Peach Muffins!!

Peach Muffins!!

Hello everyone, and welcome back to another weekly dose of my tasty treats! haha

Should I open each recipe like that in the future? I think I should lol

Anyway, I know that I’m always excited whenever I make anything new, but these peach muffins really are worth celebrating. If for no other reason, I’ve been wanting to make some of my own for a few summers now! I had an absolutely delicious peach muffin at a downtown coffee shop near where I live back in 2015 and ohhhh, man. I’m so glad that I found a recipe on Pinterest and got to make some of my own!

I changed the original recipe around a bit by substituting the butter for margarine (I’ve found that butter gives me bad acne, which makes me very sad!); canned peaches instead of fresh ones, as they’re not in season yet; and even though I took a picture of it, I forgot to put in the vanilla. I’ll leave it in the list of ingredients, but just know that I made mine without it, and they turned out great! haha

As they didn’t turn out to have a strong peach flavor, my mom suggested that I use peach preserves next time, along with the canned peaches. I’ll have to blog about it when I see how that goes!

The crumble topping was very hard to “sprinkle” on the muffins, and I honestly don’t think it added anything flavorful to them. You could skip this step, or use butter like the original recipe called for, or try out something completely different to crumble on top. I wouldn’t recommend doing what I did; margarine doesn’t crumble. lol

I was able to make fifteen muffins with what this recipe yielded, but it just depends on what tins you use. 🙂

I hope that everyone’s having a wonderful Thursday so far! ❤ Enjoy the recipe.


Peach Muffins


For the Muffins:

¼ cup margarine

1/3 cup sugar

1 egg

2-1/3 cups flour

1 Tbsp baking powder

½ tsp salt

¾ cup milk

1 tsp vanilla extract (still tastes good without)

1 15oz can of canned peaches

For the Crumble Topping:

¼ cup sugar

3 Tbsp flour

1/4 tsp ground cinnamon

2-½ Tbsp margarine


1- Preheat oven to 375°F.

2. Chop up the canned peaches into small chunks and put them in a small bowl. Set aside.

3. In a large bowl, mix the margarine with the sugar until fluffy, then add the egg until it’s blended.

4. In a small bowl, combine the flour, baking powder, and salt.

5. Add the dry mixture to the wet mixture, alternating with the milk. Mix in the vanilla extract.

6. Slowly stir in the peaches with a spoon.

7. Spoon the batter into cupcake-lined tins (or disposable cupcake tins) until they’re 2/3 of the way full.

8. Make the crumble topping: mix the sugar, flour, ground cinnamon, and margarine together in a small bowl. After chopping it up as best you can to create crumbs, sprinkle on top of the muffins.

9. Bake for 20-25 minutes. Let cool on wire racks.


Thank you so much for reading! These turned out amazing, and I can’t wait to make them again and experiment until I get them just right.

Have YOU ever tried peach muffins?

— Maggie

A Little Update

Hey, guys. 🙂 I wanted to write this little update post to ask you to keep me and my family in your thoughts and prayers. We’ve been going through a lot recently, and it’s really been affecting us – me included.

We’re doing alright (I don’t want anyone to worry), but because I’ve been feeling so emotionally drained, I’ve been slacking off on reading the blogs that I follow, as well as responding to comments. It’s something that I love doing every day, so I’ve missed it and felt bad about not talking to all of the lovely bloggers that I know like I used to.

I want to let anyone wondering know that I’m not ignoring anyone or not reading anyone’s new posts anymore; I can’t right now. I need this break from interactions – both on my blog, and on yours. If you’d like to reach me to talk about something, you can find my email on my contact page.

I’ll be back soon, and I’ll make sure to catch up with reading your blogs and replying to comments as soon as I can 🙂 ❤

In all God’s love,


Chemistry 101 ~ A Student Review

Chemistry 101 ~ A Student Review

Homeschool product reviews are most commonly done by homeschooling teachers, so I’m breaking the mold a bit here, haha! As an 11th grade homeschooled student, I just recently finished a science course that was absolutely amazing, and I knew that I just had to give my review of it.

Today’s post is all about Chemistry 101: An Overview of God’s Chemical World.

my bear wanted to pose with the case because it turns out that he loved it just as much as I did. hehe!

Chemistry 101 is a Christian high school chemistry course. It’s nearly 11 hours long, consisting of 19 episodes (between 20-45 minutes each), and with each episode, there’s a section in the included booklet called the Guidebook. The Guidebook gives more information on all of the topics covered, as well as additional segment quizzes, relevant activities, easy science experiments, and field trip suggestions.

From the ancient study of alchemy to the future of chemistry, Wes Olson, the creator and star of the series, did a great job of covering everything clearly, informatively, and enjoyably.

While this course is specifically designed for high schoolers, it can definitely be fun for all ages! Everything is family-friendly, which means that children, as well as parents, can join in on learning.


Back in August of last year, my mom planned for me to watch Chemistry 101 for my 11th grade science. The previous year, I watched Biology 101 and absolutely loved it; not only was it done well, but I’ve always been interested in learning about animals, as well as how we work, so I’m not surprised that I enjoyed it. Learning about plant life turned out to be interesting, as well. 🙂

Anyway, even though I was really looking forward to watching Wes Olson teach science for the upcoming year of my schoolwork, I was still dreading the thought of studying chemistry. I’ve never liked science-y stuff, atom models look terrifying, many concepts look too hard to even begin to comprehend, etc … but after watching just the first few segments, I found myself looking forward to learning about the Periodic Table of the Elements and enjoying learning everything that he discussed!

This course isn’t the same as other school curriculums; it’s really designed to teach anyone interested in the fundamentals of chemistry, from the elements to all of the brilliant people whose revolutionary ideas brought us to the understanding of chemistry that we have today. Chemistry 101 was my favorite school subject, and in all of my years of schooling, out of all of the great courses my mom has found to teach me, that’s a high compliment. It’s worth every penny and so much more.

Even though I’ve already watched the DVDs twice through, as that was the course requirement (and, as I just realized, means that I’ve spent almost a whole day of my life watching it, hahah!!), I’m looking forward to watching it all over again at some point in the future. I was so sad to finish it, but I completely intend on continuing my study of chemistry, as well as other areas of science, on my own. Currently, I’m reading a book I found at the library on atoms, and it’s been quite intriguing so far!

If anyone reading this is interested in having a better understanding of God’s chemical world, then this is the course that you NEED to buy!

  • Click here to learn more about Chemistry 101,
  • Click here to visit the 101 Series online store,
  • Click here to watch the full, 38-min Chemistry 101 introduction!

To finish this review, I’ve written a note to the whole Olson family: Thank you so much for your curriculums!!! You have completely changed my view of science for the better, and the fact that you did it as a family makes it so special. I know how much of a group effort all three (soon to be four) were, and I can’t applaud you all enough. I also can’t express how excited I am to watch Physics 101 during my last year of school! 🙂 I’ll probably write a review on that after I’ve completed it.

— Maggie