heart.

I will always be learning. I will spend my entire life learning, and that is perfectly alright with me. I am not perfect, and it is not something I can try to attain. I am right just the way that I am, with every flaw, every imperfection.

Whatever lesson I might learn, He is teaching me … I shall be forever learning from the greatest Teacher I know.

— Maggie

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15 thoughts on “Forever Learning

  1. This is so true Maggie. That doubt is a “trick of the devil” (as a dear friend of mine says lol) It is meant to alienate you from the path He wants for you, get you distracted. If God had wanted you perfect he would have made you that way 🙂 He made you the way you are so He could work you into what He wants. It is always a journey, we’ve talked about this I am pretty sure, if so, it bares repeating, if not well good then I’m not repeating myself, lol, But we are a “child” of God. I don’t know any “adults” of God. That proves to me that it is a life long journey of learning. God Bless you Maggie. Try not to judge yourself, that is God’s job 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for the encouragement, Margaret. ❤ We’re definitely children, not adults, of God – we’ll always be learning more about how to follow Him and how to be more like Him. 🙂 God bless. xx

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      1. I know. I realized the “child” part one day talking to my mom. She had said something, done something she was telling me about. She said, “why did I do that, God is not pleased with that and I know better” It fell out of my mouth, “because you are a child” She said, “what did you say”(in that motherly, you better watch who you are talking to kind of way LOL) I said, “you’re a child of God” and we had the whole “child” verses “adult” revelation. And that we will never be adults of God, or at least we’ve never met/heard of one lol

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      2. Maggie you are more spiritual, and knowledgeable about God, His word, and doing what He wants than 90% percent of the people I know, or meet. Most of those people I am talking about are decades older than you. So, don’t cut yourself short. You are stronger, in Him, than you think or realize or see.

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      3. Oh, thank you so much again, Margaret. ❤❤ That helped me immensely. I just end up feeling so down about my faith…it’s the devil’s way of blinding me; he makes me believe I’m weaker and more awful than I am. I have to learn to fight his attacks with the Lord’s truth.

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      4. That’s right. You rebuke those thoughts. You are stronger than the devil will ever be. You have the royal blood of the Almighty God running through your veins 😉 Call Jesus name and the evil one will flee from you. When those thoughts creep up in me I will say out loud, I am God’s child, and He loves me, so get away from me.

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