I Am Satisfied

I have spent my whole life looking for things to make me happy, to keep me occupied and bring me joy.

From hobbies, to people, to pastimes, I am searching.

I don’t stay in one place for long; I am quick to leave unfulfilling things behind, to move on, in pursuit of better options. There have even been times when I’ve optimistically returned to a dusty old interest, only to rediscover why I had abandoned it in the first place.

From interests, to friendships, to entertainment, I am looking.

I have travelled far and wide on my search for the fulfillment I need to be happy, but I have come up empty every time.

From restlessness, to loneliness, to boredom, I am wandering.

In the midst of these journeys, there is only one place that I always return to. It’s the one place that never disappoints, the one place that always nourishes my aching soul.

It’s in the arms of my Creator – the loving embrace of my Heavenly Father.

Being with Him brings me such comfort, peace, and joy … it’s unlike anything else I’ve ever known.

No matter what I’ve done, regardless of how far I’ve gone astray, He is always waiting for me to return to Him; with everlasting patience, He welcomes me back.

Living out His plan for my life is the hobby that I need.

Having Him for my closest Friend is the companionship that I need.

Experiencing His presence is the pastime that I need.

From peace, to fellowship, to contentment, I am satisfied.

I am home. ❤

Fill the void in my heart, O Lord,

Satisfy my thirst;

Through all of this, I have come to see

That You must always come first.

— Maggie

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21 replies on “I Am Satisfied”

Thank you so much for reading, Margaret!! 💙 I can’t take any kind of credit or praise for this post; it was inspired by Him completely. I hardly knew what I was writing as I typed it out; once it was finished, I read it back as if seeing it for the first time. It’s just as much a gift to me as it is to you! God bless. xx


“You say I will be free, I know but can’t You see? My dreams are me.” Barlowgirl-Surrender, forgot to add that. Your post reminded me of them. I also recommend their song, “I believe”, inspired by the words found in one of the concentration camps during WWII. God gets us through, and how awesome He directs us to the right path.

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